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How Do I Request a Refund from United Airlines?

Have you recently canceled your flight with United Airlines? And now, you might be wondering about the complete United Airlines Refund Request Policy to claim a refund. If true, stay connected with us to know everything regarding the same. 

United Airlines allows passengers to cancel their flights after 24 hours of purchase. The airline understands your situation and will enable you to request a refund in various ways. If you want to know how the United refund policy works, look into the subsequent info. 

To get a complete review on “How to Request a Refund from United Airlines”, directly speak to a live person at United Customer Service to get the best answers. 

What is the United Airlines Refund Policy? 

Before requesting a refund from United Airlines, it is mandatory to check out its refund policy. Here, you can get a complete overview of the refund policy of United Airlines. Let’s proceed further to understand each of them one by one. 

  • You can request a refund on all refundable tickets for each fare type. A cancellation fee may apply depending on the fare type, as nonrefundable tickets are not entitled to refunds. 
  • If you have made a payment via credit card when booking a flight, the refund will be refunded within 20 business days. 
  • United Airlines allows you to get a full refund on Basic economy tickets within 24 hours of purchase. 
  • If you want to get a full refund from United, it is essential to make a refund request within 24 hours of purchase. 
  • A cancellation fee may apply if you have exceeded the time limit of 24 hours, which will be deducted from the fare. 
  • You will be unable to cancel the nonrefundable tickets after exceeding 24 hours.

If you are seeking further information about United Airlines Refund Policy, speak to one of the representatives by dialing United Customer Service Number. 

How to Request a Refund from United Airlines? 

After going through the complete United refund policy, you may eagerly want to know the perfect way to request a refund from United Airlines. There might be two scenarios for applying United Airlines refunds request, either within 24 hours of purchase or after 24 hours. 

Check out the given information to get a better insight into both of the situations. 

Requesting a Refund within 24 Hours of Purchase 

The best way to request a refund from United airlines is to visit the official website of United Airlines. And then follow the below-mentioned steps for requesting a refund from the airline.

  • Initially, visit United’s official website of United Airlines and look for the refund request form. 
  • Afterward, you are required to fill out the required details, such as the flight ticket number and the passenger’s last name. 
  • Next, submit all the essential documents along with the form.
  • Enter your contact information if you want to get alerts regarding refunds. 
  • At last, choose the submit option and wait for 7-10 business days to claim a refund. 

Requesting a Refund After 24 Hours 

If you mistakenly forgot to cancel the flight within 24 hours of purchase, you must go through the following steps. 

  • First, go through the official website, and the United Airlines request refund page. 
  • Secondly, choose the Refund or Request option and enter all the required information. 
  • You must have to add all the flight United Airlines booking details. 
  • Explain the reason for requesting a refund in 1,000 characters. 
  • Lastly, submit the request along with the relevant documents if required. 

Having any trouble while filing the United Airlines reimbursement claim form, get in touch with a live person via dialing United Customer Service Phone Number

Can I Get a Refund on Non Refundable Tickets with United? 

Yes! You are allowed to get a refund on nonrefundable tickets on United Airlines, but only under specific conditions. Here, you can check out each condition under which you will be entitled to claim a refund. 

  • When you cancel the flight within 24 hours of purchase, you will be entitled to get a full refund from United Airlines. 
  • You are permitted to cancel your nonrefundable ticket in case of an emergency. For this, it will be mandatory to submit a few relevant documents to the airline to request a refund. 
  • If you are unsure about traveling with United, purchase travel insurance to ensure your trip. In this case, you can ask for a refund from the airline. 

Do you also wish to know how to make United Airlines Refunds request, it is suggested to get a human via dialing the United Airlines Customer Service Number. 


How do I Contact United Airlines regarding Refund? 

You can directly dial United Airlines Helpline Number. Once your call connects, you can ask queries related to the request status, refund policies, or submitted refund requests. 

How Do You Get a Refund from the United Basic Economy?

According to United Airlines Refund Policy, you can only claim a refund on Basic Economy tickets when you have canceled the flight within 24 hours of purchase. Once you exceed the time limit, you may get partial travel credit on United basic economy class tickets. 

How Long Does It Take to Get a Refund from United? 

You must wait for 7-20 business days after requesting a refund from United Airlines

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