Alaska Airlines First Class Upgrade

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How do I Upgrade to First Class on Alaska Airlines?

When it comes to upgrades, Alaska Airlines is one of the most generous. Alaska Airlines first class upgrade 2021 is available to all categories of elite members, and unlike other airlines, there is no payment to achieve Alaska’s status. 

MVP Gold 75K, MVP and MVP Gold are Alaska Airlines’ three premium categories. All Alaska Elite tiers are eligible for complimentary seats and upgrades to Premium and First Class on Alaska-operated flights.

Alaska Airlines Upgrade

Select Mileage Upgrade with your chosen upgrade when purchasing your flight to browse for upgradeable rates and verify seat availability and eligibility.

After you’ve purchased your ticket then you can call Alaska Airlines reservations at 1-802-231-1806 to claim a First Class upgrade award.

If available, you can get Alaska Airlines Upgrade on request through online check-in or at an airport check-in kiosk within 24 hours before your flight departure.

Up to 24 hours after the flight’s departure, paid upgrades to First Class are possible through online check-in. Additionally, on the day of departure, kiosks, airport ticket offices, and boarding gates will be open.

Advantages Of Alaska Airlines First-Class Service

The advantages of flying Alaska Airlines first class are numerous and long-lasting. When buying a First Class seat with an airline, here’s what to anticipate.

  • Two checked baggage are complimentary.
  • Check-in is expedited.
  • Priority boarding is available.
  • Select airports provide expedited security screening.
  • Mileage Plan bonus miles are increased by 75%.
  • Access to the Alaska Lounge is free.
  • Wi-Fi and high-speed internet are available.
  • Food and beverage service is available on all flights exceeding 670 miles, with the option to order ahead of time via the mobile app.
  • On flights above 350 kilometers, complimentary food baskets, bottled water, and alcoholic drinks are provided.
  • You have the privilege to Pre-order fruit and cheese plates on flights over 670 kilometers.
  • Seats with footrests, tablet holders, and cup holders are spacious and reclining.
  • For individual care, a flight attendant is there in the first-class cabin.

What are Complimentary Upgrades & How they Work?

Fares that are eligible for an upgrade right away

Depending on availability, certain prices allow for an instant upgrade to First Class. In case, if you book a fare for elite status and there is space on your flight then you will get an upgrade instantly.

Upgrade window for nonrefundable awards and discounted flights

If you bought one of the airline’s qualified reduced fares and couldn’t upgrade right away, you’ll be placed in a wait until an upgrade opportunity opens.

Elite group upgrades will be canceled so that the fare classes are booked when the upgrade opportunity opens. If an upgrade is not available for your flight, you will be placed in a queue for an upgrade depending on the price class you have selected.

Alaska Airlines Mileage Upgrade To First Class

When purchasing your ticket, you can spend Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan miles on upgrading your journey. Flights conducted on behalf of Alaska Airlines or Skywest are authorized.

Firstly, go to and then fill out the shipping/destination information as normal in the booking area. Then, select “Miles” from the list of upgrade fare categories after your flight has been displayed. Now, upgrades are finally denoted with an “F” in the solid blue field. 

The cost of upgrading to first class each way is 15,000 miles under the Mileage Plan.

Alaska Airlines Upgrade to First Class With Miles

Using miles on a ticket or an existing booking, anybody may upgrade to First Class. However, within 24 hours of departure, you can upgrade an existing ticket to Alaska or SkyWest (on behalf of Alaska) by using online check-in.

On the day of departure, flyers can purchase upgrades at the kiosk, airport ticket office, or boarding gate. Updates are, of course, contingent on availability and are more likely to originate from less-traveled paths.

Miles Price For A One Way Trip

  • 0-450 Miles- $29
  • 451-700 miles- $49
  • 701-1400 miles- $99
  • 1401- 2100 miles- $149
  • 2101 miles and longer- $199

How do I upgrade my seat on Alaska Airlines?

You must wait until the elite window opens to obtain your free premium upgrade if you buy a ticket that you cannot cancel immediately. This occurs 72 hours before departure for Gold MVP members and 48 hours before departure for MVP members.

How much does it cost to upgrade a flight to first class?

An upgrade to First Class will cost 15,000 or 25,000 miles, depending on your destination and the class you initially purchased. Depending on the class and location, you will have to spend between $75 and $550 to upgrade in any class other than Business Class.

Can First Class passengers use Alaska Lounge?

To get access to the Alaska Lounge, passengers must present their First Class boarding pass to the Alaska Lounge staff. Passengers promoted to First Class (booked in U) are not eligible for Alaska lounge access, whether it is free, purchased, or exchanged.

Does Alaska First Class include baggage?

On Alaska Airlines flights within Alaska state, checked luggage is free. All other flights charge $30 for the first bag (first class is free), $40 for the second bag (first class is free), and $100 for three or more bags.

Can you bring alcohol to Alaska Airlines?

There are no limitations on the amount of alcohol you may carry in your checked luggage.

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