Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

One of our main priorities is the privacy of our users. Our privacy statement is designed to help them understand what kind of information we gather and what we do with that. 

Our collected information is divided into two categories; they are:

  • Information provided by visitors to our website through optional registration.
  • Tracking information is gathered from visitors who navigate through our website.

In order to use various features of our website, users will have to register and provide certain information as a part of the registration process. We may ask them to provide their name and home address, contact number, email address, and a few financial information. This helps us to customize our website to suit our visitor’s needs.

To make our website responsive as per the needs and interests of our visitors, we track down the pages visited by each user. Then we combine this data with the actual data on the pages visited by our other users. And in this way, we track our visitor’s traffic patterns.

Our web servers automatically collect some information about our visitors when they request pages, including IP addresses. We use our visitors’ IP address, among other things, to manage our website, solve the problem with our web servers, and do a few other things. Many times we also use cookies to meet the needs of our visitors. 

Kindly note that we respect the privacy of our users and therefore, won’t sell or provide any of their personal information to any third-party. We will only provide the information when it is necessary to provide requisite services or carry out the transitions they have requested.

We only provide links to the third party websites, like our business partners and online advertisers. And therefore, we request our users to review their privacy policies.