United Airlines Name Change Policy

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The first thing is to enter the name while booking a flight with United. So, there could be chances of entering a misspelled name due to nervousness. Have you also made the same mistake and are looking for the process of United Name Change on Ticket? The following guide can be proved fruitful for you in correcting the name on the United flight tickets. 

Remember that the entered name on the United flight ticket must match the passenger’s passport or Govt. issued ID. If they don’t match at check-in time, United may cancel your entire reservation by considering that you aren’t the original passenger. 

Hence, it becomes necessary to cross-check the entered info when booking a United flight. To get the process of a United name change on a ticket, you should go through the given post or visit the official website of the airline.

Terms and Conditions for United Name Change on Ticket

If you are looking for the united name change policy for travel agents or travelers, the first thing you might know is the terms and conditions of changing the name on the flight ticket. Below, you may get the criteria that should be met for correcting a misspelled name on United tickets.

  • The traveler’s ticket must start with the 016 digits for making corrections to the name.
  • In the case of codeshare agreement tickets, you can only raise a request for the name change on United flights.
  • United Airlines issues a single ticket per passenger for making the name corrections on the ticket. As a result, you can only make corrections once per reservation. For further changes or info, you may contact the airline.
  • You cannot change the flight date, class fare, or flight time as per the United name change policy.
  • The airline will not allow you to change the date of birth or gender on the tickets. You can only make minor corrections on the United flight tickets.

You can contact one of the travel agents at the airline to get additional info or dial the United Name Change Phone Number and ask any query related to the same. Further, you may proceed to learn how to change your name on United tickets. 

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How to Change Name on United Airlines Ticket?

According to the United Airlines name change policy, passengers can make minor corrections to their tickets online or offline. When changing the name on the ticket, you might ask to change the simple name or significant name. Never get confused between simple and significant names when making corrections to the ticket.

Simple name changes can be done without submitting documents. However, you must submit the documents for changing the significant name on the United ticket. Now, look at the following process for the United name change on ticket.

Name Change Online

  • To initiate, head over to the official website of United Airlines.
  • Go to the Manage Booking section and click on the Change Reservations option.
  • After that, enter the booking confirmation number and the passenger’s last name.
  • Here, you will get the details of your booked flight where you need to choose the Edit option.
  • Next, you can make corrections to your ticket under the change policy United Airlines.
  • Finally, you will get a confirmation mail from the airline.

Name Change Offline

If you wish for immediate assistance on how to change name on United tickets, contact the airline and ask them to change your name. For this, you must visit the official website of United Airlines and find their official phone number. Feel free to dial the United Customer Service Number to get assistance in correcting your booked flights. Visit: Is Seat Selection Free with United Airlines?

How Much is the Cost for a United Name Change on Ticket?

United’s name change fee depends on the fare conditions as per its name change policy. Sometimes, you don’t have to pay any charges for changing simple names on United flight tickets. 

  • Go through the following information to get the complete info on the United name change fee. 
  • If you change the name within a day of the booking, the airline will charge around 75 USD. 
  • And the name change fee ranges up to 200 USD per way if you make corrections after crossing 24 hours of purchase.
  • Still having queries associated with United Airlines name change fee, immediately contact the airline via dialing the Customer Service Phone Number at any time. 

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How Can I Flight Change with United Airlines?

Do you wish to change your flight to United due to any reason? According to the United airways flight change policy, you can change the flight. If so, check out the following steps to change your flight with United.

  • Initially, visit the United Airlines official website.
  • Next, choose the My Trips section on the homepage.
  • Enter the booking confirmation number and the traveler’s last name.
  • Make corrections to your flight ticket as you want.
  • After making United airlines name correction, save them and wait for the confirmation mail.

You may get in touch with a live airline representative in case of doubts related to the United Airlines Name Correction policy.

Can I Update Only the Last Name on United Airlines Tickets?

Yes, United Airlines allows you to change last, middle, and first names on the flight tickets. According to the United name change policy, changes are divided into two categories: simple and significant changes.

You can only change a few characters in the last name on United flight tickets. And it can be done by raising a request to the airline.

However, if you make changes to the name after marriage or divorce, it is mandatory to submit the required documents to the airline. The airline will ask you to submit the documents such as a divorce decree or marriage license.

How Do I Change Name on United Airlines MileagePlus Account?

If you wish to change your name on the MileagePlus account on United Airlines, it is a must to follow the process given below. Here, we have provided you with the complete steps to do the same. Let’s apply the given steps one by one to change the name on the MileagePlus account.

  • Firstly, open the United Airlines MileagePlus account profile.
  • Next, click on the Edit option and start correcting the mistakes.
  • After making the corrections to the tickets, upload the mandatory documents.
  • Finally, wait at least two weeks to get the confirmation mail regarding the United name change on the ticket.

This way, you can make corrections to the United Airlines MileagePlus Account. To get additional information regarding the same, you may contact the airline or visit its official website anytime.

FAQs – United Name Change

Can I Change the Name Twice on a United Airlines Flight Ticket?

No! United Airlines issues only one ticket per passenger to make corrections on it. That is why you must be very attentive while modifying the flight tickets.

Does United Airlines Charge Fees for Changing Name on Tickets?

Yes, it is a must to pay the name change fee while making corrections to the United Airlines flight tickets after 24 hours of booking.

Do I Need to Change the Middle Name on United Airlines Tickets?

No! It is not required to add the middle name while booking a flight on United Airlines. So
you don’t need to worry if you have mistakenly entered the wrong middle name.

How to Change Name on United Airlines MileagePlus Account?

You must go through the MileagePlus account’s profile to change the name on United Airlines tickets. And then click on the Edit option.

How Can I Avoid a United Name Change Fee

If you don’t want to pay the name change fee on United Airlines, you should make corrections to the tickets within 24 hours of purchase.

Can I Change My Date of Birth on United Airlines Tickets?

No, United Airlines doesn’t allow you to change the date of birth or gender on the flight tickets.

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