Delta Middle Seat Policy

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Delta Airlines Middle Seat Policy.

As we all know, during the pandemic, Delta Airlines came up with a Delta middle seat policy that includes the important norms to restrict the booking of middle seats on Delta Airlines. This means, Delta airlines middle seat blocking policy of Delta, you are not allowed to book the middle seat.

As one of the most responsible airline companies across the globe, Delta Airlines always knows how to take care of its passengers. That is why Delta Airlines came up with this policy to help their passengers have safe travel during this COVID pandemic.

The Delta blocking middle seat policy was valid till April 20, 2021. As of now, this policy has been terminated by Delta Airlines. If you are willing to know about this seat blocking policy of Delta Airlines, then check out the important points mentioned below:

Take a look at the restrictions that Delta Airlines includes in this middle seat blocking policy:

  • Delta Airlines is completing 75% of maximum seat capacity during the pandemic.
  • Also, Delta Airlines will block one passage of seat.
  • If you are looking to book the adjacent seat in the first class of Domestic Delta Airlines flight, you will not get your seat booked due to this policy during the pandemic.
  • Delta blocked middle seat for all the flights of premium select, comfort+ and economy.
  • If you are traveling with two or three people, you can select the adjacent seat.

But after the pandemic, Delta Airlines terminates the Delta middle seat policy, and everything goes as normal as before. Now, the valuable passengers can purchase the middle seat on any travel class of Delta.

Along with the middle seat blocking policy of Delta airlines booking, you should also learn about the actions taken by Delta Airlines to keep the safety of their global passengers. Check the below-mentioned information carefully:

  • Apart from the Delta middle seat blocking policy, Delta Airlines also take care of the cleanliness of their aircraft. So, Delta came up with the clean standards which every Delta flight needs to fulfil.
  • Also, Delta Airlines takes care of the high-quality beverage and food services for all the domestic and international Delta flights.
  • With the new cleanliness norms, Delta Airlines only allows ten passengers to onboard at a time.

Is Delta Blocking Middle Seat? 

Yes, during the pandemic outbreak, Delta has blocked the middle seat on their flights. You can get more information related to Delta Airlines blocking middle seat through the official website of Delta Airlines.

You can also consult with the customer service to get more information related to the blockage of middle seat. The best you can do is check out the details included in the airline delta middle seat blocking policy.

With this policy, you will get all the important information that can make you understand the entire concept of blocking middle seat. Also, you will find several more details about the precautions taken by Delta Airlines during the pandemic.

Is Delta still Blocking Middle Seat?

No, at the present meantime, you will not see blocking of Delta Airlines’ middle seat. The seat blocking policy was till April of 2021. You can now book the middle seat easily and without experiencing any restrictions.

During the pandemic, the precautions taken by Delta Airlines were the best and top-notch as compared to many other airline companies. The cleanliness and hygiene that Delta Airlines deliver to their passengers are best-in-class. That’s why, even during the pandemic, passengers prefer traveling on Delta Airlines.

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Delta Airlines Middle Seat FAQ’s

Is Delta blocking the middle seat?

Delta Airlines Middle Seat blocking decision has given many customers a cause to fly Delta last year. Delta’s staff’s hallmark friendliness and their daily experiences have further strengthened their faith in the airline.

Delta Airlines has put a pause on blocking middle seats, formally eliminating social separation on aircraft. Since, air traffic continues to grow dramatically in recent weeks, with ticket sales climbing and screening of over one million people per day at airport checkpoints.

Delta was the last holdout, announcing that it will no longer block middle seats on Saturday. The airline originally used the technique more than a year ago when the coronavirus decimated the number of passengers flying.

Is Delta Airlines selling middle seats?

Delta Air Lines will begin selling middle seats on flights on May 1, 2021, more than a year after deciding to leave them empty in order to promote separation. Delta started to block middle seat reservations in April 2020 and stated that the airline would maintain its Delta Airlines Middle Seat blocking policy to provide travellers with peace of mind.
Delta would also offer consumers additional time to redeem travel credits that were about to expire. All new tickets purchased in 2021, as well as credits set to expire this year, will now be valid until 2022.

Is Delta leaving the middle seat empty?

Delta Airlines Middle Seat blocking no longer exists, making it the last U.S. airline to eliminate the pandemic-era practice. Delta extended the practice through April earlier this year.

Is Delta still loading back to front?

Delta Air Lines would no longer board flights back-to-back, ending one of the remaining coronavirus pandemic-era practices in the aviation sector. Since then, Delta has continued to welcome consumers back onboard while exploring new ways to keep people moving quickly and improve the airport experience.

Delta will also reintroduce virtual queuing. Customers will know when their specific seat, rather than the entire flight, is boarding using the company’s app.

What does an unavailable seat on Delta mean?

Although the seats users picked were available when users began the assignment procedure, it is possible that a seat was allocated to another user before the user completed its transaction. If the seats you want aren’t available on the seat map, users can get a seat assignment when they check-in.

Customers with certain categories of disability can request special seats at Delta. This may necessitate changing another person’s pre-assigned seat occasionally, with bulkhead seats being particularly susceptible to rearrangement.

Does Delta have full flights?

Delta Airlines Middle Seat blocking policy has been discontinued for around a year. Beginning May 1, the Atlanta-based carrier said that it would resume selling its flights to 100% capacity, ending a year-long middle-seat ban.

Flyers have the option of selecting any seat throughout the booking process. Since, travel options are opening across countries their is possibilities that many flights will reach their full capacity. If you’re reserving two adjacent seats to get some extra space, you’ll want to avoid Delta basic economy tickets because they don’t come with prior seat allocations.

Delta is removing the Delta Airlines Middle Seat ban, but it’s also introducing a new elite-status fast-track program, prolonging voucher expiration until 2022, and resuming in-flight food and beverage service.

How long will Delta block middle seats?

Delta has however removed its Middle seat blocking policy. During Pandemic time Delta did perform mid seat blocking and continue to extend it, although the airline also stated clearly that delta can further scale back it until being phased out entirely in early 2021.

Delta Airlines Middle Seat blocking policy is still being tweaked. As of early 2021, the airline has transitioned from blocking seats. Airline did it so that no one can sit next to a stranger

  • restricting capacity at 70%,
  • capping capacity at 85%, and
  • finally, no longer blocking middle seats.

How do I choose my seat on a Delta main cabin?

  • Firstly, Log in to your Delta account
  • Then, check on your flight once the seat selection window opens seven days before your departure.
  • Check out for the “Select Seat” button, which is usually grey in color for passengers in basic economy.
  • Alternatively, simply open the flight in your Delta app and select “Purchase Seat.”

How does seating work with Delta?

Log in to your Delta account and check on your flight once the seat selection window opens seven days before your departure. You’ll be able to use the “Select Seat” button, which is usually grey in color for passengers in basic economy. Alternatively, simply open the flight in your Delta app and select “Purchase Seat.”

Is Delta denying Basic Economy passengers access to centre seats?

 Delta is no longer blocking middle seats As of May 1, 2021, thereby putting an end to social segregation on aircraft. A plague period in the air comes to an end: no more social distance on airplanes. Delta was the last holdout, announcing that it will no longer block middle seats on Saturday.

When And Where Can I Buy Delta Premium Select?

Delta Premium Select is available for purchasing through, app, kiosk, Delta Reservations, and agencies. After purchasing your original Main Cabin experience, you will have the option to upgrade to Delta Premium Select if it is available.

Will Delta seat my family together?

On request, Delta makes every effort to seat family members together. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Reservations to examine available seating alternatives if you are unable to secure seat assignments for your family.

Why are some Delta seats unavailable?

During the Delta seat reservation process, it is possible that the seat you want is available at the time you want it, but before you finish the booking process, the seat is given to another person. If the seats you want aren’t available on the seat map, you can get a seat assignment when you check-in.

Does Delta keep middle seats open?

Delta’s policy of seat blocking is no longer in place. The Atlanta-based carrier will restart selling all of its flights to capacity, lifting a year-long ban on middle seats. On May 1, 2021, the airline resumed selling to capacity, filling middle seats.

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