How to Upgrade to First Class on Delta

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How do I Get a Free Upgrade to First Class on Delta?

One of the most pleasurable travel experiences is receiving a Delta upgrade. Delta Air Lines is one of the few airlines that does not publicize update availability, making it impossible to determine whether or not an update is possible. Here you may find everything you need to know about delta upgrade to first class.

Delta Upgrade

Flyers can obtain upgrades on Delta Air Lines in a variety of ways:

  • Same-day standby upgrades

Based on availability, these upgrades are offered to all passengers for a charge on the day of departure on specified aircraft itineraries.

  • Complimentary upgrades

Medallion Elites get access to Comfort+ or first class when such products are available and Delta One (business class) on most domestic flights.

  • Global and Regional upgrade certificates

Upgrade certificates are usable for Delta Airlines upgrades on a global and regional level. Diamond Medallion members can only upgrade to the global level, whereas Diamond and Platinum Medallion members can upgrade to the regional level.

  • Use SkyMiles to upgrade

Travelers can purchase upgrades on some flights inside the United States with miles during the booking process.

  • Complimentary companion upgrades

Passengers going on the same reservation as Medallion Elite members are eligible.

  • Mileage Upgrade Awards

Upgrades are available with miles on current tickets for various flights across the world. Upgrades to international flights are only available in fare classes Y, B, M, H, Q, or K.

Delta Upgrade To First Class

You can use miles to upgrade to Delta One Business Class®, Delta Comfort Plus®, Delta Premium Select®, or First Class, on qualified flights in the United States under the age of 50 when you book a ticket through or the Delta Reservation Center. If your reservation qualifies for an upgrade, the upgrade option will appear in your travel summary.

Delta upgrade with Miles

Upgrade with miles while you’re booking
  • Go to and log in.
  • Pick a ticket.
  • Before you finalize your purchase, if your reservation qualifies, you’ll notice the option to Upgrade with Miles in your Trip Summary.
  • Once decided, use miles to upgrade all of the guests on your reservation.
Upgrade with miles after you’ve already booked
  • Speak with a representative from SkyMiles.
  • Tell the representative about your journey and ask them to schedule a Mileage Upgrade Award for you.
  • The representative will provide you with pricing and availability information.
  • The representative can validate your upgrade if your reservation is approved and you have enough miles in your account.

Note: Upgrades purchased with miles after booking on are non-refundable and non-transferable.

In the case of voluntary flight modifications, upgrades do not apply to new tickets. Prices are subject to change without notice and vary by market, and not all flights have this option. Before making a reservation, please read the terms and conditions on the official website.

Delta Seat Upgrade

Please keep in mind that seat availability does not always equate to upgrade availability. A vacancy on the seat map does not always imply that an upgrade is available (and may still be available for purchase).

When a seat on the waitlist becomes available, upgrades will be immediately canceled based on your Medallion Tier. If no seats remain before departure, your certificate will be returned to your account to be used on a future flight.

Changes to the Upgrade Certificate Policy in 2022

All unused active renewal certificates will be subject to the new renewal certificate rules effective February 1, 2022.

Please read the newest rules below before applying for your upgrade delta flight Certificate:

  • All newly selected Global and Regional Renewal Certificates will expire at the end of the year for Medallion Status linked with that Choice Privilege option.

For example, on August 1, 2022, achieve Diamond Medallion status. Choice Benefits will be available for your 2023 Status, and any Upgrade Certificates you select will be valid until January 31, 2024, regardless of when you select them.

  • First Class and Delta Premium Select seats are available to Global Upgrade Certificate holders upon request. This implies that you will clear any remaining First Class and Delta airlines booking Premium Select seats immediately upon request.
  • All Upgrade Certificates are redeemable for a one-cabin above cabin of service booked.
  • Each passenger is only allowed one upgrade certificate per one-way ticket. Upgrades to Delta Premium Select do not require any further renewal certificates. You will be added to the Delta One Business Class waitlist automatically, but you have the option to remove yourself from it 24 hours before departure until an update is available.

Delta Seat Upgrade FAQ’s

How do I Get a Free Upgrade to First Class on Delta?

When booking with Delta, be sure to provide your SkyMiles Medallion Number. When First Class seats become available, Delta will automatically upgrade your ticket. Participants who receive Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Diamond medals will be given preferential seating.

How much Does it Cost to Upgrade Delta Flight?

Upgrade costs are $359 and $399 for T, U, V, and X fares, respectively. The following applies to all qualified Delta flights, both international and domestic. The cost of an upgraded booking ranges from $50 for travel under 500 miles to $350 for travel beyond 3,000 miles.

Can a Delta Seat Upgrade be Available After Purchase?

Customers can upgrade from Main Cabin to First Class, Delta Comfort+ or Delta One Business Class at any time after purchasing their tickets, or from Delta Comfort+ to First Class or Delta One Business Class. You do not need to renew your ticket because this is an add-on product.

How do I Become a Delta Upgrade List?

In the Fly Delta app, look for your reservation in the Travel area of Set the Updates checkbox and request the Delta Comfort+ upgrade. Then choose “request updates” and “update only when my location settings are available” from the drop-down menus.

Does Delta SkyMiles Expire?

According to SSkyMiles’rules, miles do not expire. Your delta account is deactivated if your information is fake. Delta maintains the right to do so, and the participants request an account closure.

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