How to Change your Name on Jetblue?

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General Guidelines of the JetBlue Name Change

Did you mistakenly enter an incorrect name during the reservation on JetBlue Airlines? If so, you must get through its name correction policy for Jetblue name change on the ticket. You can learn all the possible ways to correct the name on the ticket via this informative post.

When booking a flight with the airline, there might be instances of entering a wrong name or an inverted name. Jetblue allows the changing name on tickets only in a few cases, such as marriage, divorce, or other legal reasons. Other than this, you can only change a few characters in the ticket as per the revised name correction policy of JetBlue. Read the whole post to get everything about the same.

JetBlue Name Change Policy

Passengers are allowed to correct the spellings, middle names, and characters on the tickets. Each airline has its different policies when it comes to making corrections to the tickets. JetBlue Airways’ name correction policy varies according to other conditions while correcting the name on the ticket.

Go through the following information to get additional policies for changing names on Jetblue tickets.

  • You can change your name after reservation if you have purchased the flight ticket directly from the airline or its travel agents.
  • It is required to change the original PNR of the reservation or add the new Jetblue booking with a traveler name record.
  • You must be very attentive while changing the name on the ticket as the airline only reissues tickets at once. It is advised to review your corrections before submitting them to the airline.
  • The airline may ask you to submit the documents to change the name on the flight tickets.
  • As per the JetBlue name correction policy, you are allowed to change your family name, and nick-names and combine first and last names on the ticket.

If you have further doubts about Jetblue name change policy, talk to a travel agent by visiting the official website or dialing the Customer Service Number.

Rules for Changing Name on JetBlue Ticket

If you want to change your name on JetBlue flight tickets, you must go through the rules for the same. Below, we have mentioned a few rules that should be followed while changing the name on the ticket. Look at the following info to get more information about the same.

  • You must know that only a few characters can be changed as per JetBlue’s name Correction policy. The Airline doesn’t allow you to change the passenger’s full name.
  • The policy doesn’t apply when you enter incorrect details and transfer them to someone else. In such a case, you must cancel the flight ticket and book it again with the correct information.
  • The name change fee depends on the number of characters you want to change.

Do you want to need further assistance on the JetBlue Correction name on a ticket? If so, you should dial the JetBlue Customer Service Phone Number.

How Much is the JetBlue Name Correction Fee? 

JetBlue Airlines allows its passengers to change their name once per ticket for free. As per the JetBlue name change/correction policy, you must even pay a fee for spelling corrections. If you need to correct the name more than once, it is a must to pay the fee for it.

However, the name change fee depends on various factors such as the seat type, arrival destination, etc. Below, you can get a complete overview of the JetBlue Name Change Fee.

  • If you have booked Blue Basic seats, you must pay $100 to change the name on the JetBlue tickets. Or, if you are traveling other than the US, Mexico, and Central America, the airline will charge $200.
  • The name change fee may go up to $150 for the ticket ranges of $150 and $199.
  • And if you are making corrections offline, it is a must to pay an additional fee of $50 as a service charge.
  • JetBlue name correction fee varies on the request time if you change the name due to marriage or adoption.

If you are finding more information on the name change fee, dial the Customer Service Phone Number or visit their official website anytime.

How to Change Name on JetBlue Ticket?

Various ways are available to make corrections on the JetBlue flight tickets. One of the following methods will surely help you correct the ticket’s name. However, it would help if you considered the name change policy while correcting the name on the ticket. Below, we will discuss all possible ways to correct the name on JetBlue tickets

Via Phone Call

  • To change your name on JetBlue via phone call, follow these steps:
  • Dial 1-800-538-2583 JetBlue’s customer service number.
  • Listen to the prompts and select the appropriate option for name changes.
  • Wait for a representative to assist you.
  • Provide your reservation details, including booking confirmation number and personal information for verification.
  • Explain that you need to change your name and provide the correct name spelling.
  • Follow any additional instructions given by the representative.
  • Confirm the changes made and ask for a confirmation email or reference number.
  • Review the email or note down the reference number for future reference.
  • If necessary, inquire about any associated fees or document requirements.
  • Thank the representative for their assistance and end the call.
  • Remember to have all necessary documents on hand for the name change process.

Jetblue Name Change Online

If you are looking forward to changing your name online, the following steps may guide you in the right direction. You should follow the given steps respectively.

  • First, you must launch the browser to visit the official website of JetBlue Airlines.
  • Afterward, go to the Homepage and click on the My Trips option.
  • Here, you must provide all the necessary information, such as the booking confirmation code and the passenger’s last name.
  • Next, choose the Find Flight option to retrieve your booking details.
  • Click on the name change option to JetBlue name correction online.
  • Make the required changes and submit the legal documents if required.
  • Now, choose the Continue option and print the boarding pass.
  • Finally, wait to get the new e-ticket on your registered email ID.

If you want to change your name on JetBlue tickets due to legal reasons such as marriage or divorce, you must apply the same steps mentioned above. In addition to this, you must submit the documents while making corrections online

Jetblue Name Correction Offline

Before changing the name on JetBlue tickets online, you must check out the rules for changing your name online. Get through the JetBlue name change policy to find the limits of characters you can change.

If you are correcting the name on the JetBlue ticket online, you must follow the below-mentioned guidelines.

  • You can only change a single letter by visiting the airline’s official website.
  • It is not allowed to change the itinerary codes, date, or cabin class on the JetBlue flight tickets.
  • JetBlue Airlines doesn’t allow you to change the date of birth on the ticket online.
  • If you want to cancel your reservation, you can buy a new ticket with the correct name.

Finally, we hope one of the above methods has proved fruitful for you. If you are still looking for assistance in changing the name on JetBlue tickets, you may dial the JetBlue Airlines Helpline Phone Number to get instant support or look into further alternatives.

To JetBlue App

  • To start, you must sign into the JetBlue account on the application.
  • Afterward, click on the JetBlue Manage Booking option.
  • Enter the required details like traveler name and booking reference number to get your booking details.
  • Next, click on the Change Name option and provide the mandatory information.
  • Confirm the changes and request a new boarding pass.
  • Finally, print the boarding pass to prevent yourself from waiting in a queue during check-in.

Via Live Chat 

Another option for Jetblue name changing on the ticket is to connect with a travel agent via Live Chat. Look into the following steps to connect with a live person through the live chat option.

  • To initiate, you first have to go through the official website of JetBlue.
  • Next, click on the Contact Us option.
  • Here, you will get multiple steps to connect with the airline.
  • To continue with this method, ensure that you have signed in to the account on the website.
  • Click on the Chat option and enter your query associated with correcting the name on the JetBlue ticket.
  • Finally, submit it and wait for their response.

Through Social Media 

Connecting on social media is an additional method to connect with one of the live representatives at JetBlue Airlines. Go to the official website and click on the Contact Us page.

Here, you will find all the platforms through which you can get connected with a travel agent.

You can post your query on a suitable platform and tag JetBlue Airlines. The airline will connect with you soon and suggest all possible ways to correct your name.

Can I Change the Name on My JetBlue Ticket? 

Yes! you can change the name on the JetBlue tickets under their name correction policy. The main motive of JetBlue Airlines is to fulfill their passenger’s requirements. Applying various methods, you can change your name on the JetBlue flight tickets.


Traveling with the correct name on JetBlue Airlines is mandatory. The post mentioned above might be fruitful for you to change the name on your flight ticket to JetBlue. You can follow a few simple processes to make the required corrections on the ticket. If you are looking for further information regarding JetBlue’s name correction/change policy, you should contact a travel agent at the airline.


Do I Change the Name on My JetBlue Ticket?

Yes! JetBlue Airlines permits its travelers to correct a few characters on JetBlue flight tickets. But you can do it under the JetBlue name correction policy.

How Can I Change My Name on JetBlue Ticket?

JetBlue Airlines allows you to change or correct your name in various ways. For instance, you can correct your name on JetBlue tickets by visiting the official website, emailing, dialing the customer service phone number, etc.

Does JetBlue Allow to Change Passenger Name?

No, you are not allowed to change the passenger's full name on JetBlue Tickets. You can only correct a few characters under the name change policy on JetBlue Airlines.

What to do to Change the Passenger's Name on JetBlue Airways?

If you want to change the traveler's full name, you must cancel the flight. And then, you can reschedule the flight by entering the correct name this time.

How much is the Name Change Cost on JetBlue?

You must remember that it is required to pay $25 as a nonrefundable fee to change or cancel the flight after contacting the Airline. If you want to avoid this fare, it is recommended to make corrections online by visiting the JetBlue official website.

What Happens If I Entered the Wrong Name on JetBlue?

If you have entered the wrong name while booking JetBlue flights, you don't need to worry at all. The Airline allows you to make ticket corrections within 24 hours of booking. And if you are unable to make corrections, cancel the entire reservation and rebook it.

Can I Fly with a Misspelled Name on JetBlue?

Sadly, no! If the ticket name doesn't match the government-issued ID, the Airline will not consider you the original flyer. In such a case, your entire reservation will be canceled by the Airline.

Can I Change Name on JetBlue Over Call?

Yes, you can change the name on JetBlue tickets by dialing the customer service phone number. Once the call connects, you can ask to change the name on your ticket to one of their representatives.

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