Delta Airlines Cancellation Policy

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Delta Airlines is one of the major airline companies globally that offers the most luxurious in-flight service to its global passengers. As a globally-renowned airline company, Delta Airlines provides its high-end aviation services to more than 325 destinations on six continents and 52 countries. With its fleet size of 750 air carriers, Delta Airlines always aims to provide the best airline facilities to its global passengers. As a founding member of the SkyTeam Airline Alliance, Delta is always the priority of most passengers. Not only its services but also its policies are designed according to its passengers. You can check out the Delta airlines cancellation policy from its official website or get details from its customer service. 

Delta Airlines Ticket Cancellation Policy

Do you want to know about the cancellation policy of Delta? Are you looking to know about the ultimate points of its cancellation policy? If yes, then here are the points which you should keep in mind:

  • The Delta cancellation policy will explain the norms after canceling your Delta ticket.
  • If you cancel your Delta ticket after 24 hours of reservation, then you need to pay cancellation fees.
  • But within 24 hours of booking, if you cancel your Delta flight, you don’t need to pay any charges.
  • The cancellation charges of Delta depend on the travel class and the destination.

To get better insights, you can communicate with its customer service 24/7 and 365 days.

How to Cancel your Delta flight Tickets?

Do you want to cancel your Delta flight? Are you willing to know about the cancellation procedure of Delta Airlines? If yes, then here are the methods that you should follow:

  • To cancel your Delta flight via its official website, you need to open its website on your device and then sign in to your account. After that, you have to select the “Manage My Booking” section. Here, you need to type your reservation number and last name. As soon as you find your ticket, you must tap on it and navigate the “Cancel” icon. Lastly, you have to click on the “Cancel” icon to confirm your cancelation.
  • You can also take help from Delta customer service to cancel your flight ticket. If you don’t have the contact number, you can get it from its official website. After you get the contact number, dial it to connect with its customer service live agent. Next, you have to share the reservation number and your last name so that the executive finds your ticket. Lastly, request for the cancellation. 

24-hours Delta Cancellation Policy

Are you looking to learn about the 24-hours Delta airlines cancel flight policy, then check out the below-mentioned norms:

  • The 24-hours Delta cancellation policy provides you the loophole to cancel your Delta reservation without paying any penalties.
  • Whether you are a refundable or non-refundable Delta ticket holder, you don’t need to pay any cancellation charges if the cancellation is made within 24-hours of booking. 

You can find more in-depth details about the 24-hours cancellation policy of Delta Airlines booking through its customer service and official website.

Delta Cancellation Fees

Are you the one who canceled your Delta Airlines booking? Now, are you looking for the details of Delta airlines cancellation fee? If yes, then check out the points listed below:

  • If you cancel your Delta reservation after 24 hours of ticket purchase, you must pay a $200 to $500 cancellation fee.
  • But, if you cancel your Delta ticket 24 hours within the scheduled departure, you need to pay a $200 to $400 cancellation charge.
  • The cancellation fee of Delta Airlines may vary according to the travel destination and travel class.

For more information, you can speak with the customer service of Delta Airlines whenever you want.

Delta Airlines Canceled Ticket Refund Policy

Are you trying to get a refund from Delta Airlines? Do you want to know its refund policy before requesting a refund? If yes, then check out the points mentioned below:

  • As per the Delta refund policy, you can get a refund for the refundable flight tickets.
  • Also, the non-refundable flight ticket holder can get a refund only if the ticket is canceled within 24-hours of reservation.
  • After the risk-free period, you can not get a refund for the non-refundable flight tickets.

Get more details about the Delta refund policy via its official website or from its customer service.

How to Request a Refund from Delta?

If you already have learned about the refund policy and are now looking to request a refund from Delta Airlines, then there are two handy methods that you must follow:

  • The official website of Delta Airlines will be the best medium to request a refund for your canceled flight. Firstly, you have to visit its official website and then log into your account. After that, you need to type the canceled reference code to find your canceled Delta ticket. After you find your canceled Delta ticket, you need to tap on it and then scroll down, where you will find the “Refund” button. Click on it and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the refund procedure.
  • The customer service of Delta Airlines can also help you request a refund. You only have to share your canceled ticket reference number and last name with the Delta Executive Request a refund, and you are good to go.

You will get your refund on your registered bank account within ten business days. But if you have purchased the Delta ticket via cash or cheque, you will get your refund within 20 days of your request.

Time periodBasic economy ticket*Nonrefundable ticket for travel originating in North AmericaNonrefundable ticket for travel originating outside of North AmericaRefundable/Flex ticket
Within 24 hours of bookingNo charge.No charge.No charge.No charge.
After 24 hours of bookingNot permitted.No charge.Remaining value minus $200-$500 cancellation fee.Refundable.
Within 24 hours of flight departureNot permitted.No charge.Remaining value minus $200-$500 cancellation fee.Refundable.


Where can I get to know about Delta’s cancellation policy?

If you want to get more details about Delta airlines cancellation policies, you need to visit its official website or customer service.

How to cancel my Delta flight via Phone call?

You need to dial the official Delta Airlines contact number and follow up with the ideal button to cancel your Delta flight.

How much do I Need to Pay Cancellation Charges to Delta Airlines?

You need to pay $200 to $500 cancellation charges to Delta Airlines. Rest is up to the travel class and destination.

Does Delta Airlines offer flight cancellations at the airport counter?

Delta Airlines allows flyers to cancel a scheduled flight at the airport counter. Since many passengers don’t prefer online flight cancellations, they can opt for airport cancellations. 

Delta Airlines’ flight cancellation policy is the same for all modes of canceling a ticket. The only difference between online and offline cancellations is that you have to pay an additional fee at the airport. 

You can save the extra amount by going through the online flight cancellation process on the airline’s official site. 

Can I cancel a non-refundable Delta flight ticket for free?

As per the Delta Airlines cancellation policy, flyers cannot cancel a non-refundable flight ticket for free. They have to pay the penalty between $200 to $500 for canceling a booked flight anytime before the scheduled departure. 

The cancellation charges depend on the preferred destination and the ticket type, and the fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. After canceling the tickets, one can request a refund by filing an online refund request application.

The team will transfer the refund as a travel credit in the wallet for booking future trips. It may take 10 to 15 days to initiate a refund based on the payment mode used while booking tickets. 

What happens if a Delta flight is canceled or delayed?

If your flight is canceled or delayed for any reason, claim compensation depending on the travel class and ticket type. You can request to rebook a flight on an alternative flight or ask for an e-credit for future travel requirements.

Generally, the airline doesn’t offer a refund if they cancel a scheduled flight due to unavoidable circumstances like adverse weather conditions. Such situations are not in control of the airline, and hence, they are not responsible for refunds. However, you can seek help and resolve queries from the team by availing the 24/7 customer care services.

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