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Singapore Airlines

Long gone are those days when you had to stand in the long and winding queues to book your flight tickets as now is the time when all these things can be simply done in a matter of seconds, thanks to the internet and a wide range of airline options. If you are looking for an airline that is bestowed with all essential amenities and offers you flight tickets at an affordable price, then Singapore Airlines might be the perfect option for you to select. With its hub at Singapore Changi Airport, Singapore Airlines is the major air carrier of Singapore and has been ranked as the world’s best airline many times. This is known to launch the world’s largest passenger aircraft i.e. Airbus A380. Don’t wait for more and get your Singapore Airlines Reservations now. 

This airline is ranked among the top 15 air carriers in the world, in terms of revenue generated and stands at the tenth position in the world for carrying a wide base of international travelers. It schedules flights to more than 137 destinations worldwide to facilitate the passengers so that they can travel to their favorite location amidst enjoying sheer luxury and comfort. Before getting your seats done on Singapore Airlines Flight, it is important to know about some facts about the airlines to avoid any further issues. 

How to Make Singapore Airlines Reservations?

If you would like to travel with Singapore Airlines, you need to make Singapore Airlines flight bookings online without visiting airline offices, or dialing reservations travel agent contact number. However, keep in mind that when you purchase tickets using your credit card in certain countries, the Airlines will deduct a fee related to credit cards’ acceptance.

Singapore Airlines Group Reservations

Traveling in a big group (more than ten members) is a bit challenging, and Airlines understand this better. You have to fill in the form provided in Singapore Airlines reservations official website and leave the rest to be taken care of by the Airlines.

As soon as the Airlines’ authorities receives your form, they will contact you within three business days.  

Unaccompanied Minors Reservations

The Airlines believes in providing children a safe and enjoyable in flight experience irrespective of their age. And thus, the Airlines takes care of young flyers starting from check-in to arrival.

As per the Airlines unaccompanied minor policy any child in-between the age of 5 to 18 traveling alone is considered as an unaccompanied minor. The Airlines do not allow children under the age of 5 to travel alone for safety reasons. This service is compulsory for children in-between the age of 5 to 12. 

To make reservations for your unaccompanied minor, you need to visit or contact local Singapore Airlines office.

Unaccompanied Minors traveling to France, South Africa and Russia

Passengers who are 18 or below this age when traveling to and from Russia must produce Notarized Authentication Letter, which should state that they are traveling without an adult.

Exception is only for

  • A child who holds a seaman or diplomatic passport.
  • A child traveling with a trustee or guardian. However, must have relevant documents that would prove that the adult is child’s guardian.

Passengers who are 18 or below leaving France after 15th January 2017 must have authorization to leave the country without  his/her legal parents. The passenger must also have the following documents.

Passengers who are 18 or below this age when traveling into and out of South Africa must produce additional travel documents.  

In flight Entertainment

When flying by Singapore Airlines, you are provided with so much entertainment stuff that you hardly would feel bored throughout your journey. You get to enjoy over 1800 on-demand entertainment options that include Movies, Music Albums, TV Shows, Interactive games, Music and many more. You don’t even need to worry about your meals, the Airlines offers you delicious and tasty meals, snacks and beverages throughout your journey. You can even pre-select your meal in advance, so that you get to enjoy your favorite meal or dish at 30,000 feet. The Airlines also offers special meals that suits your needs. All you have to do is make a request from the list of special meals provided on the Airline’s website. So, what are you waiting for? Purchase a Singapore Airlines reservations flight ticket, to experience and enjoy a luxurious air travel.    

Singapore Airlines Phone Number Details

Singapore Airlines Reservations Number +1-802-231-1806
Singapore Airlines Reservations E-mail [email protected]
Singapore Airlines Lost or Damaged Baggage 1 (866) 767-2247
Singapore Airlines Contact Number +1 (800) 742-3333
Singapore Airlines Booking Number +1-802-231-1806
Singapore Airlines Headquarters Airline House, 25 Airline Road Singapore 819829
Singapore Airlines Website
Hubs Singapore Changi Airport
Destinations 64
Fleet Size 122
Alliance Star Alliance
Subsidiaries Scoot, SilkAir, SIA Engineering Company, Singapore Airlines Cargo, Vistara
Key people Peter Seah Lim Huat (Chairman), Goh Choon Phong (Chief Executive Officer)
Parent company Temasek Holdings


Traveling in Business Class/ First Class/Economy Class

Flying by Singapore Airlines, you are offered to enjoy your air travel in either Business Class, First Class, or Economy Class.

Business Class: Traveling by Business Class of Singapore Airlines, you are offered with meal of your choice which you must have reserved with Book the cook, and an uninterrupted and comfortable sleep on a fully-flat bed throughout your journey.

First Class: When you have decided to travel in First Class of the Singapore Airlines, then you are sure to enjoy your air travel with piping hot tea, breakfast in bed, a comfortable space to work, and a silent and peaceful zone to relax. Every moment of your travel in the First class will offer you the luxury of enjoying all the necessary things you want. 

Economy Class: The seats in the economy class of the Airlines are designed in a way to give you the comfort and personal space you deserve. There’s also an option of Extra Leg Room seats with wider seat pitch, which you can choose while making your reservation with Singapore Airlines. A Forward Seat Zone is also available for all those who like to disembark the plane as soon as the flight reaches the airport.    

Singapore Airlines Cancellation Complete Guide

Wish to terminate your flight booking with Singapore Airlines but worried about the terms and conditions? If so, then learn about every single element involved in the airline’s cancellation guide and end your flight booking without being involved in any trouble. 

  • According to the Singapore Airlines’ cancellation guide, travelers are allowed to cancel your flight tickets only if you have made reservations from the official website of the airline and that too on a refundable fare. If any third-party is involved, then you are advised to contact them for cancellation. 
  • If you cancel the flight ticket, then the airline will refund only the taxes which simply means that you will never get complete money back. 
  • To qualify for the refund, travelers need to cancel their flight tickets up to a certain deadline. Once the deadline is passed, your ticket will become non-refundable even if you have purchased on the refundable fare. 
  • If you are traveling to and from the United States of America, then you can easily terminate Singapore Airlines Reservations within 24 hours of the procurement. However, you will have to satisfy one condition that the ticket must be booked at least 168 hours or seven days before the flight take-off. 
  • The airline will issue a refund to the credit or debit card from where the original purchase has been done. 
  • To cancel your flight ticket, you can either visit the official website of the airline or go to the local Singapore Airlines ticket office. 
  • The airline will take some time; say 7 days, to issue a refund to your account. You will have to wait for this time to get a refund. 

Complete Guide of Singapore Airlines Check-in 

There are three ways through which you can check-in for your Singapore Airlines, and they are either through Counter Check-in, Online Check-in/ Mobile Check-in, Kiosk Check-in.

Counter Check-In: If you are planning to do check-in through counter, then please note that it opens 48 hours before schedule departure of your flight and closes 40 minutes before the departure time. In this process, you simply have to show your Singapore Airlines ticket at the airport counter and you will be provided with your boarding pass.

The above check-in timings are only for Singapore Changi Airport. For all other airports, the check-in timings vary. If you need any further assistance, you can call at +1-802-231-1806.

Singapore Airlines Check in

Online/Mobile Check-In: Online or Mobile Check-in can be done either on your laptop or on your mobile device through the Airlines mobile application. Online or Mobile Check-in starts 48 hours before departure of your flight and closes 1.5 hours before the departure time. Complete the whole check-in process either on your laptop or on your mobile device, and you will receive your e-boarding pass. You can either store it on your device or take a print out of it. On the day of departure, please carry your boarding passes and directly walk-in to the immigration counter when you reach the airport.  This is only for those passengers who don’t have bags to check-in and also travel documents, Visa, Credit Card to show at the check-in counter.

Self-Service Kiosk Check-In: Avoid the check-in queue at the airport by using the Self Service Check-In service provided by the Singapore Airlines. In this check-in process, you have to select Singapore Airlines on Home Page. Retrieve your booking either by entering your e-ticket number, Booking reference number or by scanning barcode, which is present on your printed boarding pass or e-boarding pass. Now continue further and complete your check-in by tapping Confirm Check-In.

There’s also Return Check-in option with Singapore Airlines. This check-in process has been offered by the Airlines to passengers who are returning within 48 hours of departing their flight. Passengers can check-in for both the flights at same time. However, this service is not available for flights flying to and from cities in the United States.

Complete Guide of Singapore Airlines Baggage Policy

When preparing to fly by Singapore Airlines, please make sure that you meet the Airlines baggage policy. The Airlines has mentioned a few weight and size limits for both your baggage, checked baggage as well as carry-on baggage. These weight and size limits may vary depending on the airline and country you would be traveling.  

Cabin Baggage: You are allowed to carry only two bags in the cabin depending on your class of travel. In addition to this your baggage must also be easily stowed in your overhead compartment or under the seat in front of you.

First class and Business class passengers are allowed to carry 2 cabin baggage pieces weighing not more than 7kgs and size not more than 115 cm (LengthXWidthXHeight). Premium and Economy class passengers are allowed to carry only 1 baggage piece weighing not more than 7 Kg size not more than 115 cm (LengthXWidthXHeight).

If your cabin baggage pieces and their weight and size exceeds the above permissible limit it will carried and stored in the cargo compartment of the aircraft. You will also have to pay an additional baggage charges if the sum of your baggage pieces and weight exceeds the free allowance.

Free additional items which you can carry along with you are Ladies handbag, Camera Bag, Laptop etc.


Checked Baggage: Checked baggage pieces are allowed depending on the weight and piece concept. For example passengers traveling (Except those traveling to and from the United States) in business class are allowed to carry 40 Kg, where as those traveling in Economy class are allowed to carry only 35 Kg.  In a similar way passengers traveling (Except those traveling to and from the United States) in business class are allowed to carry 2 Baggage pieces up to 32 Kg each, where as those traveling in Economy class are allowed to carry only  2 Baggage pieces up to 23 Kg each. The overall length, width, and height of each checked baggage must not exceed 158 cm.

Baggage Weight limit must not exceed 32 Kg, if it does, then you will have to contact local Singapore Airlines office.

Baggage Size limit if checking at Singapore Changi Airport, must not exceed 200 cm length x 75 cm width and 80 cm height.

Singapore Airlines Manage Booking

Tips for Carrying Baggage on Singapore Airlines

  • Before packing your bags, please read the baggage limit you are allowed as per ticket.
  • Pack within your permissible baggage limit. Excess baggage limit will be charged if carrying beyond the allowed limit.
  • Do not carry any valuable items like Laptop, Camera, Jewelry, Cash etc., in your checked baggage.
  • Do not carry any fragile or perishable items in your checked baggage.
  • It’s always best to attach contact information inside or outside your checked baggage with your full name.
  • Always remove baggage tags and labels of previous flights from your checked baggage.
  • Upon reaching the airport, please check your baggage before the check-in counter is closed.
  • In case of any dangerous goods or restricted items like power banks and lithium batteries when carrying in your checked baggage, please inform the Airlines Staff immediately.
  • Please do not check content in any of the bags which you are not aware of.
  • If you have to find any damage to your checked baggage during the check-in process, please inform the check-in staff.
  • Keep the checked baggage receipt along with you even after you arrive at your destination.
  • Please do check whether the passenger’s name, number of items checked in and the destination shown on your baggage receipt is correct or not.
  • Make sure all protruding and loose parts, such as straps and handles and straps are securely fastened to your checked baggage.
  • Upon arrival at the airport, please check your baggage tag to make sure that it’s your baggage.

Singapore Airlines FAQs:

Q).1 Is it okay to travel with Singapore airlines?

The airline is a 5-star certified carrier, and the reflection of that can be clearly seen in the quality of its services, their on-ground staff, and the maintenance of the airports. The airline also focuses on user comfort and ease making is one of the best-reviewed airlines as well.

Q).2 Does Singapore Airlines offer free drinks?

The Airline is known for the quality of its services and certified as a 5-star carrier by Skytrax. The airline serves unique culinary on its flights and a selection of Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks is also included in your Singapore Airlines reservations. Depending upon the flight duration, flyers would receive their lunch, dinner, or breakfast. 

Q).3 What does Singapore Airlines offer in its Economy cabin?

The economy class cabin of Singapore Airlines is no less than a personalized flying experience. Each seat in the cabin is equipped with the award-winning in-flight entertainment system of the airline, it is also known as KrisWorld. The seats are lined for comfort and stress-free air rides.

Q).4 What would I get if Singapore Airlines canceled my flight?

If the airline cancels your flight from their end due to any unavoidable natural, unnatural, or technical issue, the airline would either offer a substitute flight or a full refund for the ticket amount. The choice will be yours.

Q).5 How to reschedule my Singapore Airlines reservations?

If you have made your Singapore Airlines reservations using the airline’s official website or purchased your ticket from a local Singapore airline ticket office, only you’ll be able to change your reservations online. You can also call the reservations department for any help or visit the airport desk of the airline.

Q).6 How many meals does Singapore Airlines offer?

Your Singapore Airlines reservations allow you to enjoy the taste of three tasty and delicious meals while on-board. The food is served in fine metal cutlery in a perfect manner to please your eyes. To feed your midnight cravings, the crew always offers muffins, sandwiches, and other meals. And then when up you’ll get a nice hot breakfast.

Q).7 Are Economy flyers able to use the Airport lounge of Singapore Airlines?

Yes, the flyers can enjoy the Exclusive lounge access on thousand plus airports around the world. Even Economy and Premium Economy flyers can benefit from the service with Singapore Airlines and other subsidiary partners of it.

Q).8 What is the premium-economy class of Singapore Airlines like?

Premium Economy is a good and affordable upgrade for the economy class flyers. The cabin has all the basic economy features plus other added benefits.

Q).9 How can I Change my Singapore Airlines reservations?

Making changes to your Singapore Airlines reservations is easy; however, depending on various factors, a service fee may or may not be charged for the service. It is highly suggested to call the airline and ask them about the process and other required info.

Q).10 Does Singapore Airlines offer a 24-hour cancellation?

If your Singapore Airlines reservations are canceled within the first 24 hours of its making, you will not be charged with a cancellation fee and provided with a full refund of the booking amount.

Q).11 Can I Bring outside food on my Singapore Airlines Flight?

The airline allows you to bring your own food; however, it is advised not to bring a food item that needs heating. Some flight attendants might help you with the heating, but not everyone is comfortable doing that.

Q).12 Does Singapore Airlines have WiFi?

Singapore Airlines has WiFi available on all of its flights. However, it is a paid service and can not be availed for free.

Find Singapore Airlines Worldwide Contact Details

Singapore Airlines Reservations Number +1-866-807-3747
Singapore Airlines Phone Number +1-866-807-3747
United Kingdom>>
Office TelePhone Number Fax Number Email Address
Reservation & Ticketing Office 020 8961 6993 020 8750 2723 [email protected]
KrisFlyer Membership Services 020 7531 2041 0065 6789 8777
Lost and Found Office 0161 425 0222
Office TelePhone Number Fax Number Email Address
Reservation & Ticketing Office 020 8961 6993 [email protected]
KrisFlyer Membership Services 020 7531 2041
Lost and Found Office 020 8745 2166 [email protected]
Media contacts 0208 742 1701 [email protected]
United State Of America>>
Reservations 1 (800) 742-3333 1 (310) 615-0373 [email protected]
KrisFlyer Membership Services 1 (312) 843-5333 65 6789 8777
Airport Office 1 (281) 982 7168
Enquiries and Feedback 1 (800) 742-3333
Lost and Found Office 1 (866) 767-2247 [email protected]
Singapore Airlines Air Cargo Office 1 (281) 821-3121 1 (281) 821-0157 [email protected]
Los Angeles>>
Reservations 1 (800) 742-3333 1 (310) 615-0373 [email protected]
KrisFlyer Membership Services 1 (312) 843-5333 65 6789 8777
Airport Office 1 (310) 647-6144
Lost and Found Office 1 (866) 767-2247 1 (310) 602-6320 [email protected]

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