American Airlines Group Travel

american airlines group travel

Posted By: Admin 16 Jun, 2021

Are you planning a group vacation or putting together a meeting or conference? American airlines group travel booking provides a variety of services to meet your requirements.

American Airlines Group Travel

American Airlines is one of the largest airlines in the USA. People worldwide like to travel with American Airlines since it holds the record for flying to the most places. The US airline continuously provides its clients with various services to guarantee travelers a nice trip from the primary reservation option. And if you want to fly by the US airline, look through the details below.

Discounts for Meetings and Conferences

Discounts for participants who go to meetings, conventions, and trade fairs are provided. To qualify, there must be at least 40 prospective participants at the meeting or conference; not all of them must be travelers. Discount codes are only valid for advertised rates (excluding basic economics and non-discountable rates).

Ten or More People in a Group

Group block prices are available for a group of 10 or more going to and from the same location. The airlines and oneworld® destinations can be booked up to 11 months in advance. Up to 48 hours before departure, one free name change per ticket. A minimum stay is not necessary.

Zonal fees are offered for a group of ten or more that travel from various areas to the same destination. Area prices for travel from the US or Canada to locations it may be booked for:
North America
Latin America

Group Booking Service of American Airline

If you are flying with your team for a business trip or perhaps for a significant family holiday, you will be able to book group flights if you are in several more than 10. The most significant advantage of American Airlines group travel booking is the savings on multiple reservations and many additional services. Therefore, if you wish to book a group flight with American Airlines, follow the booking instructions below.

How to Make American Airlines Group Travel Booking

You need to contact and provide the companies with the number of people you wish and their dates when making group bookings for flights, and then wait until they provide a custom quote. Once all the requirements have been completed, you can proceed to make a group reservation.

1. You may visit the official website and see the booking section to book a group travel flight.
2. Choose the group travel option section and continue ahead when booking.
3. You may also fill in all the essential data and book the flight in the same way as with the standard booking process.
4. Please fill in the location, choose the date and time. Select whether you make a one-way trip or a circular journey, as well.
5. Next, enter the number of persons flying and use the cash, card, and miles mode of payment.
6. When you’re through, look for flights and choose one. After selecting a flight, make a payment, and your flight reservations are complete.
7. You may also request a reservation by calling the reservation hotline number. You can inform them of the specifics, and your request will be completed sooner.

That’s all there is to it when it comes to booking American Airlines flights for a group. However, before purchasing a group ticket, make sure to read the airline reservation terms and limitations.

Group Reservation Terms and Conditions in American Airlines

1. Only if you are traveling in a group of more than ten individuals will you be permitted to travel in a group.
2. Group flights can be booked up to eleven months before travel and up to 48 hours before departure.
3. If you discover that you have made a mistake in the passenger name, you have until 48 hours before the trip to amend at least one person’s name for free.
4. If you are traveling for a business meeting, a trip, or any conference, you may book discounted flights.
5. In the event of an emergency or unavailability of flying services, American Airlines has the right to cancel any tickets and reservations.

Thus with the assistance of the data above, you can simply book group flights, and you can call the American airlines group travel telephone number if you have any doubts or questions.

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