How do I Select Seat on Spirit Airlines?

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Information About Spirit Airlines Seat Selection

Are you worried about getting a random seat on Spirit Airlines? If yes, it would be best to make Spirit Airlines Seat Selection. To get detailed info on the seat selection policy of Spirit, look into the following post.

If you have booked a flight on Spirit, you don’t need to worry about choosing your favorite seat. Excitedly, you get the option to select your preferred seat as per Spirit seat selection policy.

You may proceed further to know more related to the same. If you are here to get info regarding Spirit Airlines Seat Selection, it is recommended to talk to a live person by dialing the Spirit Customer Service Number. If you find check your: Spirit Airlines Flight Status

What is the Spirit Airlines Seat Selection Policy? 

Before looking into the steps to book your desired seat with Spirit, you must get through the seat selection policy. Let’s proceed further to learn all the required policies of Spirit Airlines.

  • Spirit Airlines allows its passengers to choose their desired seats randomly.
  • If you want to select a seat on Spirit Airlines, choose the Seat Assignment option.
  • The charges for selecting a seat on Spirit start from $5.

You can also select the big front seats with extra legroom space. If you have further doubts regarding Spirit Airlines Seat Selection policy, you should get in touch with one of the Spirit Customer Service representatives.

How to Select Seats on Spirit Airlines?

Choosing the desired seat on spirit flight offers two methods. You can select a seat via phone call and the official website of Spirit Airlines.

Via the Official Website:

If you have not selected your desired seat during the time of booking, then you can surely modify your Spirit Seat through the official website

  • First, browse the official website of Spirit Airlines “”
  • Click on the “My Trips” option on the top left corner of the homepage.
  • Login with your details.
  • Click on the “Pick My Seat” option.
  • You can now see the map of the Spirit Aircraft.
  • The price of every seat will be displayed. You can select the seat of your choice.
  • Select the payment method and pay the Spirit Airlines seat selection fee.
  • A mail will be sent to confirm your booking.

Via Phone Call

If you are facing any problem while selecting a seat with Spirit Airlines, then you can contact the Spirit Airlines customer service representative.

  • Dial the customer service number of Spirit Airline; 855-738-3555.
  • Listen to the IVR carefully and click on the correct number to connect with the customer service representative.
  • After some time, you will be connected to the Spirit Airlines customer support representative.
  • Provide the representative with your booking details.
  • Tell your preferred seat, and you can also ask the representative about the appropriate]ate seat within your budget.
  • Confirm your seat and pay the Spirit Airlines seat selection fee.
  • Check the confirmation mail that will be sent on your phone.

Spirit Airlines Seat Map

Spirit aircraft offers the passengers three types of seats Big Front, Deluxe Leather, and Economy.

Big Front

  • Premium leather-covered seats with extra leg space.
  • Does not have the feature of AC power and entertainment.
  • Passengers have to pay more than the normal seats.
  • Prices of the big front also depend upon the elite status and plane size.
  • Two seats are present in a row due to spacious seats.

Big Front Seats on  different Spirit Airlines Aircrafts:

Airbus A319 (319)10 Big Front Seats
Airbus A320 (32A/32N)8 Big Front Seats
Airbus A321 (32B)4 Big Front Seats/td>

Premium Leather

  • Slightly less comfortable than the Big Front seats.
  • The leather covering provides extra comfort.
  • The seats have extra cushioning but do not recline.
  • Three seats are present in a row.
  • A budget-friendly Spirit Airlines seat selection option for travellers.


  • Cheapest seats with minimum facilities.
  • Every seat has a different legroom space.
  • Three seats in a row.
  • Passenger may face difficulty if he gets a seat in the position of the lavatory or the gallery.

What are the Spirit Airlines Seat Selection Fees? 

Well, you are not required to select a seat while booking a flight ticket on Spirit Airlines. As the airlines randomly assign a seat to you while flying to your dream destination for free. However, picking your favourable seat while travelling with family or friends could be best.

Excitedly, Spirit Airlines permits its travellers to pick desired seats to enhance their travelling experience. To pick your favourite seat, you must pay a fee between $5 and up depending upon the different factors. These factors include-

  • Plane journey
  • Route of the Aircraft
  • Availability
  • Travel destinations

Still having doubts regarding how to choose seats on Spirit Airlines, you can directly dial a Spirit Customer Service Phone Number to get an immediate solution.

Spirit Airlines Seat Selection – FAQs

Can I Select a Seat on Spirit Airlines?

Yes! Spirit Airlines permits its travelers to choose their desired seat while flying with the airline. You can choose a seat just with the starting price of $5 and go up to trip routes and the aircraft location.

How Can I Pick My Seat on Spirit Airlines?

Spirit allows you to pick a seat assignment while making a reservation or booking with the airline. You can choose your favourite seat just by paying an amount between $5 and up to specific routes and aircraft locations.

What happens if I forget to Select a Seat on Spirit?

No worries. Not choosing a seat while booking a flight doesn’t mean you will not be going to get any seat during flying on Spirit. In such a case, Spirit randomly assigns a seat to you because you have not paid for the one.

How to Get a Bigger Seat on Spirit?

You can simply upgrade your seat to the bigger one by paying an amount for it. While booking a Spirit flight online, you will get the option to choose a seat. Well, you must know that choosing an economy seat may cost you higher than other seats.

How does Spirit Choose your Seat?

Spirit Airlines assigns the seat randomly during check-in. If you want to choose your favourite seat, purchase it online before printing your boarding pass.

Does Spirit Allow Free Carry-On?

Spirit Airlines only allows one personal item per passenger. The item should be according to the guidelines provided by Spirit Airlines.i.e 50 linear inches (22 x 18 x 10 in) or 127 centimetres (56 x 46 x 25 cm), including handles and wheels.

Does Spirit have in-Seat Power?

No, the seats do not have power outlets or a USB portal.

What are the Tiers of Spirit Seats?

There are three levels of Spirit elite status - Free Spirit, Free Spirit Silver, and Free Spirit Gold and every tier has its own benefits.

What is a Preferred Seat on Spirit?

The seats at the plane's front are larger and more comfortable than economy class seats. They have a 36-inch pitch and an 18.5-inch width, which means there is more comfort and extra space than the standard seats.

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