What is American Airlines Pet Policy?

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Are you planning to go for a vacation but are worried about how to take your furry friend along? American Airlines Pet Policy has made it easy for travelers who wish to travel with their pets. Passengers traveling with pets can now utilize the unique American airlines booking options to carry their pets along wherever they go. Let’s find out the various rules and regulations that you need to remember before your flight.

Pet owners may fly with their Favourite buddy since American Airlines understands their needs. As with other pet owners, Travelling with pets may be difficult at times since you may have a number of worries on your mind, such as: Is it possible to track My pet’s location? What happens if my pet becomes ill or injured while Travelling? If that’s the case, don’t worry; you’ll find all you need to know about American Airlines Pet Policy, carrier requirements, and service animal policy right here.

This website also offers information on the CDC’s temporary suspension notice for dog and cat owners coming to the United States. Continue reading to find out more:

American Airlines Pet Policy

Pets like cats and dogs may be carried on as carry-on luggage, checked baggage (suspended), or pet baggage, depending on breed and size, according to Pet Policy. Pet transit restrictions, on the other hand, differ by country and destination. Traveling with dogs necessitates making arrangements in advance. To make a reservation, dial +1-802-231-1806.

American PetEmbark has industry-leading rules and processes in place to guarantee that your dogs get the finest possible care while flying. Not only does American Airlines have over 65 years of expertise in pet transportation, but airline professionals go above and beyond industry standards to provide your dogs with the best possible travel experience.

With a new relationship with pet transportation expert My Pet Cab, which provides safe and smooth home delivery for pets, US Airlines has made flying with pets easier. At the time of booking, airline customer service employees will inform you of the precise cost of My Pet Cab service based on the delivery location.

The airline is known for its exceptional inflight service and amenities, ensuring maximum comfort and safety. As American Airlines strives to provide the most pleasurable flying experience for their travelers, they try to do their best for their pets. The airline

allows seven pet kernels in one American Airline flight. It is recommended to contact American Airlines if you are planning to carry a pet. You may contact the airline at +1-802-231-1806 after confirming your travel plans to ensure they guarantee Fido a spot. The airline has the right to restrict the travel for pets when the weather conditions are above 85 degrees Fahrenheit or below 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

Conditions to Carry your Pet on an American Airline Flight

As we all know, every airline has its own set of rules for its travelers’ safety. Your pet can only be carried in the cabin if they are small (at least eight weeks old), ensuring that the pet’s combined weight and the carrier must not exceed 9 kg. You have to make sure that the carrier is sturdy and comfortable enough for the pet to move inside comfortably. The pet has to be inside the carrier throughout the flight.

For pets who are more significant than the size mentioned above, American Airlines can transport them as cargo on a first-come basis. The total weight of the pet and its carrier must not exceed 45 kg. It is advised to always go through the American Airlines Pet Policy to ensure a hassle-free journey for you and your furry buddy as well.

Traveling with Pets: Points to Consider 

  • Up to ten days in advance, you can book your pet’s flight. It is always better to call an airline at least 24 hours ahead of time to arrange your reservation.
  • The Pet owner must complete payment during the check-in process of your pet.
  • For domestic and international pet travel, all active members of the United States military enjoy a 50% discount off airline quoted prices.
  • The owner must show a travel medical certificate from a qualified veterinarian for both departures and return travels within ten days of travel. If it has been more than ten days since your return flight was issued, you will need to schedule a fresh examination and medical certificate.
  • It is suggested that you contact the embassy or consulate of your pet’s destination country for international pet travel to confirm that you are following all country-specific entrance regulations.
  • If the temperature is above 85°F or below 20°F, an American airline will refuse to carry a pet.
  • Most animals older than eight (8) weeks will be transported inside the United States and Puerto Rico by American Airlines.
  • If each pet is less than 20 pounds and less than six months old, two puppies or kittens may share a kennel as long as they are of similar size and temperament and can walk around freely.

In-Cabin Pet Policy

If your pet satisfies the standards of American Airlines Pet Policy for In-Flight Travel, you’ll need an airline-approved pet carrier. Carriers must have a waterproof floor, enough room for your pet to stand up and turn around. The carrier should be safe and ventilated with dimensions 19″ x 13″ x 9″.

Checked Baggage Pet Policy

If your pet is large to fit beneath the seat, or if you have a long journey, American Airlines may, under certain circumstances, place your pet in the cargo area of the plane. The temperature and pressure in this section of the cargo compartment are identical to those in the passenger compartment. Airbus 319, Airbus 321, Airbus 320, Airbus 321H and Airbus 321S aircraft do not transport live animals in their cargo compartments.

American Airline kennel requirements

  • The kennel must be made of durable plastic, metal, or wood and must have a grated metal end used as a door. It must also be leakproof and impenetrable.
  • For domestic flights, the kennel must have appropriate ventilation on three sides and four sides for overseas flights. The ventilation apertures must be 1″ x 1″ (for dogs) or 3/4″ x 3/4″ (for cats) (cats).
  • Should have Metal bolts or screws for safety.
  • Metal is required for the kennel door. There should be no doors on the top of the kennel.
  • The door frame should have holes in all four sides.
  • All of the wheels must be disabled or removed.
  • The kennel must be clean and odor-free.
  • Dishes placed should be clean and empty.
  • Food in case of a delay

Note- Keep in mind that if each puppy or cat weighs less than 9 kgs and is less than 6 months old, they can share the same kennel. All animals must be at least eight weeks old and weaned to be allowed to travel.

Important Notice 

Please see the CDC’s temporary suspension notice if you are travelling to the United States with your dog or cat.

The CDC in the United States has temporarily halted the admission of dogs from countries with a high rabies risk. This includes fully trained assistance dogs.

Only service dogs with a CDC-approved dog import permit or that fulfil the United States CDC vaccine and microchip criteria flying to the United States from high-risk nations are allowed to fly on American Airlines. Cats from high-risk countries will not be permitted as carry-on luggage or registered pets during the suspension.


Is there a fee for dogs in carry-on luggage on American Airlines?

$125USD Your pet carrier will be considered carry-on luggage. Animals are not check in the curbside. Thus, you must check-in at the passenger Desk. If your pet is a service animal, the flight will be free of charge.

How strict is American Airlines pet policy?

As long as dogs can fit in this carrier, there are no hard weight limitations. All flying pets must also be at least eight weeks old. Pet carriers replace carry-on luggage, but you are free to bring any other personal things (e.g., backpacks, wallets, etc.).

Can a Health Certificate is Require for Dogs AA?

Although some states, medical certifications for dogs not requiring domestic travel. Contact American airlines for medical records necessary for pets going to Hawaii and other countries.

Is it possible to track my pet’s location?

Yes, of course. American airlines offer you an air waybill number when you book your animal with the airline. You may follow your pet’s status by entering your air waybill number into the airline’s online tracking service.

An American airline dedicated 24-hour animal desk you may be reach at +1-802-231-1806 or [email protected].

What happens if my pet gets sick or injured on its journey?

If your pet becomes ill or wounded while in American airline care, the airline will seek emergency medical attention to guarantee the pet’s safety and security.

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