KLM Reservations Pet Policy

Posted By: Admin 9 Sep, 2020

KLM Airlines Pet Policy

Wish to make your four-legged friend a part of your journey? If yes, then opt for KLM Reservations and take your furry friend along with you without any hassle. On most of the KLM flights, you can take either cat or dog on-board. It is advised to learn about the important terms and conditions first before making bookings for your pets. Always make separate booking for your pets by calling the airline’s customer service at least 48 hours before the flight take-off. To facilitate the travelers, we have compiled the list of facts that you should know before getting the flight booking done. 

Important Things to Know About KLM Airlines Pet Policy

Here are some important points that you should be aware of before reserving a seat for your furry friend on KLM Airlines flight. Pets can be either taken in the flight cabin or shipped as cargo, depending on the type, weight, and size of the animal. 

Pets in Cabin

  • The pet must be at least 10 weeks old otherwise, it will not be accepted on the flight.
  • The travelers must have to bring the pet in the particular pet container whose maximum dimensions must not exceed 46 X 28 X 24cm. Your pet must be able to move around and lay down in the pet container. 
  • The combined weight of the pet and the container must be up to 8kg.
  • The pet container must be kept under the seat in front of you. 
  • It is important to note down the fact that only a limited number of pet containers are allowed to carry in both Economy and Business Class and thus, you should make KLM Reservations well in advance to avoid any hustle. 
  • If you are flying on the Business Class of the intercontinental flight, then you will not be allowed to bring the pet. 
  • If the weight of the pet and container together exceed 8kg, then you must have to ship your pet as cargo; however, the maximum weight must not exceed 75kg. 
  • 2 adult animals of the same breed and comparable size can be kept inside the one pet container. 


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