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Allegiant Airlines Booking | Reservations | Official Site

If you are among the travelers who want to make Allegiant Airlines Booking, then you are in the right place. Booking with Allegiant Air can help you save money. Not only the savings but also the booking procedures along with the customer service assistance is top-notch.

Allegiant Air, established in 1997, is a low-cost airline company in the United States; it has easily served over 100 destinations. The high-end airline facilities of Allegiant Airlines can help offer its global passengers the best flying experience. 

So, if you want to know the ultimate procedure to book the cheapest flight ticket of Allegiant Airlines, then you need to go through the below-mentioned information carefully.

How do I Make a Reservation on Allegiant Air?

Making an Allegiant Airlines reservation is not a big deal, as Allegiant offers its passengers the most user-friendly booking procedures. There are several methods that can help you in booking the flight tickets of Allegiant. So, if you are eager to know the procedures, then here are the methods you need to know:

Booking Via Online Method,

  • Firstly, you need to visit the official website of Allegiant Air. 
  • Secondly, you have to enter the login credentials to sign into your account.
  • Afterward, you need to type the name of the destination where you want to visit on Allegiant Air.
  • Next, you have to choose the ideal Allegiant flight based on your preference.
  • Now, you need to enter all the needed information to complete the booking procedure.
  • Lastly, you have to choose the ideal payment method and pay for the ticket. 

Booking Via Offline Method,

  • To start the offline booking method, you need to dial Allegiant Air phone number 1(702)505-8888.
  • Secondly, you should carefully listen to the automated IVR menu.
  • Afterward, you need to follow the IVR menu and press the right key.
  • It will lead you to connect with the customer service representative of Allegiant Air instantly.
  • Now, you need to share the name of the destination where you want to travel.
  • Next, you have to provide the needed information. 
  • In the end, you should pay for the booking to complete the process.

How do I Book a Multi-City Flight on Allegiant?

Do you wish to plan a multiple-destination trip with your friends or family? If yes, then below are the easiest methods that can help you in booking Allegiant multi-city flights:

Online Method for Allegiant Air Multi-City Flight Booking,

  • Firstly, you need to visit the official website of Allegiant Airlines.
  • Secondly, you must type the login details to enter your verified account.
  • Afterward, you need to go to the “Advance Option.”
  • Next, you have to select the “Multi-City Booking” option.
  • Now, you need to enter the name of the first destination and search for an Allegiant Air flight.
  • Choose the ideal Allegiant Air flight for your first destination.
  • Enter all the needed information and save the first booking.
  • After that, you have to enter the name of the second destination to search for an Allegiant Air flight.
  • Next, you need to choose the flight as per your choice for your second destination.
  • Fill in all the information and save the second flight booking.
  • You can go more to book a third or fourth Allegiant Air flight booking.
  • Lastly, you need to select the ideal payment mode and pay for the multiple-destination Allegiant flight ticket. 

Offline Method for Allegiant Airline Multi-City Flight Booking,

  • To start the offline multiple-city flight booking, you need to dial Allegiant Air phone number 1(702)505-8888.
  • Secondly, you have to listen carefully to the automated voice commands.
  • Afterward, you need to press the right key to connect with the live representative. 
  • Next, you have to provide the name of the destinations for which you want to book multiple destination Allegiant Air flight tickets. 
  • To end this procedure, you need to select the payment mode and pay for the ticket. 

Allegiant Air Cancellation Policy

Before cancelling your Allegiant Air flight ticket, you must get to learn about the Allegiant Air Cancellation Policy. With the help of its cancellation policy, you can find several amazing benefits.

Below are the points which you need to know:

  • As per the cancellation policy of Allegiant Air, you can use the official website or talk to a live person at Allegiant about your flight cancellation.
  • You don’t need any cancellation fees if the cancellation happens within a day of flight booking.
  • But you need to spend money on cancellation when you cancel your Allegiant Air flight ticket after a day of booking.
  • The cancellation fees on Allegiant Air depend on travel routes, destination, and class.

Allegiant Air 24-Hours Cancellation Policy

Other than the standard cancellation policy, Allegiant Airlines also has another cancellation policy that can help in cancelling your Allegiant flight. 

  • According to the Allegiant Air 24-Hours Cancellation Policy, you can cancel your flight for free within 24 hours of your ticket purchase. 
  • But, if you don’t comply with the 24-hours terms and conditions, you have to pay for the cancellation to Allegiant Air. 

Allegiant Air Cancellation Policy for Standard Tickets

Are you an owner of Allegiant Air standard tickets? If yes, then you should look at the points which will explain to you its cancellation policy in the best possible way:

  • If you have a standard or non-trip flex ticket of Allegiant Air, you need to pay only USD 25 as a cancellation fee for the cancellation done after a day of booking.
  • You will get a non-refundable Allegiant Air travel credit deducted from the actual cancellation charge. 

Allegiant Air Cancellation Policy for Trip Flex

The passengers who have Allegiant Air trip flex flight tickets have a different cancellation policy. If you want to get in-depth about it, then look at the points mentioned below:

  • You can cancel your Trip Flex Allegiant Airlines flight ticket within a day of booking and don’t need to pay cancellation charges. 
  • Also, Trip Flex allows passengers to change the flight destination and date after a day of reservation for a single time. It will not charge you any additional fees.

Allegiant Air Cancellation Policy Due to Weather

According to the Allegiant Air cancellation policy, you can cancel your flight ticket without paying any cancellation charges due to the weather. If your Allegiant flight got cancelled due to weather, you can cancel your flight ticket for free and request a seat on the next Allegiant flight.

Allegiant Air Cancellation Policy for Award Tickets

For the passengers who have Allegiant Airlines Award Tickets, you don’t need to pay any cancellation charges. Also, if your award tickets are purchased via non-trip flex, you have to pay only USD 25 for the cancellation fees. 

If you have cancelled an Allegiant flight ticket, then you must be seeking to get a refund. Before applying for a refund, you must first learn about the Allegiant Air refund policy. With its refund policy, you will never face any issue requesting a refund from Allegiant Air. 

  • According to the refund policy of Allegiant Air, you can take help from its customer service representative and also from its official website to apply for a refund. 
  • You will not get a refund if you have a non-refundable Allegiant flight ticket.
  • You can get a complete refund for the Allegiant Air refundable flight ticket. 
  • If you have a non-refundable Allegiant flight ticket and request a refund within a day of booking, you can also get a complete refund for your non-refundable ticket.

Allegiant Air Unaccompanied Minor Policy

Are you looking to let your minors travel alone on an Allegiant Air flight? If yes, then you should check out the brief details added below:

  • According to the Allegiant Air Unaccompanied Minor Policy, unaccompanied minors are not completely allowed. 
  • Minors who are under 14 years of age are not allowed to board the Allegiant Air flight alone. 
  • Minors need a guardian who must be at least 15 or even older in age. 
  • The minors who are between 15 to 17 years old can get the tickets from the official website of Allegiant Airlines without spending any extra money.
  • Allegiant Air will not allow minors to onboard their flight if any weather issues are happening during the flight departure.
  • Also, minors under 18 need to provide their date of birth certificate or any age proof certificate to complete the flight booking. 
  • The minors who are under two years old need the proper guidance and care from their parents throughout the flight. 
  • Minors can also become lap passengers in the Allegiant Air flight.
  • You need to provide a government-certified photo ID to travel with the minors and also have to share the relation proof with the children. 

Allegiant Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Requirements

It is not easy to let your minors fly alone on any airline. There are some certain requirements that you need to know when you are looking to book a flight ticket for children on Allegiant Air:

  • Allegiant Airlines Unaccompanied Minor service requires that the guardian or parents be with their minors during check-in.
  • The respective guardian of minors must be available at the airport to pick up their minors. 
  • Also, the minors in Allegiant Air must carry their government-certified identity card with them through the flight.
  • During check-in and receiving at the airport, minors and their guardians must have their ID cards and proof of their relation. 
  • Guardians, parents, or adults who are with minors or receiving children at the airport must know and have certified proof of minors’ names, contact info, relation documents, and address. 
  • Also, parents must carry more than one copy of Allegiant unaccompanied minor forms. 
  • It will be better for the minors to arrive at the airport early for an easy check-in procedure.
  • Also, the guardian or parent must be at the airport 30 minutes before the scheduled flight arrival time. 

Allegiant Airlines Manage Booking

Allegiant Airlines is a committed and trusted airline offering expert assistance to help passengers manage flight bookings, flight cancellations, ticket refunds, selecting seats, updating flight information, and other flight-related issues. 

Things to know about Allegiant Airlines Manage Booking –
  • ‘Manage Travel’ allows passengers to customize their trip by changing or adding their flight date, seats, destination, baggage allowance, special assistance, or even cancel the entire trip without paying any cancellation fee if they meet the airline’s requirements. 
  • After making reservations, passengers may update his/her flight ticket information without any cancellation fee for one time.
  • However, cancellations and changes will only be made online. 
  • To ease the managed booking process, passengers can now apply online for making flight updates with no penalty.
  • Visit the site of Allegiant Airline and click on the ‘Manage Travel’ button on the web.
  • Coming to the next page, passengers have to select one option from a round trip or one way, followed by the details like departure to-and-from, departure date, return date, and the number of passengers traveling in the airline.
  • This will bring you to the final page, to modify your flight information where you may be charged for fare differences. 
  • Suppose passengers have made Allegiant airlines booking along with a hotel, car, voucher, or any promotional code.
  • In that case, he/she is requested to reach out to the flight management department with their itinerary information. 
  • Passengers can contact them at +1-802-231-1806 or send an email to them at
  • Passengers can check their flight status by visiting the airline’s official site after filling in the departure date and flight number in the required columns on the page.
  • Travelers can cancel their flight tickets after that the airline will credit the refund in the form of a voucher with a validity of two years in your Allegiant account.
  • To accelerate the request to manage flight tickets, passengers have to provide their confirmation number, email address, and the information of flight change or cancel flight ticket. 

Now that you know about the airline’s policy regarding their ‘Manage Flight’, find the option of Allegiant airlines to book a flight and make your pre reservations for a hassle-free travel experience.

However, if you face any trouble while managing your flight bookings, get in touch with the Allegiant Airlines customer service team. The Executive will instantly consider your problem and give you helpful solutions. 

Allegiant Airlines Group Travel Booking :

Want to make group bookings and worried about the group travel guidelines? If yes, then you have landed at the rightmost place to find the same. Allegiant Airlines facilitates group booking for travelers who are flying in a group of 10 or more people together on the same itinerary. 

Group bookings come with lots of facilities such as you can easily change the name of the members until you get the final ticket, you can make reservations by depositing a small amount of fee, you can cancel the reservations or replace any of the members until the final ticket is issued and a lot more things.

Group reservations can only be done online and for this, you need to connect with the airline’s customer service to request the quote, they will let you know about the best possible price they can offer and it’s up to you whether you select or discard the same.

How to Book Group Travel Tickets for Allegiant Air?

Planning for a family vacation or business tour or a concert trip? Whatever be the reason, Allegiant Airlines offers a generous group booking policy to the travelers with the help of which they can easily make Allegiant Airlines bookings for their group.

However, there are certain guidelines that you need to know before getting your bookings done. 

  • Allegiant Airlines accepts a group of 10 or more people who are traveling together on the same date and on the same itinerary. 
  • If you need to make group bookings, then you can immediately drop an email at [email protected] and get a quote for the same within the shortest time. 
  • Every group member will have to pay an equal amount fee. 
  • Take care while making changes in the group bookings as it will affect the itinerary of every single member of the group. For more information, you can contact the Allegiant Airlines booking Number at any time. 

Allegiant Airlines Check-in Policy

When traveling with an Allegiant Airlines flight, you are provided with three ways to get your boarding passes. It’s either through Online/ Web Check-in, Mobile Check-in, or at the Airport Check-in counter.

  • Online or Web Check-in: To get your printed boarding pass check-in online 24 hours before the schedule departure of your flight. Online check-in can be done by visiting the Airlines’ official website.
  • Mobile Check-in: You can obtain your e-boarding pass, through mobile check-in. For this, you must download the Allegiant Airlines mobile app on your device. It can be downloaded free for iPhone and Android devices.
  • At the Airport: You can print your boarding pass at the airport. To print your boarding pass, you will need the help of an agent for which you will be charged $5 as a fee for each boarding pass. If you do the check-in at the airport check-in counter, you will not have to pay the fee.

Allegiant Airlines Baggage Allowance

It is important to read the standard baggage policy of the airline before making the Allegiant Airlines Reservations. You can save money by reserving your checked and carry-on baggage in advance. Let’s get to find out the baggage policy in a bit of detail so that you can pack your bags accordingly. 

Carry-on Baggage Allowance

You are allowed to bring one personal item and one cabin luggage on board. However, the point should be noted that the personal item is allowed free of cost but you will have to pay for carrying carry-on baggage. The personal item can be a handbag, laptop, briefcase, or a small backpack. The maximum dimensions of the personal item must not be more than 7 X 15 X 16 inches. In addition to this, you can purchase one carry-on baggage according to your needs that must not exceed the maximum limit of up to 9 X 14 X 22 inches. 

Checked Baggage Allowance

The passengers can purchase up to four checked bags and each piece can weigh up to 18kg. The maximum total dimensions of each bag must not exceed 80 linear inches, including wheels and handles. If you exceed the baggage allowance limit and then you will have to pay the additional fee for carrying the same. 

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Allegiant Airlines Flight Status & Schedule

There are multiple ways to get updated with the Allegiant Airlines flight status and schedule – either you can visit the official website to know the up-to-the-minute info or download the Allegiant Air mobile app or connect with the Allegiant Airlines Phone Number at any point in time to know the same.

Checking the flight status before leaving for the airport will surely save your time and effort. Below is mentioned the step-by-step procedure to get up-to-date information about the Allegiant Airlines flight status.

Steps for Allegiant Airlines Flight Status

  • Browse the official website of Allegiant Airlines.
  • At the top of the page, you will get to find out the tab that says ‘Flight Status’.
  • When you click the tab, three options will appear in the drop-down menu – Check Flight Status, Set Flight Alerts, and View or Cancel Alerts. As you are here to check the flight schedule, therefore, tap on the first option and move to the next step. 
  • On the ‘Check Flight Status’ page, you will find out two options – Departure Airport and Flight Number. 
  • If you select the first option i.e. the Departure Airport, then you need to add the Departure Date, Departure Airport, and the Arrival Airport.
  • If you choose the second option i.e. Flight Number, then you will have to enter the Departure Date and the Flight Number. 
  • Once you are done with adding information, click on the ‘Check Status’ button and find out the exact location of your flight. 

 If you have Allegiant Air’s mobile app, then you can log in as a guest and check the flight status before arriving at the airport. 

How to Change My Flight on Allegiant? | Flight Change Policy

Change in plans and worried about how to change your flight? Well, in that case, you have made the right choice by making Allegiant Airlines booking. This air carrier understands the travelers’ concerns and thus allows them to modify their bookings without any hassle.

However, please note down the fact that making changes to your existing itinerary depends on the fare type you have purchased while making flight bookings.

There are certain fare types that allow you to make changes for free while others don’t offer the same facility. Therefore, purchase the fare type accordingly and enjoy a stress-free experience.

Below are given some major points that you should know before modifying your trip. 
  • If you have selected Trip Flex at the time of booking, then you can make changes for absolutely free of cost.
  • It gives you flexibility and you can make alterations up to one hour before the flight take-off. 
  • Without trip flex fare type, a change fee of $75 will be applicable per each way and within 7 days of travel.
  • No changes are permitted if less than seven days are left before the departure and no credit will be issued for the same.

Is it Cheaper to Book Allegiant Flights Tickets at the Airport?

Yes, that is absolutely correct. Much like other low-cost airlines, Allegiant also allows you to save money by purchasing a flight ticket from the airport. You will be glad to know that if you make Allegiant Reservations from the airport, then you can easily save $13 per segment, which is a big amount to cut down your travel expenses; however, making Allegiant Bookings from the airport is not as simple as it seems to be.

The biggest challenge that might face while making flight bookings from the airport is that Allegiant flies on a really tight schedule, and therefore, the airport counters are only open for a limited hours in a week which might create a hassle for the passengers. 

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Allegiant Airlines Reservations Number Details

Allegiant Airlines Reservations +1-802-231-1806
Allegiant Airlines Reservations Online +1-802-231-1806
Allegiant Air Reservations +1-802-231-1806
Allegiant Airlines Customer Service Phone Number +1-802-231-1806
Allegiant Air Baggage Phone Number 1-(866) 719-3910
Allegiant Airlines booking Phone Number +1-802-231-1806
Call Center Hours 24*7
Headquarters Summerlin, Nevada
Allegiant Airlines Group Reservations Email [email protected]

Usage of Allegiant Airlines Mobile App

Say goodbye to paper boarding passes and download the Allegiant Airlines mobile app on your mobile or tablet. This app is convenient to use and is loaded with several features that will surely make your journey hassle-free. Allegiant Airlines’ mobile app is all available for both Android and Apple-enabled users and travelers can easily get the same for free.

This app is loaded with lots of advantages such as:

  • Add your favorite seat
  • Book your meal
  • Get your check-in done and download your boarding pass
  • Enjoy the priority access
  • Get the complete information of your entire trip on your smartphone
  • Check the flight status
  • Add the details and make Allegiant Airlines Book a Flight easily

Allegiant Airlines Destinations

Allegiant Airlines is not just known for its affordable flight tickets and amazing in-flight services but also famous for its comprehensive domestic and international network. It is currently serving more than 117 destinations throughout the United States and other parts of the world. Some of the well-known destinations where this airline flies to are:

  • Orlando
  • Las Vegas
  • Fort Lauderdale
  • Grand Rapids
  • Indianapolis
  • Washington
  • Phoenix
  • Fort Myers
  • Pittsburgh
  • Norfolk
  • Honolulu
  • San Diego
  • San Juan
  • Palm Springs
  • Tampa
  • New Orleans

Allegiant Airlines Fleet Size

Allegiant Airlines is bestowed with a modern fleet of aircraft which is not just safe but also equipped with lots of facilities that will offer you home-like comfort. Its features the Airbus A320 family fleet. It is the only airline in the aviation industry that was known to acquire a second-hand fleet in order to save cash.

However, its fleet still boasts all the essential features that are needed by travelers to enjoy their journey. Allegiant Airlines has a total fleet of around 105 aircraft. Its fleet consists of:

  • Airbus A319-100 – 38 in-service
  • Airbus A320-200 – 67 in-service

To know more about the fleet, you can connect with Allegiant Airlines Customer Service at any time.

Know About Allegiant Airlines Economy Class

As everyone knows that Allegiant Airlines is an ultra-low-cost air carrier, therefore, it is equipped with only one cabin class that is none other than the Economy Class. You can easily make Allegiant Air Reservations in the Economy Class and enjoy a variety of facilities and services. Let’s find out the information about the in-flight services offered in the Economy Class cabin of the Allegiant so that you can make bookings accordingly. 

  • Comfortable Seats

Though Allegiant Airlines is a low-cost air carrier still it is highly concerned about the passengers’ comfort and thus, offers you the comfortable seating option so that you can enjoy your journey with much ease. It features comfortable seats and a good amount of legroom and recline. You can make a choice among three seating options i.e. Standard Seats, Legroom Seats, and Giant Seats. These seats vary according to their specifications. 

  • In-Flight Entertainment 

Want to enjoy your journey? Well, if so, then let me know that Allegiant Airlines is an ultra-low-cost airline and you will not get facilities like in-flight Wi-Fi, video streaming capabilities, and any other type of onboard entertainment? Therefore, you are advised to download your favorite web series and movies to enjoy the same offline in the sky. 

  • Snacks and Beverages

Before making an Allegiant Airlines booking, one must know the fact that nothing comes free in Allegiant Air and you will have to pay for every single thing on board, be it snacks, meals, beverages, seats, and everything in between. The airline will offer you an onboard menu that includes all kinds of snacks and beverages. Select your meal and pay for the same to enjoy. 

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Allegiant Airlines Travel Classes & Seating Options

Allegiant Airlines is a budget-friendly air carrier that allows travelers to reach their destination without any hassle. All Allegiant aircraft have only one class, namely – Economy Class. This class is designed by keeping all kinds of travelers in mind.

It is loaded with all essential amenities and services so that travelers can feel at home in the air. Allegiant’s Economy Class offers a few entertainment options that will keep travelers occupied throughout the journey. Moreover, you can ask for meals by paying an additional fee for the same. 

Allegiant Airlines offers lots of seating options and travelers can make the selection according to their budget and travel needs. Be it aisle, window seat, or in the first row, travelers can opt for any of the options. Allegiant aircraft feature comfortable and properly aligned leather seats. 

You can select your desired option at the time of making Allegiant Airlines booking and at the time of flight check-in as well. Then, you are advised to select your favorite seat, otherwise, the airline will randomly assign the same and it might be possible that you will not get the chance to sit together with your travel companion. After that you can even book a seat in the exit row with extra legroom. 

Seat selection can be done in the following step-by-step procedure:
  • Go to the official website of Allegiant Airlines.
  • Visit the Manage My Travel option.
  • Enter Booking Code and the Last Name.
  • Tap on the Search button and select your favorite seat. 

Does Allegiant have Senior Discounts?

The airline Allegiant provides you with affordable travel, as it is one of the cheap airlines. The Allegiant Air allows you to enjoy a pleasant journey. If you wish to benefit from a low-price convenient journey, then allegiant air is your choice.

All consumers, in particular older folks, appreciate allegiant air. They understand well that older consumers are not as productive monetary-wise more than before. So they provide individuals who satisfy the age criteria with great senior discounts.

On a particular day of the week, the company offers senior discounts to its clients. To receive the newest offer information, customers should frequently visit the Allegiant Airlines Book a flight main page of, notably in the upper discount section.

Open the website and utilize your homepage’s search feature to learn Promo Codes. Read about the conditions and ensure that before you use Coupons, you are qualified for this deal. Contacting the customer service staff of on Allegiant Airlines’ phone number is also an excellent approach to acquire coupons, asking for promotional codes.

Allegiant Airlines Military Discount

Allegiant enthusiastically supports United States active and reserve military personnel and military veterans from the seven uniformed services by providing a variety of complimentary perks. Active duty, reserve duty, and veteran members of the United States Army, with proper identification, are eligible for this military discount offered by the allegiant airline.

Traveler with military discount is available for these services:
  • Baggage checked for up to two (2) items. The weight of every bag should be less than 100 lbs.
  • No fee for checked oversized luggage. The maximum height is 115 linear cm + width + length
  • One carry-on bag that fits under Allegiant’s space limitations
  • One personal item that fits within Allegiant’s size restrictions
  • At the airport, you may print your boarding permit for free.
  • In each cabin, one pet is allowed.
  • The same perk is only available to spouses and dependent with a valid military dependent I.D. confirming their dependency or marital status if traveling the same itinerary with the qualifying military traveler.
  • Qualified service members will be summoned to board on priority.
  • Due to a change in orders, active and reserve troops will not be charged a difference or cancellation fee.

U.S. militants of the seven uniformed services on a route to the Allegiant Honors must demonstrate evidence with a government I.D. (s): For the benefits of the Allegiant Honors Program. At the airport upon check-in, show your DOD Common Access Card (CAC) or a driver’s license with a veteran identification. D.D. Form 214, Veteran card of identification.

How to Upgrade Seat On Allegiant Air Easily?

Allegiant Airlines features comfortable leather seats so that travelers can enjoy home-like comfort in the air. However, if you still have an urge to upgrade your seat to the higher cabins, then opt for this facility and get an upgrade in less than no time.

You can simply select your favorite seat by paying the nominal fee or go for an upgrade by paying the fare difference.

There are a few guidelines that you need to know about seat selection or up-gradation before making Allegiant Airlines Booking. 

About Seat Selection or up-gradation
  • Seat selection is totally based on the availability of the vacant. If the seat is available only then you will get an upgrade.
  • If no seat is vacant, then you can neither make a selection nor make upgradation. 
  • Request the seat upgrade doesn’t guarantee the seat as it is just taken as an initiative that you have taken to book your desired seat. 
  • Seat selection or upgrades can be done either by accessing your trip through the Manage My Trip section or by connecting with the airline’s customer executive. 
  • If you upgrade the seat and it costs higher than the original one, then you will have to pay the fare difference. To know more about this, you can contact the airline’s executive at any time.

Allegiant Airlines Low Fare Calendar

If you plan to make an Allegiant Airlines booking, then Allegiant Airlines’ low fare calendar will be really helpful for you. With the help of Allegiant Airlines’ low fare calendar, you will get to know about the upcoming best deals on Allegiant Airlines flight tickets. Also, you can save a huge amount of money on ticket booking with the help of this low-fare calendar.

Moreover, you can make advance booking at an affordable price range with the help of Allegiant Airlines’ low fare calendar. You can find it on the official website of Allegiant Airlines. While booking, you can check the ticket fare on this low fare calendar of Allegiant Airlines.

Allegiant Airlines Vacation Packages : All Inclusive Deals

Planning a perfect vacation without putting a burden on your wallet? If yes, then opting for Allegiant Airlines vacation packages might be the best option. Allegiant Airlines always prioritizes the customers and takes every practical step to make their journey as well as vacation interesting and hassle-free. Here, travelers will find all types of vacation packages, be it the adventurous one, family trip, honeymoon, or business travel. 

The airline’s agent will also customize the trip and vacation package for you, depending on your needs. It covers plenty of destinations such as Los Angeles, Asheville, New Orleans, New York, San Diago, San Juan, Washington, Austin, Nashville, and many more to count. To know more about the same, you can call Allegiant Airlines Phone Number at any time and get updated with the latest packages to save a few bucks. 

Are you looking to plan a vacation with your family and friends? Did you choose Allegiant Airlines as your vacation packages provider? If yes, then you will indeed get the best deals. But you don’t know how to purchase Allegiant Airlines vacation packages; then check out the below-mentioned points:

Have a Glance,

  • You can purchase the Allegiant Airlines vacation packages through its website. You need to visit its official vacation website and search for your desired holiday destination.
  • After that, you will get a list of vacation packages on your screen.
  • Choose a vacation package as per your budget and need.
  • Fill in all the needed details.
  • Lastly, pay for the package.
  • You can also take help from its customer service to purchase the Allegiant Airlines vacation packages.
  • Need to contact the Allegiant Airlines phone number and connect with its executive to initiate the vacation purchase process.
  • Here, you need to provide the name of your desired destination and also the required details asked by the customer service representative of Allegiant Airlines.
  • Lastly, you need to complete your payment to confirm your Allegiant Airlines vacation packages.

After completing the payment of your Allegiant Airlines vacation package, you will receive an email or SMS from Allegiant Airlines that includes all the details based on your package.

Allegiant Airlines Customer Service Email or Chat Box

Contact via email – If you have considered Allegiant Airlines booking a flight option and need travel assistance, you can contact the airline by writing an email to them at [email protected].

You have to write an email mentioning the reason for your contact, a detailed description of your problem, phone number, order ID, first and last name. Your problem will get automatically notified and you will get a response as soon as possible.

Contact via a Chat Box – There can be a situation where you are not able to call on Allegiant Airlines’ contact number, or they aren’t able to reach you. Therefore, you can always go for a chat option.

Chat box is one of the easiest and safest methods of contacting the airline. You can visit the allegiant airlines’ official site and go to contact options; click on the live chat option.

The chat service is available from Monday to Friday between 5 am to 6 pm. You can get in touch with the customer care executive and share your flight-related problem and ask for help. 

Reason to Contact Allegiant Air Customer Service Phone Number 

In-Flight services: You can get the benefit of all in-flight services by contacting airline customer service executives. They will surely assist you regarding the best services offered by the airline or provide a solution to any of your queries.

Lost Baggage: If you face any problem with your lost baggage pieces or damaged baggage pieces, you can contact the airline’ customer service number. Experts are always ready to help find the solution for your problems.

Flight Delays: Nowadays, you can check the status of your flight online. However, if you have no idea how to check online about your flight status, you can contact the airline’s professional executives and get help from them.

Booking of Seats: You can easily reserve your seats through the Allegiant Airlines reservations phone number +1-802-231-1806, and get information regarding the Airlines services like booking details, flight status, cancellation, refunds, check-in, baggage information, etc. If you need any urgent help while on the day of your departure, you can contact the Airlines’ voice executives and get solutions for your problem.

Get Updated With Allegiant Airlines Deals and Offers

Want to travel the world without putting an extra burden on your pocket? Well, in that case, you are suggested to make Allegiant Airlines Reservations and save lots of bucks on the flight ticket. 

Allegiant Airlines is already a low-cost air carrier that will help you in minimizing travel expenses but it also offers seasonal deals and discounts on the flight ticket so that travelers can easily reach their favorite destination without facing any trouble. 

You can easily fetch deals and offers from Allegiant Airlines’ official website. Allegiant Airlines offers deals for innumerable locations like Austin, Charleston, Fort Walton Beach, Denver, and many more to count. 

One thing that you must keep in your mind is that these offers and discounts are available for a short period and they get faded away or become invalid once the deadline is over. Therefore, grab the same as early as you can and enjoy your journey without emptying your bank balance. So, what are you waiting for now? Get your bookings done with Allegiant and travel the world with ease. 

To fetch the deals, 
  • Go to Allegiant Airlines official site.
  • Locate the ‘Deals’ section on the top. 
  • Click on the same and get access to the page where you can enjoy plenty of deals and discounts to all your favorite locations.

Sometimes, hidden discounts are also available for a specific group of people like students, senior citizens, business travelers, etc. To get updated with the same, you will have to connect with the Allegiant Airlines Phone Number and ask about the same. Check whether you are eligible for such discounts or not and fetch accordingly. 

Allegiant Airlines Pet Travel Policy

While traveling on an Allegiant Airlines reservations flight, you are allowed to carry your pets. However, your pets must fit the Airline’s pet policy.

Pet Policy

  • As per Allegiant Airlines pet policy, you can carry small live animals as well as your pets in the cabin of the aircraft only within the United States. However, when traveling to international destinations and U.S. territories, including Puerto Rico, where all pets are not accepted.
  • Domestic Dogs and Cats are only allowed to travel in cabin of the airlines.
  • A leak-proof carrier, which fits under the seat in front of you, can be carried to carry your pets. Your pet carrier must not be larger than 9 Height X 16 Width X 19 Diameter. And you are only allowed to carry only two pets along with you.
  • A fee of $ 100.00 will be charged for your pet for each side.
  • Only one pet carrier per passenger is only allowed.
  • While at the airport terminal and also in the aircraft, your pet must remain completely in the carrier. And must be controlled by you.
  • All pets or animals traveling on the aircraft must be non-disruptive, harmless, and odorless.

Allegiant Air Pet Travel : Terms & Conditions:

  • Your pets must not be ill and also in physical distress.
  • Your pets must be comfortably fit in their carrier and must not come out from it.
  • Traveling with your pets, you won’t be allowed to sit on an exit row, nor on one row before or after the exit row.
  • You must check your pets with an Allegiant agent at the ticket counter or gate counter 1 hour before the departure of your flight. This is to make sure that, your pet carrier is in accordance with the above-mentioned guidelines.
  • Traveling with Allegiant Airlines, you are not allowed to carry your pet in the cargo bin.
  • Your pet’s health certificate is not mandatory to be carried while traveling along with your pet.
  • Allegiant Airlines will not be responsible for the health and well-being of your pets in the cabin.
  • Regarding clearing TSA security, you must contact
  • If you do not comply with the above pet guidelines, you will not be allowed to board the plane.

How Do I Talk to a Person at Allegiant Air?

Allegiant Air has a strong customer support staff to help those who want to know more about flying services before booking. The customer service department of Allegiant Air has a team of specially trained professionals to handle any consumer query.

Below are the steps mentioned to contact Customer Service of Allegiant Airlines to get Allegiant Airlines Booking.

  • Call on phone number +1-802-231-1806.
  • Press 4.
  • Press 5.
  • Stay connected on the line.
  • Then, the automated telephone system connects you to a live Allegiant Airlines Customer Service Agent.

Allegiant World Mastercard And Its Advantages

Allegiant Airlines is a low-cost, high-efficiency, and certified airline offering incredible flight deals, excellent in-flight services, and generous customer service plans to its flyers irrespective of their travel class and ticket fare.

One of the most fantastic perks of saving on Allegiant Airlines is its world Mastercard through which one can earn reward points and offers to redeem on flight booking and other travel purchases. The bank of America issues and administers the credit card program. 

The airline’s world Mastercard is a co-branded card specially designed for frequent flyers. Cardholders can earn at least three reward points per dollar spending on purchases like Allegiant airlines booking, car rentals, and hotel reservations. However, the points you earn through the special card cannot apply to other airlines.

The annual fee of the card is $59, and the standard variable for making travel-related purchases is between 15.99 % to 23.99% depending on the flyer’s card capacity. The only con of the card is that for the first year, you cannot waive the annual fee, and you may not justify the annual fee unless you are a frequent flyer.  

You can use the rewards calculator to count the number of points, miles, or cash back you have gained through your travel purchases. The calculator will give you insight into the dollar value of your card based on the value of reward points while deducting the annual fees.

What are the Benefits of the Allegiant World Mastercard?

If you are planning to get an Allegiant World Mastercard, here are a few benefits that you can avail for your travel needs and requirements. 

  • A flyer can earn up to 15000 reward or bonus points through the airline’s world Mastercard after spending on travel purchases.
  • With these many points, you can get a minimum of $150 off on your next Allegiant airlines booking after spending $1000 or more on travel purchases within the first 90 days of the new account opening. 
  • Having a Mastercard can help you earn three points on travel-related purchases, two points on dining and restaurants, and one point on all other purchases. 
  • One of the biggest advantages of having a Mastercard is you can travel with no destination restrictions or minimum points redemption and no blackout dates.
  • It will make your vacation hassle-free and help you save money.
  • You can earn and redeem points with no limit restrictions as the earned points don’t expire.
  • By showing your Mastercard, you can get a complimentary drink on Allegiant flights, and other members traveling with you can enjoy priority boarding at the airport. 
  • Cardholders of Allegiant airlines Mastercard can get the benefit from a special helpline number to settle their doubts and fulfill travel needs transparently. 
  • You don’t have to pay foreign transaction fees while making travel purchases.
  • The best feature of the Mastercard is that you can earn a buy one and get one free airfare while buying a tour package with the requirements of four or more hotel night stays, seven or more car rentals on the same itinerary. 

How to Apply for Allegiant Mastercard Online?

Frequent flyers can follow the step-by-step guide to applying for an Allegiant World Mastercard online. 

  • Passengers can easily apply for an Allegiant Mastercard online through the airline’s official site.
  • Click on the Apply Now button under the Mastercard.
  • Now enter your first, last name, and residential address.
  • Now fill in your primary contact number and type your email address. 
  • Answer the citizenship questions and choose your country of residence.
  • Enter your date of birth and select your employment status.
  • Now, enter your total annual income and give your source of income. Choose the number of liquid assets you have including the total money belonging to your checking and saving accounts, stocks, CDs, and money market accounts. 
  • Fill in your monthly housing payment. You can select an appropriate option to transfer a balance or add a cardholder.
  • Click on the Continue button to complete your application for the Allegiant world Mastercard. 

If you are not an Allegiant Airlines Mastercard holder, don’t think and apply soon. Go to Allegiant airlines book a flight option on the airline’s official site, and get ready to fly to your favorite destination along with the greatest perks of the world Mastercard.

Voice Main Menu Allegiant Airlines

  • Press 1 to verify the flight status.
  • Press 2 to alter, update, or modify an existing booking.
  • To create a new booking, press 3
  • For any other questions, click 4
  • Press 5 again to listen to these choices.

Few Common Queries asked by Passengers

  • Can I bring my carry-on items to Allegiant Airlines?
  • Does Allegiant Airlines offer Entertainment service onboard?
  • What should I do to cancel my Allegiant Airline flight tickets?
  • What are Allegiant Airlines refund rules?
  • How can I contact the Allegiant Airlines Customer care number?
  • What are the Baggage limits on my Allegiant Airlines flight?
  • How do I get a refund from Allegiant Air?
  • What rights do I have if my flight is Cancelled?
  • Do I get a refund if the airline cancels your flight?
  • How much compensation do you get for a Cancelled flight?

Allegiant Airlines Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I contact Allegiant Airlines by phone?

You may dial the Allegiant Airlines Customer Service Number (702) 505-8888 to contact one of the representatives at the airline. 

Q: What day of the week are Allegiant flights the cheapest?

If you are booking a domestic flight on Allegiant, go on Tuesday and Wednesday. However, you may go on Wednesday and Thursday to book an international flight on Allegiant Air. 

Q: How early can you book Allegiant flights?

You can book Allegiant flights 6 to 9 months in advance. You should check for the bold dates on the website calendar. 

Q: Why is Allegiant phone number always busy?

If the Allegiant phone number is always busy, it simply indicates that the airline is dealing with several passengers. In this case, you should skip waiting and dial 1-802-200-9500(USA, Canada) to talk to a live person at Allegiant Airlines. 

Q: Do you have to pay for a seat on Allegiant?

No. Allegiant Air randomly assigns a seat to their passengers at no cost during check-in for the flight. 

Q: Can you change the passenger name on Allegiant?

Yes, Allegiant Air permits its passengers to correct their names up to a few characters due to spelling and legal reasons. However, the airline doesn’t allow you to change the full name of the flight tickets. 

Q. Can I cancel my Allegiant flight ticket?

Yes, most itineraries can be canceled online. To cancel a ticket, you need to visit the “Manage Travel” section on the official website reservations page. You will receive a full refund if you make the cancellation within 24 hours of the ticket purchase. All credits will be refunded in the original form of payment.

If you cancel the ticket after 24 hours of the Allegiant Airlines booking, then you may or may not get a refund. The refund depends on the type of ticket.

Q. Can I add another person to my existing Allegiant Airlines itinerary?

If another person would be traveling with you on the flight, then you should book a new ticket. However, if the new person will be under the age of 15 on the date of travel, then you should connect with the airline’s reservation desk via Allegiant Airlines customer service number +1-802-231-1806.

Q. Can I cancel only one flight from my round-trip ticket?

Yes, you can do that by accessing your account from the “MANAGE TRAVEL” section available on the official website.

  • Navigate to the “Manage travel” page by visiting reservations page.
  • Access your reservation by using the confirmation number and your name.
  • On the next page, which would be the trip summary page, go down to the itinerary details section
  • To cancel your outbound flight in Allegiant Airlines booking, click on the “Cancel only this flight” button available on the right side.
  • If you want to cancel your return flight, then click on the “Cancel only this flight” button available on the right side.

If you want to cancel your whole itinerary, then click on the “Cancel my trip” button.

Q. How far in advance can I book the ticket on Allegiant Airlines?

Booking hours at an airport ticket counter are limited, and it depends on location. Allegiant highly recommends its passengers make Allegiant Airlines bookings in advance to avoid any last-minute hassle.

If you want to purchase an airline ticket within two hours of the scheduled departure of the flight, then you must reserve your seat at the airport ticket counter.

Q. What happens if I miss my Allegiant Airlines flight?

If you have missed your flight or don’t show up at the airport, then the “no-show” policy will be applied to your entire booking. No credit will be issued to your account. Cancellation can be made online. No refund will be given if you have canceled your ticket within seven days of the departure date.

Q. Is there a fee for a checked bag or carry-on bags to travel?

Yes, travelers traveling with checked bags and carry-on bags need to pay the applicable amount. Visit the baggage page on the official website of the airline to know about the baggage allowance.

You can also ask an airline representative about the baggage allowance included in the airfare by calling on the Allegiant Airlines baggage tracking number.

Q. Is there any free baggage allowance on Allegiant flights?

Yes, all the passengers traveling on the flight are allowed to bring one personal item on the flight without any cost. However, the personal item must not exceed the size of 38 linear inches.

Q. Does Allegiant offer inflight entertainment to passengers?

No, Allegiant is not offering in-flight entertainment services at this time.

Q. Can I smoke during the journey with Allegiant Airlines?

No, all the Allegiant flights have prohibited from consuming any tobacco product. It includes all tobacco products, including electronic e-cigarettes, chewing tobacco, or a similar product.

Q. How to contact Allegiant customer service?

Allegiant ensures that every passenger has a hassle-free experience with the airline. In order to give attention to every passenger’s concern, Allegiant has established an efficient customer service team, which is reachable in multiple ways.

However, the best way to contact customer service is by dialing the Allegiant Airlines reservations number. Additionally, you can use chat and email support as well.

Q. How can I download my boarding pass on my phone?

You can download the airline’s new and free mobile app to make Allegiant airlines booking and manage your flight ticket.

You can download the app from Google Play or App Store depending on your mobile phone’s operating system and print your flight boarding pass after flight check-in online and save up to $5.

This will save your time and effort from standing in long check-in queues at the airport.  

Q. How much does Allegiant Air Trip Flex cost?

The cost of Allegiant Air Trip Flex ranges between $8 to $20 per person per segment and you can purchase the same at the time of Allegiant airlines booking by which you can change your itinerary for once and even postpone the entire trip without paying a change fee.

Generally, the flight change fee is $75 and you can save this amount through trip flex. You should make your reservations on the trip flex up to one hour before the scheduled flight departure. 

Q. What is the maximum allowed size of a personal item?

Under Allegiant Airlines baggage policy, you can fly with one personal item including a purse, backpack, laptop bag, etc., for free. The maximum size of the personal items should be 16x15x7 inches and no weight limit restrictions in general.

If you have any queries regarding the airline’s baggage policy, call on Allegiant airline’s phone number and clear your doubts in advance.

Q. Does Allegiant cancel flights if not full?

Allegiant Airlines may cancel its scheduled flight when the passengers are very few. Apart from this, there can be other reasons for flight cancellation including sudden weather changes, security and mechanical issues, technical glitch, missing aircraft, and short-staffed crew.

They offer free services such as food, drinks, accommodation, fax, seats for the next flight, a travel voucher, or credit on flight cancellations. However, the airline will not offer any compensation when a flight cancels due to natural calamities. Passengers can call on Allegiant airline’s contact number to know more about flight delays and cancellations.

Q. What is the cheapest month to fly to Allegiant?

Are you planning to make an Allegiant Airlines booking? Well, as a passenger-centric airline company, Allegiant Airline always takes care of its passengers. But you don’t want to spend more money on your flight tickets. That’s why you are searching for the best month to get the cheapest Allegiant Airlines flight tickets.

It means you can get the cheapest deals every month from Allegiant Airlines. If you are willing to get the cheapest deals, then you need to make sure that you book the flight tickets of Allegiant Airlines at least six to nine months in advance.

If you find cheapest month deals or any other best deals visit Allegiant airlines official site. You can use these discount vouchers, flash sales, etc., to lower your ticket price and successfully attain the best deals on Allegiant Airlines flight tickets.

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 by Henry

I would rather fly an Allegiant Airlines flight than any major US airline!! Wider aisles, larger seats, and pleasant flight attendants!! They are usually on time, and only rarely are they cancelled!! The check-in procedure was quick and painless, the aircraft was on time, and the flight attendants and employees were kind. I have no concerns. I have a severe fear of flying, and the flight attendants made the trip so much more pleasant for me. They were quite soothing and sympathetic, and they kept a close eye on me during the journey. Allegiant made my journey smooth.

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I was looking for a group travel booking, and then I contacted Allegiant Airlines to help me. The customer service representative of Allegiant Airlines is very professional and helpful. At first, he asked about my requirements and budget for the booking; then he offered me the best available options in different travel classes. He also provided me with an amazing sales deal that cut out around 20% of my total ticket cost. I seriously love the way he helped with my group booking. This strongly describes how professional and experienced the customer service representatives of Allegiant Airlines are.

 by Amy C Spence

I booked an Allegiant flight ticket to New Orleans and rescheduled it to 15 days later flights. The airline accepted my request and did not disappoint me. However, I had to wait half an hour for my scheduled flight, but I ignored it. After boarding the plane, I realized that the wait was worth it because the seating arrangement was fabulous, and the best thing, it had extra legroom. You can totally check out their services.

 by Kevin K Austin

Recently, I took a flight to New York to meet my parents. I would sum up my travel experience as great as I faced no big trouble during my flight. From airport check-in to in-flight services, everything was worth it. The flight was on time and there was no delay or unnecessary inconvenience at the airport or the plane. I did not want to compromise on the choice of my seat so I made an advance seat reservation. The seats were comfortable, reclining, and had extra legroom.

 by Janelle R Bailey

The best thing about traveling with Allegiant Airlines is its budget-friendly flight tickets, in-flight services, and excellent customer support. However, I am a little disappointed by the hidden charges I had to pay on a few purchases like extra baggage. If I knew earlier, I would have thought once. Apart from this, everything was satisfactory to me. I even heard bad reviews about their food, but I personally liked everything I ordered on the plane. They even served me complimentary drinks and delicious snacks. If you are thinking of considering the services of Allegiant Airlines, think not twice.

 by Elijah

I booked an Allegiant Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Orlando and was completely satisfied with the services. What I liked about this airline the most is its cost-effective airfares. This airline offers flight tickets at budget-friendly fares so that everyone can easily afford the same. I face no troubles while making flight reservations with Allegiant as their booking process is extremely simple and user-friendly. Allegiant is one such airline that offers seasonal discounts on the flight tickets and that always proves beneficial for the budget-savvy travelers like me. Hope to use their services again for my next trip!

 by Ethan

I have been flying with Allegiant Airlines for a long time and am completely satisfied with their services and facilities. They offer an incredible in-flight entertainment system and excellent network connection to the travelers so that they can stay connected and productive throughout the journey. Last Monday, I took an Allegiant flight from Asheville to Boston and enjoyed tempting snacks. What I liked about this airline the most is that it is loaded with all essential amenities even being the low-cost air carrier. I am 100% satisfied and would love to fly with this airline over and over again. Highly Recommended!

 by Richard

I booked flight to Las angles and my experience was amazing. Though I found a lot of bad reviews online, but it turned out to be myth in my case. Staff was great and airfares were reasonable. I will definitely fly in future with Allegiant Airlines again.