United Airlines Seat Selection

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United Airlines Seat Selection procedure!

Do you want to sit closer to the front of the Aircraft on United? If yes, looking into United Airlines seat selection policy is essential. If you are looking for the seat selection procedure on United, you are here in the right place. The following post contains all the relevant information related to the same topic.

United Airlines Seat Selection

You can choose a seat or change your seats for most United-operated flights by visiting www.united.com, using a mobile application, or contacting a travel agent. To sit in the front row of the Aircraft, you should buy preferred seats in United Economy class. If you are interested to know more about the same, proceed further with this informative guide. 

Can I Choose My Seat on United Airlines? 

Yes! United seat selection policy permits you to choose all fare classes except the basic economy fare. You can change your seat after booking until the check-in window opens. To select your seats, you need to go to the Manage Reservations option. 

Now, you should get through the whole post to learn more about United Airlines seat selection policy and process.

United Airlines Seating options 

You can get five types of seats during booking, after booking, or at the time of check-in at the airport. United Airlines permits you to choose some fare classes for free, along with the option to upgrade. Let’s check out the following seating options with the fee structure offered by United. 

Standard Economy 

You can purchase a standard seat for free. However, there is no guarantee that you will get the desirable options. Although, you can get your favorite seats by paying the charges. 

Preferred Seats 

If you want to sit in a better location during your travel, purchase preferred seats during or after booking a flight with United. To sit on the front row of the Aircraft, you should buy your preferred seats. 

The cost of the preferred seats depends on your flight type and route. 

Economy Plus 

You can upgrade your seats to Economy Plus within the standard economy cabin. If you want a sit just behind first class, go with the Economy Plus seating option. In addition, you can get extra legroom space compared to regular economy class.

Basic Economy 

You will not get a complimentary seat selection for a Basic economy seat in any cabin. To select your basic economy seat, it is a must to pay the seat selection fee, or you will get the random seats for free. 

United Premium Plus Seats 

If you want a better class than economy one, purchase a premium plus seat. If you buy the premium plus cabin, you will get seats for free. 

First and Business Class 

You can choose your desired first and business seats for free if you purchase the first and business cabin. You should talk to a live person for any additional information by dialing the United Airlines Customer Service Number. 

Does United Airlines Charge for seat selection? 

Well, there is no charge to choose a seat on United Airlines. However, if you want to choose preferred seats, the airline will charge $9 each way as the United seat selection fee. Go through the following info to learn more about the fee structure. 

  • Economy Plus Upgrade: $16-$169 each way
  • Unaccompanied Minor Fee: $150 each way
  • Pet in Cabin Fee: $125 each way

To get additional information regarding United Airlines seat selection, you may dial the customer service number anytime. This way, you can easily connect with a live person at the airline. 

How Do I Pick My Seat on United Airlines?

As of now, you have learned about the United Airlines seating arrangements. Do you want to get the complete Procedure for making a seat selection? Then, you should apply the undermentioned instructions to pick your desired seat hassle-free. 

Select a seat at the time of booking 

  • Initially, visit the official website of United Airlines to start the booking process.
  • Look for the Booking section on the homepage of the official webpage.
  • After that, enter all the mandatory information to book your flight with United Airlines.
  • Now, you will automatically get the option of seat selection on your display.
  • After selecting your flight, enter the passenger information and choose the seat selection option.
  • It will redirect you to the seating map, where you can choose your desired seat.
  • You can also add a bundle while booking a flight on United to get discounts.
  • Finally, you need to complete the check-out process after selecting your desired seat.

Select seats after booking 

  • First, head to the official website of United Airlines.
  • Afterward, go to the Manage My Trips option under the My Trips section to choose your seat.
  • Here, you have to enter the required information to get your booking details.
  • Now, you will get the seat selection option from where you will lead to the seating maps.
  • Select your desired seat from the available options.
  • Finally, the airline will send you a confirmation mail with the new e-ticket.

Have further issues associated with the United seat selection procedure? If yes, visit its official website or dial the customer service number to clear all your doubts. United’s representatives are working around the clock to help you 24/7. 

How to choose seats onboard with United Airlines? 

Well, choosing your desired seats onboard United Airlines is quite simple. You can follow these steps to select the seats onboard. Call customer service and talk to a representative if you face difficulty applying these steps. 

  • First, launch any browser and access the official website of United Airlines. 
  • Next, go to the My Trips section and select the Manage Booking option.
  • After that, a seat map will appear on the screen. You can choose your desired seats from the vacant ones (white color). The gray color indicates that the seats are already taken.
  • Once you select the seat, it will redirect you to the next page.
  • Make a right-click to choose your seat and the return destination.
  • Choose the Continue option and enter your contact details to get the new e-ticket.
  • Finally, make the payment for the seat selection to confirm your booking.

Ensure you can choose or change seats for all fare classes except the economy cabin. Dial the United Customer Service Number to get additional information. 

When Does United Airlines Seat Map Open? 

You don’t need to worry about the seating arrangements on United Airlines. Since the airline makes it easy for you to choose the desired seats without hassle. If you wonder what time does United seat map opens, go through the following points. 

  • The seating map will display on the screen at the time of booking a flight with United Airlines. This map shows the seats’ layout that helps you know about the vacant seats.
  • You can see the seating map after booking only when you want to change seats. Go to the Manage Trips option under the My Trips section to get the seating map.

Can I get United preferred seats free at check-in?

Yes, you can get preferred seats at no cost at check-in. To make the seat selection, visit the official website of United, use the mobile app, or call the customer service number 1-800-864-8331/1-802-902-2009. 

Remember that you can make a seat selection 24 before the flight’s departure. 

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