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Allegiant-Airlines-Reservations-300x158Allegiant Airlines was founded in the year 1997 and is certified by the U.S. Department of Transportation. It is an affordable airline headquartered in Summerlin, Nevada. The airline today serves across 117 destinations across the United States. So, if you are looking for an affordable air travel, then its best to go for Allegiant Airlines reservations. Traveling by this airline, you will be offered with best airline services like live status, fresh meals and snacks, and live updates.

The customer service of the airline is ready to help customers anytime, so you can call at Allegiant Airlines reservations phone number +1-844-401-9140 for any information regarding flight bookings, cancellation, refund, baggage policy, etc. The airline is present at numerous destinations all around the world.

What Benefits do you get by contacting Allegiant Airlines Reservations?

Whenever you wish to travel with Allegiant Airline’s, you can simply contact Allegiant Airlines reservations number +1-844-401-9140. The Airline’s service agents are always available to help you with Allegiant Airlines flight bookings. They are also there to help you regarding other important information related to flight status, ticket cancellation charge, advance ticket booking, and various other information regarding Allegiant Airlines. If you want to make flight bookings, you can make it through the Airlines’ official website by clicking on Allegiant Airline Manage My Booking. However, if you have no idea about how to book flights on the website, then simply call the Airline’s online booking number. Customer exclusives of the airline are always ready to provide you an immediate and satisfying solution to all your issues.

Allegiant Airlines Reservations Number Details

Allegiant Airlines Reservations +1-844-401-9140
Allegiant Airlines Reservations Online +1-844-401-9140
Allegiant Air Reservations +1-844-401-9140
Allegiant Air Customer Service Phone Number +1-844-401-9140
Allegiant Air Baggage Phone Number 1-(866) 719-3910
Allegiant Airlines Reservations Phone Number +1-844-401-9140
Call Center Hours 24*7
Headquarters Summerlin, Nevada
Allegiant Airlines Group Reservations Email [email protected]


If you like to cancel your bookings with an Allegiant Airlines flight, you have to follow the below guidelines.

You can cancel your flight bookings within 24 hours of purchase to get a full refund. For cancellation of your tickets, please visit the Airlines’ official website and click on the Manage Travel option.

Your booked tickets are non-refundable if you cancel them after 24 hours of purchase. You will be issued with a credit voucher, which you can use for future travel. For more information related to cancellation, you can call the Allegiant Airlines reservations phone number +1-844-401-9140

It’s easy to book tickets for your Allegiant Airline’s flight

Allegiant Airlines has today become one of the world’s most demanding airline. If you are planning to go for a vacation with your family, travel in a group with your friends to view the world’s beautiful places, to go on a business tour, and looking for an affordable airline, then Allegiant Airlines would be the best for such purposes. When you Allegiant Airline Book a flight, you can go for a world tour, business meetings, or family vacations.

The best part of Allegiant Airlines is that you can contact the Airlines customer service number regarding any issues at any time. Your queries will be immediately get solved.The airline offers 24×7 customer support with an expert always ready to solve help you at any time or suggest you with the best advice any time anywhere.

You can book Allegiant Airlines flight tickets online through the following process.

  • Log on to Allegiant Airlines reservations official website.
  • Now, enter the following details
  • Departure city
  • Destination city
  • Departure date
  • Return date
  • Number of passengers you are traveling with and your kids.
  • Now, click on the search button.
  • Enter your personal data and contact details and click on continue.
  • Provide your seat and bag details.
  • Now make the payment and print your flight tickets.

Allegiant Airlines Boarding Passes

When traveling with Allegiant Airlines flight, you are provided with three ways to get your boarding passes. It’s either through Online/ Web Check-in, Mobile Check-in, or at the Airport Check-in counter.

  • Online or Web Check-in: To get your printed boarding pass check-in online 24 hours before the schedule departure of your flight. Online check-in can be done by visiting the Airlines’ official website.
  • Mobile Check-in: You can obtain your e-boarding pass, through mobile check-in. For this, you must download the Allegiant Airlines’ mobile app on your device. It can be downloaded free for iPhone and Android devices.
  • At the Airport: You can print your boarding pass at the airport. To print your boarding pass, you will need the help of an agent for which you will be charged $5 as a fee for each boarding pass. If you do the check-in at the airport check-in counter, you will not have to pay the fee.

Allegiant Airlines Children Policy

Allegiant airlines allow you to travel with your kids; however, there are some guidelines for traveling with your children and depends on their age and weight.

Infants who are just 24 months old can travel as a ticketed passenger, or you can carry your child on your lap.Children who are in-between 2 to 14 years must have their own seat. Few additional requirements get applied for children who are 40 pounds or under.

Children who are in-between 15 to 17 years must have their own seat. Such children can fly without an adult companion. However they won’t be permitted on flight with weather advisory.

Children who are 18 years or older must have their own seat. Such children can fly without an adult companion. However, they must carry a Government issued Photo ID.Passengers who have not crossed the age of 14 will be considered as a child. Such children must be accompanied by an adult who is 15 years old. The airline do not offer unaccompanied minor services.

There are two booking options for children who are just 24 months old. These children can either enjoy their air travel sitting on their adult’s lap on the same reservation or can travel as a ticketed passenger sitting in an FAA-approved car seat.

Child Reservations online: When making a booking for your child online, enter your child’s date of birth on the Airlines’ home page search widget.  You will be offered your choice of travel preference. Allegiant Airlines always supports a safe and secure journey of your children, and thus recommends you to make a reservation for your kid and bring FAA approved car seat. Providing age proof is a must for your child if covering the whole journey sitting on your lap.

Photo Identification: Age proof of your child must be shown when asked. Although photo identification issued by the Government can be considered. Passengers who are below 18 years of age can show birth certificate as proof. A passenger not carrying such documents will be required to go through some additional security checking.

Delays and Cancellations: Allegiant Airlines won’t allow children under the age of 18 to travel without an adult on fights with weather advisory.

Seat Reservations for children:  To make sure that your child is seated near you, please make a reservation for your child while booking your travel. If making a reservation online, then visit the Airlines’ official website, click on Manage Travel, and continue with the further process.

Traveling in Allegiant Airlines, children are not allowed to sit in exit row due to FAA Safety regulations. Infants or children traveling in a car seat must be seated in a window seat and not in an aisle seat.   

 Baby Strollers: Passengers are allowed to travel with baby strollers. However, it must be carried as checked baggage at the time of check-in at the airport ticket counter. No charges will be applied for checking or gate checking one stroller. All baby strollers checked at the gate will be fixed in the cargo hold of the aircraft, and upon arrival, it will be delivered to the gate or passenger loading bridge. 

Allegiant Airlines Pet Reservations

While traveling on an Allegiant Airlines reservations flight, you are allowed to carry your pets. However, your pets must fit the Airlines’ pet policy.

Pet Policy

  • As per Allegiant Airlines pet policy, you can carry small live animals as well as your pets in the cabin of the aircraft only within the United States. However, when traveling to international destinations and U.S.territories, including Puerto Rico, where all pets are not accepted.
  • Domestic Dogs and Cats are only allowed to travel in Cabin of the aircraft.
  • A leak-proof carrier, which fits under the seat in front of you, can be carried to carry your pets. Your pet carrier must not be larger than 9 Height X 16 Width X 19 Diameter. And you are only allowed to carry only two pets along with you.
  • A fee of $ 100.00 will be charged for your pet for each side.
  • Only one pet carrier per passenger is only allowed.
  • While at the airport terminal and also in the aircraft, your pet must remain completely in the carrier. And must be controlled by you.
  • All pets or animals traveling on the aircraft must be non-disruptive, harmless, and odorless.
  • Your pets must not be ill and also in physical distress.
  • Your pets must be comfortably fit in their carrier and must not come out from it.
  • Traveling with your pets, you won’t be allowed to sit on an exit row, nor on one row before or after the exit row.
  • You must check your pets with an Allegiant Agent at the ticket counter or gate counter 1 hour before the departure of your flight. This is to make sure that, your pet carrier is in accordance with the above-mentioned guidelines.
  • Traveling with Allegiant Airlines, you are not allowed to carry your pet in the cargo bin.
  • Your pet’s health certificate is not mandatory to be carried while traveling along with your pet.
  • Allegiant Airlines will not be responsible for the health and well-being of your pets in the cabin.
  • Regarding clearing TSA security, you must contact
  • If you do not comply with the above pet guidelines, you will not be allowed to board the plane.

Get Best Deals and Discounts traveling with Allegiant Airlines

There are 11 hubs of Allegiant Airlines, including the Airlines’ main hub at Las Vegas McCarran International Airport and St.Petersburg-Clearwater hubs in Phoenix, Orlando, Bellingham and Fort-Lauderdale.  The airline being ninth-largest commercial airline in the United States, offers its customers the best deals like 25% off per person. When booking a round trip, customers are offered free gifts, buy 1 get 1 airfare per purchase, $200 off airfare with package booking etc. In case if you are planning for a long trip, then it would be better to call the Allegiant Airlines customer service. They are there to help you with the best offers. You can also check for the best offers on the Allegiant Airlines reservations official site +1-844-401-9140

Few common queries asked by passengers

  • Can I bring my carry-on items on Allegiant Airlines?
  • Does Allegiant Airlines offers entertainment service onboard?
  • What should I do to cancel my Allegiant Airline flight tickets?
  • What are Allegiant Airlines refund rules?
  • How can I contact the Allegiant Airlines Customer care number?
  • What are the Baggage limits on my Allegiant Airlines’ flight?

How to Contact Allegiant Airlines Reservations Phone Number?

Making online bookings may not be an easy task for every individual, it might be a tough and tiresome task. Situations may arise when you would feel trouble with Allegiant Airlines online booking process. And thus, in such situations, you will need to contact the Allegiant Airlines online booking process. By contacting the Airlines online booking number, you will also get to know about the latest package offer and best deals and best services. And get additional information about Allegiant Airlines reservations official site +1-844-401-9140 flight booking or many more services. The main focus of the Airline is to provide a high quality services and care for lower and middle-class citizens of the United States of America. 

You can contact the Allegiant Airlines reservations phone number if you need assistance with the following services.

  • In-Flight services: You can get the benefit of all in-flight services by contacting the Airlines customer service executives. They will surely assist you regarding the best services offered by the airline or provide a solution to any of your queries.
  • Lost Baggage: If you face any problem with your lost baggage pieces or damage baggage pieces, you can contact the Airlines’ customer service number. Experts are always ready to help find the solution for your problems.
  • Flight Delays: Nowadays, you can check the status of your flight online. However, if you have no idea how to check online about your flight status, you can contact the Airlines’ professional executives and get help from them.
  • Booking of Seats: You can easily reserve your seats through the Allegiant Airlines reservations phone number +1-844-401-9140, and get information regarding the Airlines services like booking details, flight status, cancellation, refunds, check-in, baggage information, etc. If you need any urgent help while on the day of your departure, you can contact the Airlines’ voice executives and get solutions for your problem.

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