Sun Country Seat Selection Policy

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What is Sun Country Airlines Seat Selection?

Have you reserved a flight with Sun Country Airlines and want to select a seat? Before looking for the process, you first learn the Sun Country Seat Selection policy. The airline has a flexible and user-friendly seat selection process and policy. To get further information, stay connected with the following post. 

Sun Country permits you to choose your preferred seat at the time of Sun Country airlines booking, or online in advance, Afterward; the seat selection can be made when you board your flight. You will get three seating options, Exit row, standard, and best on Sun Country Airlines. 

To book the best seat, you should board the plane early or try to select the seats during Booking. Check out the whole post to get answers to all your queries about seat selection on Sun Country. 

In the following post, you may learn the complete seat selection policy of Sun Country. Further, we have mentioned the process of selecting seats and the fees to select seats.

Can I Select Seats on Sun Country Airlines?

Yes! Sun Country allows you to select seat at the time of Booking, during check-in, and in advance. If you want to learn the process of selecting your desired seats, you should look into the whole post or visit the official website of Sun Country Airlines.

How Do I Choose Seat on Sun Country Airlines? 

After knowing about the Sun Country seat selection policy, you might search for the steps to choose seats. Here, we have provided all the possible ways to select seats with Sun Country Airlines. 

You must know that Sun country allows you to book a seat at the time of Booking, during check-in, and in advance online. Further, you may get an explanation for choosing seats in each condition.

Online Sun Country Seat Selection

  • Visit: Sun Country’s official website.
  • Next, look for the Book a flight option on the homepage.
  • Afterwards, type in all the mandatory information to select a flight.
  • Now, make sure that you have the exact details on the number of seats and travel destinations.
  • Click on the Search Flight option and tap on your desired flight.
  • Next, choose the Select a seat option to complete the Sun Country seat selection process.
  • You will be redirected to the seating chart, where you can select any seats from the unmarked seating options.
  • Go to the airline’s payment page to pay the seat selection fees.
  • Lastly, you will receive the e-ticket from Sun Country Airlines.

Hopefully, you have successfully selected a seat at the time of booking with Sun Country. If you are facing any issues while performing the above steps, dial the Sun Country Airlines Customer Service Number to talk to a live person.

Choose a Seat at the Time of Check-In.

There is nothing to get worried about when you forget to select a seat at the time of Booking. Since Sun Country allows you to choose seats during check-in. Here are the steps to perform the same.

  • Initially, access the Sun Country application from your laptop or desktop.
  • Next, choose the Check-in option and enter the flight reservation code or ticket number with the traveller’s last name.
  • Now, you will be redirected to the multiple-seat selection options on Sun Country.
  • You can select your preferred seats and make the payment.
  • Finally, you will get a confirmation mail from Sun Country Airlines.

Select a seat when you board the flight.

However, there is less probability that you will get the desired seats when you board the flight. To get further details regarding Sun Country seat selection, 

You may dial the Customer Service Phone Number 651-905-2737 to speak to a live person at sun country airlines.

How to Choose a Seat in Advance Seats on Sun Country? 

Gladly, you can choose seats in advance with Sun Country Airlines. Here is the complete process of selecting advance seats with the same airline. Follow the given instructions one by one to choose a seat hassle-free.

  • The first step is to visit Sun Country’s official website.
  • Now, click on the Book a flight option and enter the required information.
  • Now, choose a flight and tap on the Search Flight option.
  • Select your desired flight according to your budget to continue with the Sun Country seat selection process.
  • Click the Select a seat option, and then you will see the seating chart.
  • Here, you can make seat selections in advance on Sun Country Airlines.
  • Finally, pay the seat selection fees to the airline.

How to Select the Best Seat on Sun Country Airlines?

Here are a few tips that can be followed to grab good seats on Sun Country. You may go through the following information to get good seats hassle-free.

  • Sun Country Airlines assigns seats during check-in time and at the airport up to 3 hours of departure time.
  • You can book seats up to 24 hours before departure for international flights.
  • If you have not selected any seat in advance, Sun Country will assign you a random seat at no additional charge.

How Much are Sun Country Seat Assignments? 

The Sun Country seat selection cost ranges from 2 USD to 35 USD, per your preferences. If you make the seat selection after booking the flight, it becomes mandatory to pay the seat selection fees. But if you select seats before 24 hours of Booking, you can get them for free. 

Sun Country seat assignment is based on the flight time, type, and seating options. To clarify your doubts regarding Sun Country seat selection, feel free to speak to a live person by dialing the Sun Country Customer Service Number 24/7.

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