Lufthansa Manage Booking Option

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Lufthansa Manage Booking

Lufthansa is not only the largest traditional airline in Germany or is among the largest airlines in the world, but is also one of the best carriers. It holds a fleet of 355 aircraft that transports more than 345,000 passengers daily. It connects around 81 destinations across the globe. Passengers traveling with Lufthansa Airlines booking have expressed they had the best inflight experience. If you are traveling with the airline and are looking for the best ways for the Lufthansa Manage Booking option, then read along. 

History of Lufthansa Airlines

The Airlines was established in 1953 and belonged to Deutsche Lufthansa A G Group. Its headquarters in the city of Cologne. It bases principal operations s at the Munich International Airport and Frankfurt International Airport. The Lufthansa Group transported more than 142 million passengers every year. More than 1.2 million flights per worldwide between flights operated by Lufthansa, Swiss, and Edelweiss Air, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, and Eurowings. 

Why Book Tickets With Lufthansa?

With its outstanding subsidiaries like International Airlines, Air Dolomiti, Brussels Airlines, SunExpress, and many others, Lufthansa has created an unbreakable trust amongst travelers. Both on the domestic and international front, Lufthansa covers innumerable beautiful destinations across the world, including Frankfurt, Munich, Zurich, London, Vienna, Amsterdam, Paris, Copenhagen, Geneva, Milan, Stockholm, and many others.

The Airlines provide you top-quality service, cheap tickets, innumerable last-minute deals, and festive offers. If you are planning to go on a holiday or a business trip, then make sure you do book your Lufthansa flight tickets for some exclusive discounts and A+ service without any fuss. If you wish to get your tickets now at Lufthansa, all you need to do is to follow a few important steps. Have a look!

How do I book Lufthansa Airlines Flight Tickets?

  • Major ways to book tickets:
  • From the Airport
  • By visiting the KIOSK Centre
  • Via Lufthansa Airlines Official App
  • Via Lufthansa Airlines Official Website
  • By calling at Lufthansa Airlines customer service

Though all the methods are easy for booking tickets, we will be discussing the two major ones here. There are basically two important ways to book your flight with Lufthansa; through the official website and via call. Here, we have given the brief steps for the same; take a quick glance:

Booking Lufthansa Airlines Tickets via Official Site:

  • Open login to your account with the help of username and password.
  • If you are a first-time user, you will be required to register your account with email verification.
  • Log in and go to the Flight Booking section.
  • Select your preferred destination (to and from) along with the time and date.
  • Provide all the details related to the passenger.
  • Complete the payment process.
  • You will receive the booking details on your registered email ID.

Booking Lufthansa Airlines Tickets via Customer Service:

The most common and convenient method for Lufthansa Airlines Reservations is to call its customer service department. As the experts of Lufthansa are always (round the clock) available at your service, you would never face issues while connecting with them. Just call Lufthansa Airlines Reservations Number, and you will be quickly connected to the representative who will assist you throughout with bookings, reservations, or cancellations.

Find out Some Lufthansa Customer Service Phone Number as Shown Below:

  • Lufthansa booking phone number Germany + 49 69 86799799
  • Lufthansa reservations phone number Frankfurt airport  1800 102 5838
  • Online Lufthansa booking telephone number  1800 102 5838
  • Lufthansa booking help desk number  011-49745000 (Service Request)
  • Lufthansa group booking phone number  1800 102 5838
  • Lufthansa group travel phone number  011 6123 0303
  • For Lufthansa Manage booking  800 645 3880
  • Lufthansa manage booking ticket number inquiry  1-877-737-7583

Lufthansa Manage Booking Options

Lufthansa Manage Booking Option helps passengers to make any kind of changes with their reservations. Travelers can Select Seats, change or cancel a reservation, rebook a flight, request any special meals or other services. You may visit the Manage Booking section to make the following requests:

  • Reserve your seats using Lufthansa Airlines Manage Booking and select your seats as per your comfort and preferences. 
  • Make changes to your seat selection. You may even add or change seat type after making a booking. Passengers have around 52 hours to make any changes related to their seats.
  • Change or cancel your Lufthansa Airlines reservation. 
  • Also, passengers can even select hotels or car rentals from this option.

Baggage Policy for Lufthansa Airlines

Lufthansa Manage Bookings options are smooth and easy to understand, even for first-time travelers. Their baggage policy is as follows:

Carry-on Baggage Policy

Like other traditional airlines, Lufthansa operates a carry-on policy that allows carrying different pieces of carry-on luggage depending on the class we have chosen when booking the flight. In this way, one piece of luggage that can be a handbag, personal bag, or laptop, can be carried as carry-on luggage in economy class. And two pieces of luggage in Business and First Class.

The dimensions of hand luggage (wheeled suitcases) cannot be greater than 55cms x 40cms x 23cms. Taking into account wheels, handles, and pockets, and the dimensions of the folding clothing covers may not exceed 57cms x 54cms x 15cms. The weight in all cases cannot be greater than 8 kilos per piece of luggage.

Lufthansa reserves the right to send pieces of hand luggage to the aircraft hold in flights with high occupancy or operational reasons. In these cases, where there is no additional charge from the airline, Lufthansa recommends removing all valuables from luggage, including tablets, laptops, and mobiles, as well as medicines.

Checked Baggage Policy

The baggage allowance of Lufthansa Airlines long haul flights has four options depending on the class of their tickets:

  • Long-distance flights in Economy Class: We can check in a suitcase of up to 23 kilos in addition to the carry-on bag of up to 8 kilos that we can carry in the cabin of the plane.
  • Long-Haul flights in Premium Economy Class: We can check in two suitcases of up to 23 kilos in addition to the carry-on bag of up to 8 kilos that we can carry in the cabin of the plane.
  • Long-distance flights in Business Class: We can check in two suitcases of up to 32 kilos in addition to two handpieces of up to 8 kilos each that we can carry in the cabin of the plane.
  • Long-Haul flights in First Class: We can check in three suitcases of up to 32 kilos in addition to two handpieces of up to 8 kilos each that we can carry in the cabin of the plane.

And if you fly between Europe and the United States or Canada and you are light, you can choose the Economy Light fare.

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Various Check-in Options

  • Online: You will be able to check-in for your flight through the Lufthansa website from 23 hours before the flight departure, reserve a seat, and print the boarding pass or request that it be sent to a mobile device if you prefer not to use paper. 
  • Via mobile phone: You will be able to check-in for your flight via your mobile phone from 23 hours before flight departure, reserve a seat, and request or download the boarding pass. Mobile check-in can be done through the smartphone browser or the Lufthansa APP that you should download in advance. 
  • At the airport: Don’t worry if you have not been able to check-in for your flight online or via mobile, as Lufthansa has kiosks at the airports from which you can check-in for your flight and obtain your boarding pass. 

So, have a fun vacation and leave your traveling hassles with Lufthansa Manage Booking options to have a stress-free flying experience. 

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