Sun Country Airlines Cancellation Policy

Posted By: Admin 9 Sep, 2020

Sun Country being an American Low-cost-airline that determines to make traveling and flight experience easy for its travelers. Different Sun Country Airlines reservations have distinctive cancellation and refund policies. There are a few things that you must know about the cancellation process of your flight tickets. Let’s unwrap some of those pointers for you to have exquisite flying experience.

  • All sun country Airlines reservations are non-refundable; hence the airline is not entitled to provide any kind of refunds. It does not matter what fare-type, city of origin, and destination you have. Sun Country will not entertain a cancellation request.
  • However, the airline permits its passengers to change their Sun Country Airlines reservations with an extra fee. Depending upon your urgency, you will be able to change a different time, route, date, or itinerary for your journey. The airline will charge you depending upon the availability of the changes you have opted for. 
  • By paying the difference amount between your newly updated and last paid fare, you can make changes to your journey. You will get an automatic email in your inbox with updated flight details. 
  • This is to be noted that Sun country does not allow flight changes to all fare-classes. In case of clearing your doubts about your eligibility for changes, please reach out to the helpline number of Sun Country Airlines reservations department.

The Airline will only allow you to cancel your reservation only when you have purchased your ticket from Sun Country’s official website. You will have to cancel your reservation within the first 24 hours of its making to get a full refund of the booking amount. However, to access this service, your tickets must be booked at least seven or more days before the actual travel date. 

The more carefully you check, the better it is for your journey. Visit the official Sun country website, Login using your credentials, and retrieve your reservation by exploring the Manage my Booking Tab. You can do multiple things using this same option, from canceling your flight, requesting for in-flight extras, check-in for your flight, add special services, flight upgrades, and whatnot. Sun country is tirelessly improving its user-services to enhance the travel experience of its passengers. 

The Airline has a trained army of on-ground staff and a well-versed cabin crew on its flight to help you throughout your journey. If you have trouble understanding any policy or need something, you can just call out for help, and the airline staff will provide you with everything needed. If you are, in any case, not able to reach the helpline number, you can always pay a short visit to the airline ticketing office at the airport and ask for answers. We are sure you will be provided with everything you need. You can avoid any last-minute chaos by being just a little bit aware. Leave your travel-related worries on Sun Country Airlines and travel carefree. The Airline will take care of your flight and you should remember assistance is always available!

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