How to Book Qantas Flights with Points?

Posted By: Admin 4 Jan, 2023

Book Qantas flights with points 

Are you looking for effective ways to book Qantas flights with points? No worries, as the following post, will be fruitful for you. Here, you will find out all the ways you can use Qantas Points without hassle. 

Using the earned points while booking flights from a business reward account is easy. If you are one of the Qantas Business Rewards members, you can directly redeem points from your Business account on Points Plus Pay Classic Flight Rewards. This will help you with saving money on trip costs. 

Get through the following post to learn how to book Qantas flights with points. 

What Flights can I Book using Qantas Points? 

Ensure that you can only check and book classic flight rewards or use points and Cash to book flights only when you have permission to use your business points. To use Qantas points, you have to log in to your Qantas Business Rewards Account. 

Check out the following information to know what flight you can book using your Qantas points. 

Classic Flight Rewards

You can book classic flight rewards on eligible flights with Jetstar and Qantas. Being a member of Qantas Business Rewards, you can book classic flight rewards free of fees and carrier charges using your Qantas points. 

You will be required to have Qantas 8,000 points to book classic flight rewards, excluding carrier charges, taxes, and fees.

Points Plus Pay Flights 

Points Plus Pay flights are another one that can be booked using Qantas points. You can also book any seat on Qantas flights with a Qf flight number and Jetstar flights with a JQ flight number. 

You must have 5,000 Qantas points for your Qantas booking or 3,500 points for Jetstar. Once you have selected your fare, use the Points Plus Pay from the options page and change the mix of Cash and points.

If you still have doubts regarding these flights, dial the Qantas Airways customer service number and get assistance from a live person.

How to Book Qantas flights with points? 

Book a Qantas flight using points from your Business Rewards account. You are suggested to follow the steps below to avoid any hassle during the booking.

Now, you need to start following the steps mentioned below and book a Qantas flight using earned points. 

  • The initial step is to log in to your Qantas Business Rewards account using the correct credentials.
  • After that, choose Use Points or Use Cash and look for the available flights.
    • You first have to select one from the ‘Use cash’ or ‘Use Points’ options.
    • Now, type in ‘From’ and ‘To’ dates and destinations.
    • Choose Additional passengers if you have not stored the traveler’s list.
    • And then, tap on the search flights option.
  • Now, you have to choose your desired flight.
    • Check your business’s current points balance and then choose your preferred flight. Press Continue.
    • If you have selected the Use Cash option, combine the standard fares and classic flight reward during selecting flights. And check your deal discount on eligible fares.
    • If you have selected the Use Points option, you will get the option to combine the Cash and points later during the booking process.
  • Next, choose the points amount you want to spend on the Points Plus Pay flight.
  • Go to the Points Play Plus slider and choose the number of points you need to spend to book a flight.
  • Now, you can also make a seat selection and add additional baggage.
  • Finally, you need to complete your booking as normal.

Expectantly, you have successfully booked your Qantas flight using points with the help of these steps. If in case, you have stuck somewhere while following the instructions, you should talk to a Qantas Airways live person or visit their official website. 

Can I Change the Classic Flight Reward flight using points? 

Yes, you can change a classic flight reward booking only when you have permission to access “use Points for your business’ and Manage Company Bookings. 

If you have permission to manage company bookings and use points, the airline will allow you to take the assistance of other travel agents to change flights. 

Can I change a Points Plus Pay flight using points?

Yes, changing a Points Pay flight will be possible only when the passenger has permission to manage company bookings. However, the airline will deduct the change fees or fare difference in Cash only.  

How to Change a Classic Flight Reward Booking? 

If you are looking for step-by-step instructions to change the classic flight reward, check out the following information. Here, we have mentioned the appropriate steps for the same. 

  • First, look for your upcoming booking in the Manage Company Bookings list.
  • After that, click the manage option and scroll down to find the details area.
  • It will redirect you to the change option only when you have permission to manage bookings.
  • Here, you can choose your preferred flights and change segments. Also, you can change the new date from the calendar appearing on your screen.
  • Select the continue tab and select your new flight.
  • After selecting your preferred flight, reconfirm it and choose Continue.
  • Now, you need to check the difference in points or taxes, if any.
  • Finally, you will be redirected to the Manage your booking page to confirm the changes.

Hopefully, the above post has guided you to use Qantas points while booking a flight. Although, there might be instances of facing issues while booking a flight on Qantas Airways.

If you are also experiencing such issues, immediately get in touch with a live person at the airline via dialing the Qantas Airways phone number 24/7. They have a dedicated team of representatives who are always available to guide you with travel-related issues.

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