JetBlue Seat Selection Options

Posted By: Admin 7 Jan, 2021

JetBlue Airlines is known as the largest low-cost carrier airline in the United States of America. It consists of more than 1000 flights that fly daily and connects to more than 102 destinations in the various parts of North America, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean. JetBlue Allies has codeshare flight agreements with more than 21airlines around the globe. And if flying with the low-cost airline, together with Southwest, with the highest satisfaction index among customers who fly with low-cost airlines is not enough, you can always add the advantages of being part of the JetBlue frequent flyer program or pay for your JetBlue flights with the JetBlue Card and accumulate points every time you make a flight reservation with JetBlue and pay with the JetBlue card at any establishment. Let’s find out what are the various JetBlue Seat Options when traveling and what are their exclusive features. 

Different JetBlue Seat Options?

JetBlue Basic

Passengers traveling with JetBlue Basic have many perks while flying. Even though they cannot carry any check-in baggage for free, they can take one carry-on luggage and one personal item in the cabin while traveling with a JetBlue reservation. To make any advance seat selection, passengers need to pay an additional fee in advance. They are the last ones to board on the plane and do not have any refunds if the tickets are non-refundable. No changes are permitted when traveling with JetBlue Basic.


Passengers traveling with Blue have similar benefits as the passengers traveling with Blue. The only difference is that they get to board the flight before the JetBlue Basic passengers. Also, advance seat selection is possible without making any extra payment. Passengers even get the option to cancel by paying a minimal cancellation fee that depends on the fare of the ticket purchased by the traveler. Similarly, Blue passengers can even make changes by paying a minute amount. For the same-day changes, the fee is $75.

Blue Plus

Blue Plus Passengers get the opportunity to carry one check-in luggage and one carry-on luggage with one personal item in the cabin. Apart from this, all the features available for this class of travelers are similar to Blue. It is one of the highly recommended JetBlue seat options you may find that is affordable and yet comfortable. 

Blue Extra

Blue Extra passengers do not get to carry the check-in luggage but get the benefits of taking the carry-on baggage and one personal item in the cabin. However, they do not have to pay any cancellation fee nor any change fee. 


Mint is the most luxurious class in the JetBlue Airline with all the early access and check-in facilities. Mint passengers need to pay $200 to make any changes with the reservation, and for the same day change, the fee is $75 per passenger. Apart from that, they are the most luxurious traveler on the entire flight of JetBlue. 

Hence travel in-style and make the best out of the JetBlue seat options to have the most comfortable flying experience anytime, anywhere. So book your ticket now

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