Delta Airlines Missed Flight Policy

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Delta Airlines Missed Flight Policy

Anyone can miss a flight under various circumstances. You might get stuck in hours of traffic, have an emergency, or anything else. If you are someone who is about to or has missed his Delta Airlines flight, you will find all the answers to the most common questions we receive on Delta missed flight.

Delta Airlines is a major airline that helps people fly from one location to another with its 750+ flights. The airline faces a missed flight situation on a regular basis, and this is why it has made sure that it is prepared for it. From the right procedure to missed flight policy, Delta has it all.

If you have queries and worry about your refund, you have come to the right place. Let’s see what Delta Airlines has in store for the people missing their flights.

What Happens If You Miss Your Flight Delta?

Delta Airlines understands that people can miss their flights now and then unintentionally. Therefore, the airline ensures that its passengers do not face any unnecessary loss. Whenever you think you might be able to catch your flight, immediately contact the airline.

Once you inform the airline about your situation, a representative from its team will find the most appropriate solution for you. Usually, the airline handles Delta Airlines booking missed flight situations as it comes instead of applying the same set of rules.

However, there still exists a missed flight policy with the basic terms and conditions that a passenger has to follow in case of a flat-tier situation or a no-show.

What is the Policy of Delta Missed Flight

If someone misses a flight, Delta tries to look for a solution as per the current scenario. Although it has a basic frameset of rules and conditions that it follows when someone informs them about a missed flight.

Let’s see what the ground rules at Delta are!

  • If you think that you will not be able to reach the airport on time to board your flight, call the airline and pre-inform them.
  • Although the airline does not have a flat-tire policy, but if you reach the airport within 2 hours after your flight departs, you can book the next flight flying out to your destination.
  • The passengers who do not want another flight ticket can claim a refund instead. The airline only provided a complete refund to the people who had a refundable flight ticket.
  • As per Delta missed flight policy, a person who cancels a non-refundable ticket will not get a refund. However, he can take a future flight with the airline.
  • People who do not board a flight and do not even inform the airline will lose all their money.

Keep these points in mind the next time you are running late to catch a Delta flight.

How To Book New Delta Reservation After Missing A Flight?

Once you have missed your flight and canceled your reservation, you can book a new ticket on another flight available for your journey by yourself. Just head to the online site of the airline and go along the steps mentioned below.

To get a new Delta flight ticket, open the site or the app on your browser.

  •  Enter your account credentials and log into your account.
  • Once done, go tote book a flight option on the homepage of the site.
  • There, enter your travel dates and other details as asked and hit the search flights button.
  • Look for the next flight you want to book and move to the subsequent page.
  • Here pay the difference between the two bookings, and you are good to fly on another Delta airlines flight.
  • Once the airline confirms your bookings, it will send you an email about the same.

In case you do not want a new booking, you can ask for a refund from the same site.

People usually come up with the question, what happens if I miss my flight delta? We have tried to answer in the best possible way and have provided all the necessary information someone might need.

In case you still have more doubts, you can always contact us at our customer services help desk phone number, and an expert from our team will help you through the process

Delta Phone Number For Travel Outside United States ( 24*7)

International Sales & Service1-800-241-4141


1-800-323-2323 for SkyMiles Members

1-800-325-1999 for Flight Information

Speech Impaired (TDD) & Hearing1-800-831-4488

Delta Missed Flight-FAQs

Does Delta Give Credit for Missed Flights?

If you have a refundable ticket and have to cancel it because you will not be able to catch the flight on time, the airline will credit all the money back to you. However, people with non-refundable tickets do not get any refund. They can only use that amount to book a future Delta reservation.

How much do I have to pay if I miss my flight?

Delta Airlines does not charge any extra money on rebooking or canceling a Delta airlines booking. All you have to pay is for the flight difference if you book another flight on the same day.

What will happen if I miss a delta flight without informing the airline?

It is always important to inform the airline if you think that you might not reach the airport on time to board a flight. However, if you do not, the airline forfeits your money and considers your booking canceled. You can’t even use any credit for future bookings thereafter.

Does Delta have a flat-tire policy?

Delta tries to find solutions for each missed flight. It does not have a flat-tire condition under Delta missed flight policy. Nonetheless, if you reach the airport within2 hours of your flight’s departure time, the airline might put you on its next flight.

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