How do I Change Name on Spirit Airlines Ticket?

Posted By: Admin 28 Apr, 2023

Did you misspell your name when booking a flight ticket on Spirit Airlines? If so, you are at the right place as we are here to describe the Spirit Airlines change name on ticket procedure and policy. It would help you stay connected to the following post to get detailed info.

Spirit Airlines has a user-friendly name change policy that allows passengers to make corrections to their names on the ticket. If your ticket name doesn’t match your passport, Spirit will cancel your entire reservation during check-in. Remember that Spirit plane tickets are non-transferable, which means you cannot transfer your tickets to other travelers.

To know more about Spirit change name policy and procedure, you should read the whole post carefully and get a better insight.

Different Types of Spirit Airlines Change Name on Ticket

Misspelling in the Name

Passengers can make modifications to the name mentioned in the ticket. The customer service representative can be contacted to make the required changes in the name. Minor changes can be made under Spirit Name Change policy.

Legal Name Change

Spirit Airlines’ name change policy, a passenger can make changes in their legal name. It is necessary to provide Spirit Airlines with the supporting documents to change the name.

Supporting Documents Required For Name Change

In most cases, when the changes are made online, the supporting documents are optional, but sometimes documents are to be presented as proof to make changes in the ticket.

According to Spirit Airlines’ name change policy, one of these documents is necessary to modify the name on the ticket.

  • The Marriage Licence
  • Court Orders
  • Divorce decree
  • Other legal documents for a legal Name Change

Can I Change the Name on My Spirit Reservation?

Yes, Reservations with a legal name or a few misspellings can be corrected for a free name change. Don’t worry if you have mistakenly entered an incorrect name on the Spirit tickets. You are allowed to make it correct online as well as offline.

Read the whole post to learn how you can make corrections to the name on Spirit Airlines reservation.

Spirit Airlines Name Change/Correction Policy

Under Spirit’s name change policy, you can make changes to your Reservations flight ticket. If you have also made a mistake when entering the name on the ticket, get through the following policies before making it correct.

  • Spirit Airlines permits you to edit the misspelled name for free (up to a few characters). If you wish to change the full name on the ticket, it is a must to cancel your reservation. And then rebook a new flight with the new passenger’s name.
  • You must have to submit documents for changing names due to legal reasons such as divorce or marriage.
  • The airline doesn’t allow you to change the names on basic economy seats. So, it would be better to contact someone at Spirit Airlines to get the correct information.
  • You can also make corrections on the non-refundable tickets by paying $120 for a few flight routes.

If you still have doubts regarding Spirit’s name change policy, talk to someone by dialing the Spirit Airlines Customer Service Number at any time.

How to Change the Name on a Spirit Airlines Ticket?

If you have also misspelled your name while booking a flight on Spirit Airlines, there is nothing to take stress about. Spirit Airlines allows travelers to change their names on plane ticket online and offline. Let’s look at the following methods to make corrections in your name on the Spirit plane ticket.

Via Online

  • Visit the official website of spirit airlines to manage my booking.
  • Then, click on the ‘Manage My Travel’ option from the homepage.
  • Next, enter the ‘reservation code’ and the traveler’s last name to retrieve your booking details.
  • Click on the Edit Booking option to make corrections to your name.
  • Finally, wait to receive the confirmation mail on your registered mail ID.

Via Offline

  • Dial 855-728-3555 Spirit Airlines manage to book a customer service number.
  • Next, follow the IVR instructions to speak to a live person at a Spirit representative.
  • You must provide the required details so they can initiate the name change procedure.
  • At last, make the payment, if any, and check your email to print your new e-ticket.

Hopefully, the methods mentioned above have helped you make corrections on your Spirit plane ticket. If you are searching for additional assistance regarding the same, call Spirit Airlines Customer Service Number to talk to a live person.

How Much Does Cost to Correct Name on Spirit Tickets? 

If you wish to know the Spirit name change fees, check out the following table for the exact cost. For further assistance, you should call one of the representatives directly by dialing the Spirit Airlines customer service number.

Fare Conditions Name correction/change fees (in $) 
Change Name225
Correct name up to 3 characters225
Change name due to valid reason150
Change the name for Europe Bound tickets250


Can I change the Passenger Name on Spirit?

Absolutely! You can make changes to the name on your Spirit Airlines ticket. If there is a slight name misspelling or a legal name change, the desired corrections can be made.

How much does Spirit Charge for a Name Change?

The charges to name misspelling or changing the name in Spirit Airlines tickets are around $120 to $250.

How do I Change the Name for Free in Spirit?

You can change your name on a book ticket for free within 24 hours of booking. You must pay a fee if you change your name after that.

How to Change Name on Ticket with Spirit Airlines?

According to the Spirit Airlines Change Name on Ticket Policy, customers can easily modify their names. Travelers can request the correction of their misspelled name by contacting Spirit’s customer support number or through the official website of Spirit Airlines.

Can you transfer my Spirit Ticket to Another Name?

Spirit Airines allows itinerary changes (a fee of upto $120 can be charged), and its Contract of Carriage confirms that tickets may be canceled within 24 hours of booking.

How do I Avoid Spirit Change Fees?

You can avoid Spirit Airlines’ change name fee by changing your name within 24 hours of booking your ticket.

Does Spirit Airlines Require a Middle Name on Tickets?

No, It is not necessary to provide a middle name while booking your tickets with Spirit Airlines. However, as FAA and Spirit Airlines advised, passengers must mention their middle name while booking to prevent any sort of delays at the security checks.

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