How to Select Seat on Singapore airlines?

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Singapore Airlines Seat Selection|Policy|Process|Fees|

Are you looking for extra legroom space or a window seat on Singapore Airlines? If yes, you first have to learn the Singapore Airlines seat selection policy. In the following post, you will get the complete process for seat selection. 

You can enjoy complimentary advance seat selection when traveling with Singapore Airlines. Singapore Airlines provides you with the facility for selecting your desired seats. In addition, if you forget to choose seats at the time of booking, the airline will assign you random seats. To get further details, you should look at the given post or directly talk to a live representative at the airline.

Can I choose a seat on Singapore Airlines? 

Yes, you can choose your favorite seat when booking a flight on Singapore Airlines. Including so, the airline also allows passengers to choose their preferred seats after booking. If you are also looking for the method to select your desired seats, read the whole post to know everything about the same.  

Singapore Airlines Seat Selection Policy 

Here is the relevant information regarding Singapore Airlines seat selection policy. You can check out the following information before looking for the seat selection procedure. 

  • Singapore Airlines permits you to choose first-class or business-class seats. However, you have to pay the seat selection fee to select your desired seat.
  • You may connect with a live person at Singapore Airlines to get free seats in the premium economy class.
  • No worries if you skipped making a seat selection with Singapore Airlines. In such a case, you can enjoy traveling with complimentary seats at check-in time. 

Singapore Airlines Seat Types 

Singapore Airlines offers three types of seats to choose from in Economy class, i.e., forward zone, standard, and extra legroom seats. You may choose a standard seat for free when booking a Flexi fare type, standard, or when traveling with a child or infant. 

To get the completed details on each type of seat, you should look into the following information. 

Forward Zone Seats 

If you want to sit closer to the doors, you should select the forward zone seats. Singapore Airlines allows you to choose these seats in advance when booking a Flexi fare type. And if you book a standard fare type or lite, you may get the free forward zone seats for free. 

Extra Legroom Seats 

Extra legroom seats are previously known as the preferred seats that provide extra space to the passengers. Extra legroom seats are a better option if you want extra space to stretch your legs when traveling on Singapore flights. 

You can choose extra legroom seats in both Economy and Premium Economy classes. 

Standard Seats

The rest of the seats in Economy class are the standard seats. You can choose a standard seat at no cost when booking a travel with a child or infant. And if you book a lite fare type, the airline will offer you a free standard seat. 

If you have additional queries associated with the Singapore Airlines seat selection, immediately dial the customer service number and talk to a live person.

How Much does it cost to select seats on Singapore Airlines?

Looking at the Singapore Airlines seat selection fee before choosing your seats is mandatory. Further, we have listed the seat selection cost that is required to pay during the sear selection.

  • To select the standard seats, you have to pay $5. 
  • If you want a forward zone seat, Singapore Airlines will chard $8. 
  • $25 will be charged if you select an extra legroom space seat on Singapore Airlines.

Have doubts related to the Singapore seat selection fee structure? You should contact the airline by visiting its official website or dialing the customer service number.

How do I choose my seat on Singapore Airlines? 

To choose your desired seats on Singapore Airlines, you must be aware of the Singapore Airlines seat selection process. You are allowed to make a seat selection when and after booking a flight. Here, we have included all the relevant methods to select seats hassle-free on the same airlines. 

Contact the airline and speak to a live representative if you want immediate assistance with choosing your desired seat. Now, you may proceed further, apply the steps below, and make a seat selection on Singapore Airlines.

Choose a seat after booking.

Here, you will get an answer on how to select a seat in Singapore flight after booking. You can proceed with the following steps to choose your desired seats after booking. 

  • Initially, head to the official website of Singapore Airlines,
  • Go to the manage booking section and type in your booking reference code and the traveler’s last name.
  • After that, select the Find my reservations option. 
  • Click the Select seat option, and then a seating map will display on the screen.
  • You can choose your favorite seats from the seating map and submit it to the airline. 
  • Lastly, select the payment page and pay the seat selection fees. And wait for the confirmation mail to get the new e-ticket. 

Choose seats when booking a Singapore flight. 

Singapore Airlines permits passengers to make seat selections in advance while booking a flight. And if you skip the seat selection, you can enjoy complimentary seats from the rest seating options once the online check-in window opens. 

  • The first step is to launch Singapore’s official website. 
  • Afterward, go to the booking section and enter the required details to initiate the booking procedure.
  • Next, type in the traveler’s last name and the reservation number. 
  • Once you have entered the mandatory information, you will get the seal selection option.
  • Now, you can choose your desired seat from the seating map displayed on the screen.
  • After choosing your seat, you need to pay the seat selection fees.
  • At last, Singapore Airlines will send you a confirmation mail.

If you are getting any issues while selecting your seat, connect with a live representative by dialing the Singapore Airlines Customer Service Number at any time. One of their executives will answer your call and suggest the appropriate solutions. 

How to choose seats on Singapore Airlines after check-in (online)? 

Have you already checked-in online on the Singapore flight? But now, you want to make a seat selection and sit on your desired seat during the trip. If true, you can get through the following information. 

  • Open any browser and visit the official website of Singapore Airlines. 
  • Click the Manage my booking option to select your desired seat.
  • Next, choose your favorite seat, and you can also change your seat online. 
  • The seating map will display on the screen where you can easily select your preferred seats.
  • Once you have paid the seat selection fees, the airline will confirm it by sending the confirmation mail. 

You can also contact the Singapore Airlines live person by dialing the reservation phone number and telling them about your issue. They are available around the clock to assist you in no time. 

How do I get free seat selection on Singapore Airlines? 

For free seat selection on Singapore Airlines, choose a standard seat for free when booking a Flexi fare type, standard, or when traveling with a child or infant. You can only choose standard seats for free with Singapore Airlines. 

To get more information about free seat selection, you should visit Singapore’s official website or call customer service 24/7

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