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Aeromexico Seats Selection Reservations

A comfortable seating arrangement is every flyer’s basic requirement while flying on a plane. On Aeromexico Airlines, flyers are given the flexibility to select a seat for their flight booking 24 hours before the scheduled flight departure. However, it will require an Aeromexico seat selection fee. Even if you have selected a seat but want to make changes in the seat selection later, feel free to get in touch with the customer care executive for a quick upgrade.

Aeromexico Seat Selection Policy

If you wish to get a luxury experience when flying on Aeromexico Airlines, you must first get through its policy. Further, we have included the complete policy for selecting your desired seats on Aeromexico Airlines. You should look at the following information to better understand the same.

  • Aeromexico Airlines doesn’t apply charges if you select your desired seats within 24 hours of booking. However, if you choose seats after exceeding the time limit, it is essential to pay the charges.
  • You cannot select seats online or offline if you have purchased the flight ticket via a third party. In such a case, you need to talk to the travel agent and ask them to make a seat selection.
  • You can choose your desired seats before 2 hours of the boarding time. In case you haven’t selected a seat on Aeromexico, don’t worry, as the airline randomly provides a seat during the flight.

Do you have any further queries related to Aeromexico seat selection? If so, you are suggested to take the assistance of a live person and feel free to ask anything regarding the seat selection policy and process.

Types of Seating Class on Aeromexico

The Aeromexico seat map is categorized into three classes. The fares differ according to the different seats. You can have an overview of the seats and facilities Spirit Airlines provides on the official website.

There are 3 options on Aeromexico seat map

  • Main Cabin Economy
  • AM Plus
  • Class Premier

Main Cabin Economy: 

These are the most budget-friendly seats. There are two options available in these seats, i.e., the Basic fare and the Classic Fare.

Basic Fare- The services provided are quite standard. The passengers cannot select their own seats. They are allowed to take only one carry-on bag and two checked bags.

Classic Fare- It is just an upgraded version of basic fare. The option of Aeromexico to change seats is also available.

AM Plus Seats: 

These seats provide all the SkyPriority services: priority check-in, boarding, and baggage. They are very comfortable seats located at the front of the airplane. Additional comfort-enhancing facilities like Aeromexico legroom and personal storage options in overhead bins are available.

An early Check-in option can be available for these fares. Owing to the series of advantages offered, this cabin can also be referred to as the Aeromexico tourist class.

Clase Premier:

They are the premium seats that are similar to Business class seats. They are the most luxurious and comfortable seats of Aeromexico. Aeromexico Clase Premier features full-bed reclining seats. Passengers can carry two check-in bags, and private compartment storage is provided.

This seat type of map has other benefits, including priority boarding and easy check-in. Further, passengers can change to their desired seats without additional costs, regardless of time. Additionally, a private storage facility for baggage is also provided. You can have a good time during your entire journey.

The entertainment service of movies and music will keep you from getting bored. All these facilities make the fare prices of Class Premier most comfortable and expensive.

What are the Benefits of Aeromexico Seat Selection?

Once you are done withAeromexico book a flight process, the next important thing to do in your flight booking is to make an advance seat reservation.

Here are a few benefits of reserving your preferred seats on Aeromexico Airlines –

  • The most significant advantage of choosing a seat of your choice is getting the priority flight check-in at the airport.
  • You can book a window seat and enjoy watching the views of clear blue sky and clouds.
  • By choosing preferred seats, you can have a comfortable journey.
  • Advance seat reservation helps you get extra legroom which is the cherry on the cake for every flyer.

Ways to Select Seat at Aeromexico Airlines

As we have discussed, various methods can be applied to choose the desired seats on Aeromexico Airlines. Here, we will discuss all the seat selection methods in detail. You have to stay connected with us to get complete information.

Check-in Via Web 

  • The first thing is to visit Aeromexico Airlines official website.
  • Afterward, choose web check-in so that you can select your desired seats.
  • Next, the page will display all the available seats via a digital seat chart.
  • Finally, choose your preferred seat and make the payment.

Use the Aeromexico Application

  • Initially, go to the official website of Aeromexico and click web check-in.
  • After that, enter your flight details on the application.
  • Next, you will be redirected to the seating arrangements page.
  • At last, choose your desired seat and pay the fee.

Connect with Customer Service

  • Dial the Aeromexico customer service phone number 1 (800) 237-6639 for selecting seats.
  • After, you have to follow the IVR commands.
  • Next, take the assistance of the executive to select your desired seats on Aeromexico.
  • Lastly, you have to pay the fee, including the additional charges for taking the help of an executive at the airline.

Visit the Nearest Airport

The last option is to visit the nearest airport and talk to a live person regarding seat selection on Aeromexico. One of their live representatives will guide you and provide an accessible list of seats from which you can choose your desired one.

How Much Does Aeromexico Charge for Seat Selection?

The seat selection fees on Aeromexico depend on the seat type you choose. If you are also concerned about the seat selection fee, go through the following information. Below, we have provided all the related information regarding Aeromexico seat selection fees.

  • The seat selection fee for Aeromexico business class varies from 100 USD to 120 USD.
  • If you choose standard class, the airlines will charge an amount between 50 USD to 80 USD.
  • And if you select premium class seats on Aeromexico, you must pay 180 to 200 USD.

We hope that the information mentioned above has proved fruitful for you. If you are still searching for additional info related to the same, dial the Aeromexico Customer Service Phone Number to speak to a live person.

How do I Select My Seat After Booking a Flight?

Here are a few steps you can follow to select an Aeromexico seat.

  • First of all, visit the airline’s official site and click on the manage my booking tab on your web browser.
  • Enter your last name and flight confirmation number in the required columns.
  • Now you will see the information about your Aeromexico booking.
  • Click on the seat upgrade option.
  • Choose your preferred seats from the available ones.
  • After a seat selection, make an online payment.
  • The airline will notify you of your seat selection at your registered email address.

For any query related to the Aeromexico seat assignment process or anything besides your seats and get instant assistance.


Does Aeromexico let you Select Seats?

While purchasing the ticket, you choose your desired seat. After booking, You will receive an e-mail confirming your selected seat.

How do I Choose my Seat After Booking a Flight?

You can browse the official website of Aeromexico and choose your seat. Click to view the seat map and select your desired seat.

Can I Bring a Purse and a Carry-on for Free?

Passengers can bring one full-size carry-on bag and one personal item on the Aeromexico flight for free. However, it depends on the cabin booked by the passenger.

Does Aeromexico have Screens?

Yes, but it depends upon the ticket you have booked. In Clase Premium, you have unlimited options for movies, music, and tv shows.

How much is the Overweight Baggage fee on AeroMexico?

There is an additional cost for baggage weighing over 50 pounds. A passenger must pay $100 extra for luggage up to 70 pounds for flights from the U.S. to Mexico, while bags between 71-99 pounds will cost $200 extra.

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