How to Combine Delta Reservations?

Posted By: Admin 30 Jan, 2023

Are you looking for a perfect guide to combine Delta reservations? If true, you are here at the right place as we may help you out. The following post will surely guide you to combine two or more bookings on Delta Airlines.

The best way to combine your reservations is to contact Delta Airlines customer service. For this, you can directly dial a toll-free number and combine your bookings hassle-free. After dialing the phone number, you have to provide them with the reservation number and the companion one. 

Look at the following information to get the complete method for combining your Delta reservations. 

What is the Delta Combine Reservations Policy? 

As per the Delta link reservations policy, you first need to contact a live person from the airline. You can only link the reservation when the payment method for both reservations is the same. 

You are only permitted to link reservations when you provide the complete information to the airline. 

Points to remember during combining Delta reservations

Before adding passengers or combining Delta reservations, you should look into the following information. Here, we have included some of the important points that must be remembered while linking reservations on Delta Airlines. 

Reservation class 

The first thing you must keep in mind is that the reservation class of you and your companion is the same. When combining reservations, having the same reservation class with your companion is mandatory. For example, if you have made a reservation in a premium economy class and your companion has booked in economy class, then you cannot combine these reservations. 

If you still want to combine your reservations, you first have to cancel the entire booking and then make a new reservation. For further assistance, connect with a live person at Delta Airlines. 

Upgrade Certificates 

To combine your reservations on Delta, it is a must to upgrade certificates only when there is more than one certificate. To know the status of certificate upgrades, you may connect with a live person by dialing Delta Airlines live customer representatives. 

You should remember these points at the time of linking reservations on Delta Airlines. If you have any doubts regarding the same, immediately connect with a representative at the airline. 

How to link passengers on Delta?

If there is a need to link passengers on Delta Airlines, you should get through the following information. Here, we have added step-by-step instructions to link travelers on the same airline. 

Well, you are permitted to link passengers by using two methods; via the airline’s official website or over the call. You can look into the following info to get aware of both methods. 

  • The initial step is to launch the official website of Delta Airlines. 
  • After that, scroll down to look for the Help Center option under the customer service option. 
  • Next, it will redirect you to the Delta Airlines official support page. 
  • Look for the phone support option. Here, choose the still need to contact us option. 
  • Choose the Additional Assistance option, and a menu will appear on the screen. 
  • Look for your region’s official phone number to connect with a live person. 
  • Once you connect with the airline’s live person, provide the booking number and your companion.
  • Finally, request them to combine Delta reservations. 

You can follow the steps mentioned above one after another to avoid hassle during combining Delta reservations. If you want an immediate method to combine Delta reservations, contact the live person of Delta airlines by dialing the toll-free phone number 1800 123 6645,

How to link reservations Delta?

If you want to request a SkyMiles member companion upgrade who is not in your reservation, call to link your reservations at 1800 123 6645 in the US. Ensure that you have your booking reference number for both reservations. 

How to add passengers to an already booked Delta reservation?

You would be glad to know that Delta Airlines allows you to add passengers to an already booked Delta flight. Since the airline understands the last-minute plans and permits their passengers to make modifications to their tickets. 

You can follow the steps listed below to add travelers to your already booked reservation on Delta Airlines. Let’s check out the following steps to do the same. 

  • Initially, access the official website of Delta Airlines. 
  • Afterward, go to the Manage Booking section to start the process. 
  • Next, you have to create the new PNR number by entering the passenger’s last name. 
  • Add the EXST as the first name and enter the PTC (passenger type code). 
  • You must go to your registered email ID to find the PTC. Here, you can also request the seats as per your requirements. 
  • It will help you to create the new seat code, and you can manage it via the automatic system. 

If the above steps have not been proven fruitful, calling Delta Airlines customer service is recommended. After dialing the Delta toll-free phone number, feel free to ask about the steps for adding passengers to the existing Delta reservation. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I combine Delta flights?

You have to contact the live person of Delta Airlines to combine reservations. Dial 1800 123 6645 or choose the worldwide numbers to connect with a representative. After that, you have to share the booking number and your companion. 

How do I add a reservation to my Delta app?

To add a reservation to the Delta app, you have to log in to your SkyMiles account and look for the existing reservation. To find your reservation, go to the My Trips section and look for the itinerary by entering the full name and booking number. Here, you can add the reservation to your account 2. 

What does it mean to link reservations?

Combining reservations is a way to let Delta know that you have passengers booked in a different reservation who are flying together. 

Can you add passengers to the existing reservation Delta?

Once you have confirmed the reservation, you cannot modify the travelers on your reservation. If you still want to add passengers, make a new reservation for the additional travelers.

Can you double book on Delta?

All duplicate reservations created by a single GDS subscriber are prohibited. Also, 

Can my wife and I combine Delta Skymiles?

Yes, you are allowed to transfer SkyMiles to a maximum of four people in a single transaction. 

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