Southwest Group Travel

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Southwest Group Travel

If you are flying with a group of 10 or more individuals, booking by southwest airlines offers a number of Group Travel programs. The travel program of southwest group travel offers more flexibility and a reduced price to make your trip experience reasonable, convenient, and exciting. It is one of the United States’ leading airlines and the world’s largest low-cost airline.

Through southwest airlines reservations exclusive Group Travel Reservations Centres, groups can access significant reductions off listed pricing. Moreover, there are no prerequisites for a Saturday evening or a minimum stay and no restriction periods. Various airlines provide group travel alternatives, but southwest airlines use the southwest group travel Program to offer unparalleled benefits and flexibility, enabling you to acquire, increase and maintain a business.

How do you Book southwest group travel?

Do you know the procedures to book Southwest group travel tickets? If yes, then go through the working methods carefully:

  • The official website of Southwest Airlines can help you in booking group travel tickets.
  • You can dial Southwest group travel phone number 1 (800) 433-5368 to make a group travel booking.

Follow these working procedures to make the group travel booking.

Benefits of Booking with Southwest Group Travel Program

Flexible Payments: There is no need to pay in advance to make a Group reservation.

Unlimited Name Changes: You can alter your name as many times as you like up to 72 hours before your flight.

No Extra Fees: There are no other booking, ticketing, or change costs.

Earn Roundtrip Tickets: For every 29 Group Tickets purchased, one complimentary Tour Conductor Ticket will be issued (taxes and fees will apply).

How Southwest Airlines Group Travel Works?

Please fill up the Southwest Airlines’ Excel® template and upload it through (International Reservations Passport Information will be requested.) Please fill up all information necessary, including the name of the group leader, email, date of departure and confirmation.

Initial Payment: After your first booking, a $50 per person deposit may be required to hold your reservation. The only accepted method of payment for the deposit is via credit card. To pay over the phone, dial 1-800-433-5368.

Final Payment: If you have previously provided a complete name list (International travel name templates must contain Passport information), you may contact 1-800-433-5368 to make a payment over the phone using a credit card, UATP card, or PayPal before the final price due date. To get complete instructions for sending your wire transfer, please contact [email protected] at least seven working days before your final payment due date.

PLEASE NOTE – eChecks, physical inspections and money orders are not acceptable anymore. You may also get the completed LOA form from You may download this form.

Lucky Peps: Southwest Group Travel

Southwest Group Travel Program is for you if you’re flying with ten or more individuals!

  • Groups of schools
  • Religious Organizations
  • Family Units
  • Sport Organizations

On-Line Check-In Process for Group Travel

Group Passengers may check-in and book their boarding places 24 hours before departure on Please proceed to the counter or kiosk for your boarding tickets at your arrival at the airport.

The method of online check for group journeys is quite different from what you may use to go without a group.

Domestic Groups

Step 1: To reserve your boarding spots, go to and select “Check-In.” Please input any of your travellers’ confirmation numbers as well as their first and last names.

Step 2: You have the choice of checking in the entire Group or individual Passengers.

Step 3: One by one, the names of successfully checked-in passengers, together with their boarding locations, will appear on the screen. Please note: some passengers may not be able to access the ticket counter or kiosk online.

Step 4: When you get to the airport, go to the ticket desk or kiosk to get your boarding cards.

International Groups

Step 1: To reserve your boarding spots, go to and select ‘Check-in.’ please provide each traveller with the confirmation number and first and last name.

Step 2: Only one passenger can check at a time.

Step 3: To complete the check-in procedure, a valid passport and contact information will be required.

Step 4: Each International Passenger should repeat steps 1 – 3.

Step 5: Please go to your ticket counter or kiosk for your boarding cards upon arrival at the airport.

Southwest Group Boarding Pass Procedure

  • Southwest Airlines will keep boarding credentials at the departure gate.
  • Any boarding permit that has been issued will be invalidated if you or anyone else modifies your reservation.
  • Passengers whose names are printed on the boarding pass are the only ones who may use it.
  • To get past the Security Checkpoint, you must have government-issued identification.

Customer Checkin Requirement:

Passengers without a boarding pass, not present at least 10 minutes before the planned time of departure and ready for boarding at the departure gate area may have their reserved space cancelled and will not qualify for compensation refused by boarding.

Southwest Airlines Reservations

 Southwest Airlines have skilled and experienced experts that work in Group Travel Services to ensure that our staff answers all queries and requests. They’re also among the most excellent Group Customer Representatives in the industry!

How do I Avail the Group Travel Services? 

Southwest Airlines offers exclusive group travel benefits and additional assistance to meet flyer’s group travel needs. Talk to the live person by dialing the group travel phone number, 1 (800) 433-5368, from Monday to Friday. The calling hours begin from 5:00 am to 12:00 am Central standard time. Flyers can book their group travel tickets via phone call service but not online. 

You have to upload your group flight details on the Southwest group travel page. The executive will ask for your details like group leader name, email, departure date, and date of birth. If you are planning an international trip, you need to submit your passport details. The best part of making a reservation is that one can hold a ticket until not sure of the trip. 

How does Payment Work under Southwest Airlines Group Travel?

You can hold a group flight ticket until making the final payment. However, you have to pay $50 per passenger and grab the additional perks to hold a booking. Moreover, the deposit is not applied during ticket purchase, but you can claim a refund five days after making the final payment. You can use the credit card to submit the deposit and make the payment by uploading a Letter of Authorization. The airline will waive the coordinator’s flight fee for booking group tickets for more than 29 people on the same flight. Also, make sure that you cannot exchange your group tickets for another flight on Southwest or its partner airlines.


Why should I book Southwest Airlines group travel tickets?

Booking Southwest Airlines group travel tickets can help you travel with your loved ones, family, or friends. Along with that, you can also get the cheapest group flight ticket deals on Southwest Airlines. You can book the group travel tickets with Southwest Airlines with the help of its official website or live person.

How can I make a Southwest Airlines Airlines group travel booking?

You can make Southwest Airlines group travel booking by using its official website, or you can also do it with the help of its live customer service executive.

Can I get the cheapest group travel tickets on Southwest Airlines?

Yes, you can get the cheapest group travel tickets on Southwest Airlines. For that, you should dial its customer service phone number, or you can also visit its official website anytime you need assistance. You will find sales vouchers and discount coupons that can help you get the cheapest group travel tickets.

How many individuals do I need to book Southwest Airlines group travel tickets?

If you want to book Southwest Airlines group travel tickets, then you need at least ten individuals in your group. You can find better insights from the customer service to book the group flight tickets of Southwest Airlines.

Is it possible to make changes to Southwest Airlines group travel booking?

Yes, it is possible to change Southwest Airlines group travel booking. You can change your group booking whenever you want until the day of flight departure.

How many months in advance can I book Southwest Airlines group travel tickets?

You can book group travel tickets for easy 11 months in advance. You can hold your group travel booking for 11 months. For further info, get through its customer service anytime you want.

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