What are the cheapest days to FLY Southwest?

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Cheapest days to FLY Southwest Airlines

Want to save even more money on Southwest flights? According to the trend of travelers using the airline’s services, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday are the cheapest days to fly southwest airlines. Even though the airline is a low-cost carrier with flights to over 100 locations, experienced travelers nevertheless utilize various tactics to save even more money.

Airlines introduce the cheapest days to fly in the hopes that the cheaper fares would encourage flyers to take the trip they have been considering because most of us don’t want to fly on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Saturdays. The easiest option to obtain Southwest tickets on these inexpensive days is to call a Southwest customer service phone number. The airline has a specialized customer care staff that efficiently manages each client’s needs.

Which days of the week are the cheapest to fly Southwest?

If you came to this website seeking cheapest days to fly southwest.  Here is our best advice on how to save money on Southwest flights.

  • You may save a lot of money if you plan your vacation around the cheapest days to fly southwest: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday.
  • Make reservations as soon as possible! If you want to obtain inexpensive Southwest tickets, book at least 2-3 months ahead of time.
  • Take advantage of the Southwest cheap fare calendar to receive the best discounts on Southwest Airlines.
  • Research other flight options to find the best Southwest Airlines deal.
  • Redeem your rewards for discounted Southwest tickets.

Low Fare Calendar of Southwest Airlines: How to book?

Southwest Airlines Low Fare Calendar is a specific calendar that allows you to browse by month and quickly see which dates have the greatest pricing. Instead of looking for specific dates, the Low Fare Calendar will help you figure out the ideal days to travel within a month.

Here are the steps outlined to cheapest day of week to fly southwest via Southwest Airline Low Fare Calendar: 

  • Firstly, go to the Southwest website and search for the Low Fare Calendar on the left-hand side.
  • Select the month in which you want to travel.
  • Choose your departure and return dates.
  • After selecting a date, the website will provide the flight time.
  • Fill in the departure time, several stops, and weekdays.
  • The system will show a list of fares to choose from regardless of low fares on the Low Fare Calendar.
  • Proceed with the bookings if the dates and times are convenient for you.

If you have any questions, you may call Southwest Airlines Customer Service, and they will walk you through the rest of the procedure.

Cheapest Flight Tickets to fly Southwest: Best Time 

The ideal time to book Southwest Airlines tickets or the cheapest days to fly southwest airlines is three months to 30 days in advance. After 30 days, almost all of the reduced fares go.

However, others had reported that they looked for a cheaper cost the day before their journey and rebooked, so you never know. Unless it’s part of a Southwest package, the bargains are usually gone if you wait too long after the three-month mark.

Cheapest Flight Tickets to fly Southwest: Best Places

Some cities have significantly lower fares than others. Cities such as Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Denver are among the Southwest destinations where travelers may find the cheapest flight tickets.

Cheapest Flight Tickets to fly Southwest FAQs

When do Southwest’s fares go down?

Every Tuesday at 3 p.m., Southwest sends out special rates to all of their Click ‘N Save customers via email every week on Monday evening, and by Tuesday afternoon, they’ve price-matched rival airlines typically.

When is the cheapest day of week to fly southwest?

While the best time to buy Southwest airlines tickets varies, a rough rule of thumb is to buy around 3 p.m. eastern time on Tuesdays when the airline has matched other airline discount pricing. Also, set up flight notifications for southwest airlines booking, since offers might appear out of nowhere, and being prepared can save you a lot of money.

What are the best ways to save money on a Southwest flight?

Even though Southwest frequently has some of the most affordable flights, there are still a few simple strategies to save even more money. Here are some methods to save money on Southwest Airlines flights.

  • Use Southwest Low Fare Calendar. 
  • Skip EarlyBird.
  • Get your booking done on Tuesday (cheapest day of week to fly southwest)
  • Fly on holidays for free drinks. 
  • Watch for sales 

Are Southwest airfares cheaper when they initially go on sale?

Southwest only announces approximately 4-12 weeks of flights, and fare costs are frequently at their lowest when they are initially issued, especially on popular routes. These fare are generally best for people generally looking out for cheapest days to fly southwest.  

Is buying Southwest tickets at the airport a better deal?

The majority of airlines do not offer discounted fares at the airport. Airlines like Southwest provide the lowest airfare on southwest airlines booking straight on their website.

How long in advance can I do Southwest airlines Booking?

Southwest Airlines conducts things a little differently than other airlines, allowing you to book trips up to 11 months in advance. They disclose their fares in installments, up to seven months in advance. Southwest Airlines flights were only available to book until late April 2022 as of earlier this week.

When does Southwest announce new flight schedules?

ET at 7 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.

Every four to ten weeks, new flights and dates are usually announced. Southwest releases new flights in batches on the scheduled date, usually between 7 and 10:30 a.m. ET.

What is Wanna Get Away Southwest, and how does it work?

Southwest Wanna Get Away prices allow customers to save money on travel expenses. Southwest offers no change or cancellation costs, and every traveler can check two bags for free. All Southwest customers, including Wanna Get Away travelers, are eligible for these additional benefits.

When does Southwest change its fares?

The schedule update populates through the system overnight; thus, there is no specific timing. The new dates are usually fully accessible to book about 5 a.m. CST, although this isn’t always the case.

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