7 Most Irresistible Foods in Latin America

Posted By: Admin 23 Mar, 2020

Most Irresistible Foods in Latin America

Home to the wide variety of culinary traditions and styles, Latin America is no less than a paradise for the foodies. Known for its unusual dishes – from creative to bizarre, this destination lures the attention of food lovers from around the world who visit here to satiate the craving of their taste buds. Latin America presents a heterogeneous mixture of modern and historic food and thus, offers a wide range of cuisines to suit your taste. See what tempting delicacies you must try while holidaying in Latin America. 

7 Popular Foods in Latin America

Latin American dishes are known for their rich variety and mouth-watering taste. These cuisines are loaded with nourishing ingredients and the traditional touch of Latin America. Here are mentioned some of the famous food items that you should try while visiting here. 

Pastel – A Crispy Street Food of Brazil

When it comes to enjoy dining in the biggest country of Latin America, nothing is better than a crispy street food that will surely please your taste buds without hitting your pocket hard. This deep fried street food is like a pastry that is loaded with a variety of fillings such as cheese and meat. Furthermore, you can also add some sweetness to the same and savor its entirely different version. 

Acai na tigela – The Summer Favorite of Brazilians

This summer’s favorite Brazilian street food is something you cannot resist while visiting Brazil. You can also enjoy it in the breakfast by converting the same into a delectable smoothie out of it topped off with seeds, granola, and fruits. 

Tacos – A Traditional Mexican Dish

If you are in Mexico, then you cannot afford to miss the traditional and the most popular Mexican dish which is none other than Tacos. This food comes in two variants and is always loaded with a wide range of fillings. One is small tortilla bread which is very common and is easily available throughout the world and the second one is super taco which is a sandwich style belly-buster. You can choose among the wide range of filling options, depending on your choice and pamper the foodie inside you. 

Arepas – Lip-Smacking Cornmeal of Venezuela

One of the destinations in Latin America that is solely known for its lip-smacking street foods is none other than Venezuela. The best thing about this snack is that it can be filled with the filling of your choice such as scrambled eggs, grilled meat, chicken salad, cheese, ham and a lot more. 

Platanos Fritos – A Famous Street Dessert

Street foods can be found anywhere but there are a few places in the world that serve street desserts. Shocked? Don’t be as you can easily find this delectable delicacy in each nook and corner of El Salvador. This is basically a slowly-fried banana with the sweet coating of caramel. Along with this, it is tastefully topped with the condensed milk to enhance its taste. 

Quindim – To Satiate your Sweet Tooth

Yet another dessert on the list is Quindim. This Brazilian dessert looks so tempting that you can simply cannot resist the same in any condition. This is a bright yellow-colored custard made from ground coconut, sugar, and egg yolk. This dish has its origin in Portugal but is currently served in Brazil for a few years now. Its mould is lined with melted butter in order to add extra sweetness and smoothness. 

Carne Y Potato Kabab – A Peruvian-Style Beef Kebabs

How could one forget to mention the most popular Peruvian cuisine while listing the most irresistible foods in Latin America. Also known as Anticucho, this tempting cuisine is served on the kebab skewer and savor the chunks of cow’s heart and intestines with the baked potato on the top. 

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