JetBlue Seat Selection

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JetBlue Airways is a leading airline in America that offers multiple amenities and options for experiencing a memorable flying journey. If you booked a flight ticket with Jetblue and wish to sit on the seat select or preferred seat during flying, it is possible with JetBlue airways

Furthermore, continue reading the information below to know the JetBlue seat assignment policy. It may help you understand the essential points that you should know regarding the airline’s seat selection policy.

How to Select Seats on JetBlue Airways?

Traveling in your desired seat can be the right way to enjoy your flying journey. The most important feature of JetBlue Airways is that the customers can select seat on JetBlue in advance. To do this, you should implement the below methods:

JetBlue Airways Seat Selection Via Phone Call

  • Dial JetBlue Airways customer service (1-800-538-2583) to start the seat selection process.
  • After connecting with an expert, share your reservation details with them.
  • Second, you have to address your seat choice.
  • At last, choose the payment option and pay the charges for JetBlue seat selection.

JetBlue Seat Selection Via Official Website

  • First, visit JetBlue Airways’ official website.
  • Then, sign in to your JetBlue account.
  • Afterward, click on the “Manage Trips” tab.
  • Now, input your booking details.
  • Choose your desired seat according to your comfort.
  • Save and confirm your booking.
  • Lastly, you must pay charges to select your preferred seat on Jetblue.

So, customers can easily get their desired seats on JetBlue Airways by using the above methods.

Terms & Conditions of JetBlue Seat Selection

To book your desired seat, you need to know more about some details before you do that. However the JetBlue select seat process is easy, but there are some key points you need to implement. The details are as follows:

  • The seat selection policy of JetBlue does not allow customers to select seats in advance without paying JetBlue seat selection fees.
  • Besides, the passengers who purchased a flight ticket for JetBlue blue basic cabin can choose their seats 24 hours before departure. However, customers with this fare can board the plane at last.
  • The airline will charge $5 and $25 for the JetBlue seat assignment 24 hours before your flight departure.
  • But, if the customer does not choose a seat while Jetblue booking, the airline automatically offers a random seat to them.
  • Moreover, you can check in at the airport to get help regarding your seating changes or new JetBlue seat assignment for yourself.

What is JetBlue Airways Seating Policy?

When you plan a vacation or trip with JetBlue Airways, you need to understand the JetBlue seating Policy. With every seat type, customers can avail of various advantages while flying. There are five types of seats on the airways that are:

Blue Basic Seats: These seats can be purchased at an affordable fare. Also, it is considered one of the most budget-friendly seats of JetBlue Airways.

Note: In case of advanced selection, customers need to pay JetBlue blue basic seat selection fee. It ranges between $5 to $25. These seats can switch on the same day.

JetBlue Blue Seats: This type of seat permits you to keep one personal item and one personal item with you.

Blue Plus Seats: Under JetBlue’s select seat policy, the Blue plus seats allow you to carry one checked bag without paying any change fee.

Blue Extra Seats: This is known as the highest class of the economy class of JetBlue Airways.

Mini Seats: These are the most premium seats on JetBlue Airways. Customers can travel with two checked bags, a personal bag, and a carry-on.

How Much Does It Cost to Pick a Seat on JetBlue?

If you book your preferred seat on JetBlue airways, you should know its seat selection charges or costs.

  • Passengers need to pay $5 to $25 costs each way for the seat selection of JetBlue.
  • To know more about Jetblue seat selection costs, you can contact its contact number and provide your flight details.

Use JetBlue Seat Maps To Choose Your Favourite Seats

JetBlue has paid seat maps to help customers select their preferred seats. Even if you choose an available seat on the map, your JetBlue seat selection will still show a specific JetBlue price. You must clear this fee to take advantage of the seat benefits. But you can get around that with JetBlue’s seat maps.

  • Locations with $0 fees are also displayed.
  • However, there are seat options for wider and mint seats at specific rates.
  • Please note that Blue Basic fare passengers cannot select free seats.
  • Applicable charges must be offset against available seat plan selections.
  • However, in some cases, JetBlue will choose your seats but does not guarantee it.
  • It means you get a seat if you don’t select one. However, confirmation is not guaranteed.
  • So you have to explore different options to find other options.
  • Alternatively, please get in touch with the JetBlue Airways customer service team for more information.


Hopefully, the above information will be helpful to you and reach your satisfaction. But still, if you are confused and have queries regarding JetBlue Seat Selection, you can freely contact us by calling our customer service. Our professionals will effectively solve all your questions and help make your trip hassle-free.

JetBlue Seat Selection – FAQ’s

Does JetBlue Charge for Seat Selection?

Yes, the airline charges for its seat selection. You can contact its customer service to know more.

Can you Select Seat on JetBlue Airways?

Yes, you can select your preferred seats on JetBlue Airways.

How do you Get the Best Seats on JetBlue?

JetBlue operates three aircraft and the Airbus A320 flights have spacious legroom seats. If you want entertainment during travel, buy the Airbus A321 ticket.

Is JetBlue Filling Every Seat?

The airline has gone from blocking every seat to limiting its capability to 85% and filling every available seat.

Why can’t I Select Seats on JetBlue?

If you select a Blue basic seat, the airline does not allow you to choose a seat before checking in for free.

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