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Aeromexico Airlines Reservations for Flight Booking +1-802-231-1806

Aeromexico ReservationsAeromexico is the largest airline around the nation of Mexico. The airline which got started in the year 1934 has today reached to newer heights without sacrificing the safety of its passengers. It works today closely with the United States carrier Delta Air Lines. Based in the Mexico city, Aeromexico operates flights to more than 90 destinations, and more than 600 daily aircraft’s are operated by the airline. The airline has more accessibility to more destinations within Latin America than any other larger airlines. Hence, passengers can choose flights not based on availability but as per their convenience. If we look at the airline’s in-flight services it offers some of the best services to its passengers that include in-flight WiFi streaming, Free messaging, Movies, TV series, On-board magazines etc. Also there’s a great dinning services offered on-board, which include normal food, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, special meals on request and drinks that include non-alcoholic services  and alcohol drinks like beer, wine, liquor and variety of international beverages. So, how about enjoying an exciting ride on flight through Aeromexico reservations.

How to Make Aeromexico Reservations Online?

You can book an Aeromexico flight either online by visiting Aeromexico reservations official site or by calling Aeromexico Reservaciones number +1-802-231-1806.To book flights online you will have visit the airlines official website, click on the Book tab and fill in the following details:

  • Choose either Round Trip/ One way/ Multi-city
  • No of adults
  • Origin
  • Destination
  • Travel date
  • Click on find flights.

Once selected, continue with the payment process and you will receive your confirmation tickets.

You can even manage your reservations online in case when you feel like canceling or making changes to your reservation. This can be done through manage your trips option provided on the airline’s official website. You just have to provide your ticket number and last name and click on find your Aeromexico reservations. Continuing with the further process, you will be able to manage your reservation.

Aeromexico Phone Number Details

Aeromexico Reservations Number +1-802-231-1806
Aeromexico Reservaciones +1-802-231-1806
Numero de Telefono de Aeromexico +1-802-231-1806
Aeromexico Telefono 1-844-762-0089
Aeromexico Airlines Flight Cancellation Number 1 (800) 367-5320
Aeromexico Airlines Baggage Tracking Number 1 (866) 389-6654
Hubs Mexico City
Subsidiaries Aeroméxico Cargo,Connect,Express ,Servicios, Contigo
Fleet size 70



Parent company Grupo Aeroméxico
Headquarters Torre MAPFRE, Mexico City, Mexico


Aeromexico In-Flight Services

Aeromexico is bestowed with innumerable services that will surely make your journey memorable. These flight amenities offer you an amazing journey experience and make you feel like home. Below is a list of in-flight services that you can enjoy on Aeromexico flights. 

  • Tons of In-Flight Entertainment

Don’t worry you will never get bored on the Aeromexico flight as it is loaded with tons of free in-flight entertainment that will keep you busy throughout the journey. There are several entertainment options available on the flight such as free messaging facility, the latest blockbuster movies, TV series and a lot more. You can easily select from the library that includes the wide range of movies, TV shows and videos to get entertained. Make your Aeromexico Reservations now and enjoy your journey like never before.

  • Strong Wi-Fi network

Want to stay in touch with your family and friends? If so, then Aeromexico has got your back. It offers an excellent Wi-Fi network to travelers throughout the flight and thus allows you to send messages to your loved ones. All you need to do is to turn on the airplane mode, pair up with the Aeromexico Wi-Fi network or gogoinflight, and set up the Wi-Fi network on your device.  

  • Snacks and Beverages

Aeromexico Flights includes a wide range of snacks and beverages which means that you will never have to travel an empty stomach. You can order according to the menu which is specially designed by keeping all kinds of travelers in mind. In beverages, Aeromexico offers both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options to travelers.  Make Aeromexico Reservaciones now and enjoy the Mexican hospitality at its best.

Aeromexico Airlines check in


There are three ways through which you can check-in for your Aeromexico Flight; they are Web check-in, Mobile check-in, and Kiosks Check-in.

Web Check-in/Online Check-in: Online check-in for flights within Mexico starts 48 hours before the scheduled departure of your flight and for international flights it starts 24 hours before the scheduled departure of your flight. To go through the online check-in process follow the steps provided below.

  • Visit the airline’s official website.
  • Click on the check-in tab provided on the home page of the airline’s website.
  • Fill in the following required details.
  • Reservation or Ticket number
  • Last name
  • Click on find your reservation and continue with the further process.
  • You will now receive your boarding pass via email, which you can print out and bring it to the airport on the day of your departure.

Mobile check-in:  Mobile check-in process is the simplest and convenient way of checking in for your Southwest Airlines’ flight. It allows you to check-in from your home, office or any other place. You can use the mobile check-in process through the airline’s Mobile app available for both Android as well as iPhone devices.

To go through this check-in process, first download the mobile app. Next, log in to the app and fill in the details, you will receive an e-mail with your e-boarding pass. If you receive a QR code, you need not have to take print out, instead you can present this QR code on your phone or tablet and show it at the security checkpoints at the airport. However, if you don’t receive a QR code in your boarding pass, you will have to print it and show it at the airport. 

  • If going through the mobile check-in process for flights within Mexico you can check-in 24 hours before the scheduled departure of your flight and if traveling through international flights you can check-in 48 hours before the scheduled departure of your flight.

Kiosk Check-In: This is a check-in process for those who are unable to use the online check-in and  are facing difficulties with the online check-in process. To go through the kiosk check-in process you simply have to reach the airport with your tickets, go to the kiosks located there, and provide your booking reference number, and you will receive your boarding passes. When you use the Kiosks, you can:

  • Check-in and print your boarding passes for international and domestic flights.  
  • Select the seats of your choice and can also choose a seat if you haven’t already been assigned.

Kiosk check-in for international flights starts 24-48 hours before the scheduled departure of your flight and for flights within Mexico it starts 2 hours before the scheduled departure of your flight.

Aeromexico Airlines – Classes of Flying

Aeromexico is endowed with two classes of flying i.e., Main Cabin and Clase Premier. However, one should note the fact that Clase premier is only available on the Aeromexico Dreamliner. Whether you make Aeromexico Reservations in Clase Premier or in the Main Cabin, you can enjoy the award-winning services like never before. You can expect exceptional in-flight services with Aeromexico. Let’s get to know about these travel classes a bit more so that you can make decisions wisely. 

Main Cabin

If you are a budget-savvy traveler and wish to enjoy air travel without hitting your pocket, then book your flight tickets in the Aeromexico Main Cabin and get to enjoy amazing services like never before. For Aeromexico, comfort and affordability go hand-in-hand, and thus, this cabin offers you excellent services without emptying your bank balance. Some of the amenities you can enjoy in the Aeromexico Main Cabin are:

  • Stay in touch with Wi-Fi

Aeromexico understands the importance of the network, and thus, it is equipped with excellent in-flight Wi-Fi so that you can stay in touch with your loved ones even in the air. The on-board Wi-Fi offers you an excellent network so that you can enjoy tons of entertainment without any hustle. However, one should note that this Wi-Fi is available only on the selected flights, and thus you can expect this facility accordingly. 

  • Snacks and Beverages

Aeromexico has introduced the on-board menu by keeping all kinds of passengers in mind. In addition to this, the food is prepared by the world-famous chefs by making the use of fresh ingredients. Plenty of snacks and beverage options are available on the flight, and you can pick the one that suits your taste buds. 

Clase Premier

If you wish to enjoy premier facilities in the sky, then make Aeromexico Reservations in the Clase Premier and fly better. Booking flight tickets in this class is the best way to reach your favorite location with ease. Put your feet up in comfortable surroundings and enjoy plenty of free entertainment options. 

Aeromexico Baggage Policy


Traveling in Aeromexico passengers are allowed to carry baggage pieces according to their destination of departure. And also the baggage allowance terms and conditions may vary from one airline to another airline. In order to ensure that you have the best travel experience and avoid delays, it is recommended for you to go through the Aeromexico Baggage Policy.

Aeromexico Baggage Allowance

Every passenger traveling by Aeromexico excluding infants are allowed to carry single baggage piece of luggage on board. This single baggage piece is in addition to other smaller items such as small handbags or other small items like laptop, tab purse etc.As mentioned above, the baggage allowance depends on your destination of departure. Let’s understand this with an example. Suppose if you are traveling within Mexico then the following baggage rules gets applied.

  • You need not need to pay basic checked baggage fare.
  • In the main cabin of your flight, you are allowed to travel with 2 carry-on and personal objects with a maximum weight of 10 kg for both pieces combined, and size of each piece measuring up to (55cmx40cmx25cm).
  • In the main cabin of your flight, you are allowed to carry 1 checked baggage with a maximum weight of 25 kg and size of each piece measuring up to 158cm.
  • If you are a member of Clase Premier, you are allowed to travel with 2 carry-on and personal objects with a maximum weight of 10 kg for both pieces combined, and size of each piece measuring up to (55cmx40cmx25cm).
  • If you are a member of Clase Premier, you are allowed to carry 2 checked baggage pieces with maximum weight of 32 kg, and a maximum linear dimension of 158cm.
  • If you are a passenger traveling with your infants, you are allowed to carry 2 articles like baby stroller, diaper bag, bassinet etc. Weight-age and size limit does not get applied.

And if you are traveling from Mexico to USA then the following baggage rules gets applied.

  • In the main cabin of your flight, you are allowed to travel with 2 carry-on baggage pieces with a maximum weight of 10 kg for both pieces combined, and size for each piece measuring up to (55cmx40cmx25cm).
  • In the main cabin of your flight, you are allowed to carry checked baggage with a maximum weight of 23 kg and size measuring up to 158cm.
  • If you are a member of Clase Premier, you are allowed to travel with 2 carry-on and personal objects with a maximum weight of 10 kg for both pieces combined, and size of each piece measuring up to (55cmx40cmx25cm).
  • If you are a member of Clase Premier, you are allowed to carry 2 checked baggage pieces with a maximum weight of 32 kg, and maximum linear dimension of (158cm).
  • If you are a passenger traveling with your infants, you are allowed to carry 1 piece of baggage plus 2 items like a baby stroller, diaper bag, bassinet etc. with a maximum weight 23 kg and linear size measuring up to 115 cm.

If any of your checked or carry-on baggage exceeds the above permissible weight and size limit, then you will be charged with an additional fee, which also depends on your destination of travel. 

Restricted Items

Aeromexico doesn’t allow passengers to travel with few items as it is concerned about the safe journey of passengers. The following are the few restricted items that passengers may not carry when traveling by an Aeromexico flight.

  • Self-balancing devices like e-skates, hoverboards, oxboards etc.
  • Poached or trophy animals.
  • Samsung Galaxy note 7 tabs.
  • Wet batteries
  • Enamel paints
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Firearms
  • Combustible materials

There are certain items that may be restricted to be carried on other airlines but Aeromexico allows its passengers to be carry on. Following are such items which can be carried on board:

  • Wines and Spirits
  • Oxygen Concentrates
  • Medications
  • Fragile items
  • Needles and Syringes
  • Aerosols
  • Special Baggage

 There are a few items that the airline allows its passengers to carry on as special baggage; however, for carrying some special baggage items passengers will have to pay a chargeable fee. Following are the few items which can be carried as special baggage:

  • Ashes
  • Electronic Cigarettes
  • Musical Instruments
  • Sporting Goods

Aeromexico Cancellation Policy

Aeromexico Cancellation Policy

Aeromexico is a flag carrier airline of Mexico, it helps passengers to have a safe journey. Passengers traveling with the airlines if wish can also cancel or make changes in the reservation by availing the 24/7 Aeromexico Cancellation Policy. This will help them to cancel or make changes to their scheduled flights. However, passengers before canceling their flight tickets must know about the following fare types depending on which a refund amount will be provided.

  • Passengers traveling with basic fare when canceling their flight may not get the refund amount as this type of fare is non-refundable.
  • Passengers traveling with classic fare when canceling their flight may not get the refund amount as this type of fare is non-refundable.
  • Passengers traveling with AM+fare when canceling their flight may not get the refund amount as this type of fare is non-refundable.
  • Passengers traveling with Comfort fare when canceling their flight may not get the refund amount as this type of fare is non-refundable.
  • Passengers traveling with Flexible and Premier Fare when cancel their flight for no penalty.

How to Cancel Aeromexico Flight?

  • Aeromexico customers to cancel their flight will have to first visit the airline’s official website and sign in to their account.
  • Now they have to click on the booking option and fill up the required details (booking reference ID and last name).
  • Further, they need to click on cancel flight ticket option to cancel their scheduled flight tickets with Aeromexico Airlines. If still you are facing problem in flight cancellation call Aeromexico Reservaciones phone number +1-802-231-1806

How to Contact Aeromexico Customer Service Number?

It’s not like every customer would be able to book flights online, and thus the airline offers customer support service to its passengers who are unable to book flights online. Such passengers can simply give a call to the customer service agents of the airline and they will be provided with the required help they needed.

Customer service agents help passengers in various other matters too. Suppose if you flight gets canceled or delayed or you have lost your luggage then you can take help of the airline’s customer agents. Aeromexico reservations agent offers the best in class customer service.

Passengers can get in touch with the airline’s customer agents on the Aeromexico phone number +1-802-231-1806. Assistance will be provided to them regarding flight schedules, service to destinations, flights ticket booking, flights tickets price check, Aeromexico reservations, airlines flight booking, check-in, lost baggage, cancellation and refund. So, passengers don’t need to worry about any inconveniences encroaching the comfort of their air travel.

The airline understands that there are small things that really matter.  Hence, the airlines have its customer support team who are trained to be responsive and also creative while providing assistance to their customers. Passengers traveling on Aeromexico flights compared to passengers traveling on other flights, do not have to wait in long call queues to be assisted. The airline values every  second of its passengers, and thus ensures promptest resolutions, and services to them. This is why when travelers contact the Aeromexico Reservaciones customer support team they immediately attend their call to assist them.

Aeromexico is the largest airlines in Mexico, it operates large number of flights on daily bases; however, there may come an uncertain situation due to whether condition. And these situations may cause flight delays. Hence, the airlines has trained its customer support staff to provide generous and thoughtful services to customers at the very beginning. It is certain that 99 percent of the customer of any airlines when approaches the customer service it is due to some or the other in convenience they have faced. 

Aeromexico Airlines customer service executives rely to their customers in a very good manner and make sure that they provided with solutions to their problems and are also compensated for their inconveniences.  The airline believes that not every single airline can be profitable but it is in their hands to make sure that their customer service is the best in the industry

Aeromexico FAQs

Q1. How can I manage my Aeromexico Bookings?

To manage your Aeromexico Bookings, you will have to:

  • Browse the official link of the Aeromexico Airlines.
  • Go to the My Trips section available on the top of the home page. 
  • Enter Reservation or ticket number and the last name.
  • Once you are done with adding information, tap on the Find your Reservation button to access your account. 
  • If you are a Frequent Flyer member, then add your Last Name, Type of your Frequent Flyer Program, and Frequent Flyer Number and press Login to access your account. 

With the help of Manage My Booking, you can enjoy the below-mentioned benefits.

  • Cancel your flight ticket
  • Edit your existing flight 
  • Select your seat

Q2. How can I check my Aeromexico Airlines Flight Status?

To check your Aeromexico Flight Status, you can:

  • Visit the official website of Aeromexico.
  • Go to the Flight Status tab available on the top of the home page. 
  • There, you will find two options – Route or Flight Number. 
  • Enter source and destination information if you select Route; otherwise, add the flight number and flight date if you pick the Flight Number option. 
  • Once you are done with adding the information, tap on the Search button to get updated with the flight status. 

Q3. How can I find Aeromexico Airlines customer care number?

Go to the Contacts section available at the bottom of the home page and stay in touch with the airline’s customer support executives at any instance of time. They are available to assist you all the time and thus, you can stay in touch with them even in the odd hours. 

Q4. How can I get the latest news about Aeromexico Airlines?

To get updated with the latest news about Aeromexico Airlines, you can either visit the ‘Latest News’ section available at the bottom of the home page or follow this airline on its social media handles such as LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc. 

Q5. Up to what timings travelers are allowed to check-in for Aeromexico Flights?

The check-in timings vary according to domestic and international airports. Travelers will have to check-in for their flights within the deadline to get the boarding pass. 

  • For international flights, check-in opens 24 hours before the flight take-off.
  • For domestic flights, check-in will be available 48 hours before the scheduled departure. 

Q6. Does Aeromexico offer deals and offers on flight booking?

Yes, sure. Aeromexico Airlines offers innumerable offers and deals to the passengers and thus, you are advised to get updated with the same before making Aeromexico Reservations

Aeromexico International Phone Numbers

Countries Phone Number
Numero de telefono de Aeromexico (55) 5133 4000
Aeromexico Argentina Booking Number 0800 888 2276
Aeromexico Booking Belice Number 00 1800 0162143
Aeromexico Brazil Phone Number 0800 891 7512
Aeromexico Chile Number 800 392 674
Aeromexico China Number 86 21 6466 8099
Aeromexico Colombia Contact Number 01 800 952 0533
Aeromexico Costa Rica Phone Number 0 800 052 1447
Aeromexico South Korea Reservations Number 82 2 754 6336
Aeromexico Ecuador Booking Number 1 800 000 227
Aeromexico The Savior Number 800 61 05
Aeromexico reservaciones telefono Spain 900 995 282
Aeromexico United States and Canada Number 1 800 237 6639
Aeromexico France Phone Number 0 800 916 754
Aeromexico Guatemala Reservations Number 1 800 835 0269
Aeromexico Holland Booking Number 0800 0224008
Aeromexico Booking Honduras Number 800 2791 9025
Aeromexico Ireland Phone Number 1 800 855 474
Aeromexico Japan Number 0 570 783 057
Aeromexico Nicaragua Contact Number 001 800 2260294
Aeromexico Panama Phone Number 800 052 1373
Aeromexico Peru Phone Number 0 800 767 50
Aeromexico Rep. Dominican Number 1 888 7600 141
Aeromexico United Kingdom Contact Number 0 800 9775 533
Aeromexico Other countries Number 52 55 51 33 40 00
Aeromexico Corporate United States and Canada Complaints Number 1-800-426-9000

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We just booked Aeromexico flight for winter holiday. The reservation agent was both knowledgeable and very helpful. The price quoted was quite affordable and there were no hidden charges unlike some travel sites. I would definitely recommend Aeromexico to anyone.

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