Air Canada Baggage Policy Information Guide

Posted By: Admin 11 Jan, 2021

Air Canada Baggage Policy 2022

Air Canada is one of the largest airlines and connects more than 220 destinations in the world.tIt helps in transporting 51 million passengers every year using a fleet of 186 aircraft. Air Canada baggage policy allows passengers to travel in-style without any hassles. 

Let’s find out its baggage and inflight entertainment options.

Air Canada Baggage Allowance International

The policy baggage of Air Canada allows the passenger to carry their luggage aboard Air Canada to any destination:

  • One piece of carry-on luggage with max size of 55 cm (21.5 inches) high x 40 cm (15.5 inches) wide x 23 cm (9 inches) deep, including handles, wheels, and pockets.
  • One personal accessory with a max size of 33 cm (13 inches) high x 43 cm (17 inches) wide x 16 cm (6 inches) deep, including handles, wheels, and pockets. Personal items should go unless there is sufficient space in the overhead compartments under our front seat.

Are you traveling with a baby? In that case, you can bring one additional standard personal item such as a bag with the necessary things for the baby.

Checked baggage / Checked baggage

The best way to understand Air Canada’s checked baggage policy is to use the Air Canada baggage calculator. It help you find out exactly how many pieces of checked baggage we can take on our next Air Canada flight.

Air Canada’s checked baggage policy considers our flight destination. The level we have within the Air Canada frequent flyer program, and the class in which we travel.

In any case, on all Air Canada flights, we may carry at least one piece of checked baggage with a max weight of 23 kilos and a maximum line dimension of 158 cm (62 inches), taking the sum of all its sides. Do you need more luggage? You can always add weight or pieces of luggage to your Air Canada account, during the reservation process or through their customer service center.

Inflight Entertainment Options on Air Canada Flights

The entertainment system onboard an Air Canada flight varies depending on the destination and class in which the passenger travels. 

For instance, if a passenger is traveling on an international flight in economy class, they will have access to a 22.6cm touch screen with hundreds of entertainment hours. Passengers can get their enjoyment, as most Air Canada seats have power sockets as well as a USB port. 

So, travel in all comfort with the amazing Air Canada baggage policy and have a pleasurable trip!.If find any other information or more detail contact Air Canada customer service

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