Are Sun Country Tickets Refundable?

Posted By: Admin 22 Jun, 2020

Sun Country Airlines Reservations is a cheap airline having over 30 aircraft connecting to 50 different countries in the world.Sun Country Reservations provide classy services with world-class amenities providing support to customers at each step of the journey for a comfortable flight. The airlines provide passenger-friendly services for flight cancellation policies and refund policies.  

Introduction with Sun Country Airlines Cancellation and Refund policy is important to understand about booking and cancellation policies well in advance for smooth and hassle-free experience while booking tickets. Sun Country Airlines Reservations are smooth and flexible, providing many options to customers. 

  • If you are planning to change your flight 60 days before departure, you do not have to pay any additional fees or cancel your flight.
  • Book flights with Sun Country Reservations directly by going to their website.
  • It has been seen that there has been a reduction in the cancellation fees. At present, if any cancellation or change is made within 60 days before departure, you have to pay $50 for the same, and if the cancellation is between 14-59 days before departure, you have to pay $100 for the same.
  • Passengers can cancel their bookings within 24 hours from the time of booking. Full refunding of the tickets will be one in that case. As per Sun Country Airlines Reservations, passengers can claim a refund if it is applicable at the time of the cancellation of the booking.
  • The passengers can get a partial refund, or they might not get any refund if the booking was made one week before the journey. The refund amount depends on the amount of the fare. The refunded amount will be reflected in your bank account within 7-9 days when the payment is made online. 

Cancellation procedure followed by Sun Country reservations

  • Go to the website of Sun Country Airlines and choose “Manage My Travel,” and by following some simple instructions, you will be able to cancel your flight booking.
  • Keep the credentials and flight details ready as it will be required in the cancellation policy. 
  • You can check the refund status in the “My Bookings” option. 
  • If you have purchased tickets with the help of an agent, then you can discuss it with them to help you with the refund of the tickets. If you have got your tickets from the ticket counter at the airport, you can get in contact with the airport authorities and cancel your tickets online.

In case of refund

When you are canceling your ticket through Sun Country Airlines Reservations, you need to contact Sun Country Phone Number and raise a query from your end professionally. Sun Country Airlines is known for having a professional team. And, the main query solving is done solely by the customer support team. The support team deals with all national and international flights. 

So, sun country tickets are refundable provided they are booked according to the prescribed time limit within which the refund policy falls. Protection Status