Does Aeromexico Allow Dogs?

Posted By: Admin 19 Feb, 2021

Aeromexico is a Mexican-based airline that welcomes your pets to fly with you in the cabin to meet specific requirements. You can easily travel with six pets on most of the Aeromexico flights. However, you must have proper documentation and all the necessary health certificates to travel without any inconvenience at the airport.  

Terms and Conditions of  Aeromexico Pet Policy

  • According to the Aeromexico pet policy, you can travel with small cats and dogs in the cabin as long as the flight is less than six hours.
  • You can bring only one pet while boarding the plane.
  • If your dog is younger than sixteen weeks, you are not permitted to travel on the plane. 
  • The pet fee of Aeromexico Airline is 1000 MXN for domestic routes and $125 for travelers flying to Canada, the USA, Central, and South America. 
  • Larger pets are neither allowed to board the plane nor accepted as checked baggage.  
  • The maximum weight of your pet should not exceed 9 kg.
  • The airline will not accept breastfeeding animals and young animals.
  • You cannot fly with your pet if he/she is taking veterinary treatment.
  • Your dog should be at least eight weeks old and small dogs are not allowed to board the plane.
  • Unaccompanied minors along with a dog, are not allowed to fly on the plane.
  • Your pet should remain inside its carrier during the whole trip.
  • It is strictly against the Aeromexico pet policy to give food and beverages to your pets during the trip.
  • Dogs, cats, or even birds who fail to meet the airline’s pet policy requirements are not allowed to fly in the cabin but will be accepted as checked baggage
  • You have to submit important documents like a vaccination card, a certificate of good health issued by a veterinarian up to the validity of five days from the date of issuing the certification. It should have a printed professional license number and the name and address of the owner, pet breed, gender, age and color of the pet, origin, and destination of the trip.  Another document of valid rabies vaccine showing the date of application and duration is required. 

Make your Aeromexico booking and plan a trip with your pet. If you have any query regarding the airline’s pet policy, call on customer care phone number and settle your queries in advance to avoid unnecessary inconvenience at the airport. 

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