KLM Airlines Cancellation Policy

KLM Airlines Cancellation Policy

Posted By: Admin 11 Sep, 2020

KLM Airlines Cancellation Policy: The airline allows you to change your details, cancel your booking, apply for a refund depending on the fare conditions of your KLM reservations. The airline understands the importance of sudden changes in plans and gives you the proper flexibility to be sure about your journey. 

KLM airline also offers a 24-hour cancellation policy that enables you to cancel your booking free of charge within the first 24 hours of its making. You are entitled to a full refund of your booking amount and will be reimbursed accordingly. For usual tickets booked using the website of KLM, you will find the cancellation policies attached to your ticket mentioned in the booking confirmation email. You can request a refund online for your canceled KLM flights. 

Passengers are allowed to make standard changes to their changeable bookings in their reservation details such as travel dates, time, and destination, etc. We will be explaining a few steps that you can follow to change your reservation details.

You can simply follow the directions below:

  • Go to the ‘My Trips’ option. If you have already checked-in, you will have to cancel your check-in in order to make changes to your flight. Click on the ‘Change Flights’ button in the flight details section. 
  • Make the necessary changes to your flight timings, dates, and destination. The newly updated fare is lower or higher than the amount paid by you; it will start reflecting on your screen.
  • If you had purchased any extra services for your flight, you would have to reserve them once again. If the same options are not available on your new flight, then you can apply for the paid service amount. You most probably will get credit vouchers in case of any remaining value.
  • Recheck and confirm your flight changes. You can save the changes by paying the price difference between the last amount paid and your newly updated fare. If the new price is cheaper, then you will get a refund or the vouchers for the excessive amount.

Once you are through with the process, you will get a new confirmation from KLM Airlines Cancellation Policy with your updated flight details. You can always check your travel info online using the ‘My Trips’ option on your mobile or KLM app. You will get your updated tickets in a separate mail altogether. 

How can I request flight changes via telephone?

The airline will help you with everything you need, including the arrangement of any flight-related changes. You can call the helpline number of the KLM reservations department.

The changes, of course, are subject to an applied fee. Passengers traveling with fully flexible tickets don’t have to pay any such payment. For further clarification, you can call the reservations team at your convenience. If you have booked tickets with KLM & plan to cancel it within 24 hours then you will get full refund without any charges.

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