Complete Guide On Qatar Airways Privilege Club

Posted By: Admin 24 Mar, 2021

What is Qatar Airways Privilege Club?

Qatar Airways privilege club is a frequent flyer program through which flyers can enjoy a range of incredible perks for a premium travel class experience. You can earn points and redeem them on flight bookings and other travel purchases. 

There might be a possibility that you might have a last-minute change in your travel plans. With the help of the Qatar airways manage booking feature available on its official site, you can easily upgrade your flight information such as the date and the origin of your trip and add extra services to your already booked flight reservation depending on your latest travel plans. 

Different tiers of Privilege Club Membership

The privilege club is categorized into four membership tiers including Burgundy, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Each type has its own benefits and is mentioned below.

  • Burgundy Tier

  1. i) Each family member of Burgundy members can get a mileage of 25% on all eligible flight bookings.
  2. ii) You can enjoy priority stand-by.

iii) Being a member, you can shop and pay through Qatar airways miles and save money.

  1. iv) Members will also get Flexi awards and 100% mileage per family member on non-air partner transactions. 
  • Silver Tier

  1. i) Being a silver member, frequent flyers can get up to a 25% membership bonus on all applicable flights run and operated by Qatar Airways.
  2. ii) Get the lounge access.

iii) Fly with excess baggage allowance.

  1. iv) Silver members can enjoy priority boarding, check-in, and stand-by.
  2. v) You can also make a seat selection of your preferred seats in advance.
  3. vi) Get Flexi awards through the Silver membership.

vii) 50% mileage per family member is given on all eligible Qatar Airways flights.

viii) Do shopping and pay through Qatar airways miles.

  • Gold Tier 

  1. i) Gold members can get up to a 75% tier bonus on all applicable flights operated by Qatar Airways.
  2. ii) Get 100% mileage per family member on all eligible flights.

iii) Enjoy the perks of priority check-in, boarding, and stand-by.

  1. iv) Make an advance seat selection for choosing your preferred seats.
  2. v) Exclusive discounts on online redemptions.
  3. vi) Avail Al Maha meet and assist gold services.

vii) You can also redeem up to 40 Qcredits to upgrade your flight ticket and request extra baggage allowance. 

viii) Being a gold member, you can enjoy lounge access.

  • Platinum Tier

  1. i) Get 100% tier bonus and 100% mileage per family member on all eligible flights operated by Qatar Airways.
  2. ii) Platinum members can enjoy the perks of priority boarding, stand-by, and flight check-in.

iii) You can also get your preferred seats by making an advance seat reservation.

  1. iv) Enjoy the access to the lounge and extra baggage allowance.
  2. v) Being a member, one can also get Flexi awards.
  3. vi) Get up to 60 Qcredits to redeem your earned points for any upgrades, excess baggage allowance, and many more services.

vii) Enjoy discounts on online redemptions.

viii) No expiry of Qatar airways miles.

How to earn Qpoints on Qatar Airways privilege club?

Flyers are given Qpoints to upgrade or renew your Qatar Airways privilege club tier. However, the number of earned points depends on your travel sector, the airline you are traveling on, and your ticket fare. The Qpoints can be earned for any flight run and operated by Qatar Airways or OneWorld member airline. 

How to earn Qatar airways miles?

One can earn Qmiles if you or your nominated family member fly on Qatar Airways or one of its partner airlines. Another way of earning miles is by using one of the 100 global partners for meeting your travel needs. You can check the number of Qmiles you will earn on your flight through Qcalculator. 

Members can redeem their earned Qmiles for traveling to almost 1000 destinations on Qatar flights or its airline partners. Apart from this, you can also redeem your miles for any upgrades and excess baggage allowance. Redeeming miles can also become your alternative method to make payment at Qatar Duty-Free at the departure and arrival areas. 

So, what’s the wait for? Hurry Up, and join the Qatar Airways privilege club to get exclusive benefits. Feel free to reach the airline and communicate to the flight representative through the Qatar airways customer service phone number +1-802-231-1806. 

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