Southwest Seat Selection

Posted By: Admin 5 Jul, 2022

How many of you wish to sit with your loved ones while flying? If you are the one, then Southwest Seat Selection is going to help you with your seat selection on the flight. Southwest Airlines Booking is one of the major airlines in the whole of the United States. 

Moreover, it comes among the most low-cost airlines in the world. Being considerate enough towards the traveler, Southwest airlines has made sure they get all the necessary facilities quite handy. So, if you have to choose your seat on Southwest, here are the necessary details you need to know.

What do I Need to Know About the Southwest Seat Selection Policy?

Before you move forward with the process of choosing seats on Southwest, you must learn about the Southwest Seat Selection Policy. Here are the important points you can learn regarding the same:

  • Firstly, the airlines have a sort of different seat selection policy. That is, the airline does not assign seats. Rather, the airlines assign the passengers as per the boarding position, 1 to 60, and the boarding group A, B, or C.
  • Secondly, the boarding position and the boarding group decide the time for your boarding flight. Moreover, it decides the number of seat sets you can choose from.
  • Thirdly, just before an hour of flight departure, the passengers have to camp and stand up under the lines with one of the three letters. A, B, and C.
  • Furthermore, the lines have numbers also. So, the passengers have to position themselves accurately in the line.
  • Therefore, this was all about the seat selection policy of Southwest airlines. Or, you can say that this is the procedure for Southwest seat assignment. Still, get in touch with Southwest airline’s customer service team if you have any confusion.

How Do I Get the Best Seat on Southwest Airlines?

Here are the important points that you must look into if you want to fly with Southwest’s best seat.

  • Ensure checking-in online when exact 24 hours are remaining in the flight departure.
  • Also, to always have access to the best seats, you can get the elite A-list status.
  • Moreover, with business select tickets or EarlyBird check-in also, you can choose the best seat on Southwest airlines.
  • Furthermore, if you are one of the Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards members, then also, you can have close access to the A-list seat.
  • Above all, if you try and book the flight ticket on the Southwest flight of the day, you can have the best seats on board.
  • Therefore, the above-mentioned points will help you a lot in acquiring the best seats on Southwest flights.
  • However, to know more about it, you can call the live agent at Southwest airlines.

Can I Select Southwest Airlines Seat via Call?

If you have Southwest airlines reservations and you do not know the correct procedure to choose seat selection, follow these steps:

  • Start the procedure by dialing the Southwest airlines phone number, 1 (800) 435-9792, and instantly get connected with its live representative.
  • Then, listen to the automated on-call voice that will help you press the digit for selecting your preferred language.
  • Also, it suggests you select the number for opting for the airline’s services you need help with.
  • Afterward, when you get in touch with the live agent at Southwest airlines, you can tell the person to get you the best possible seat.

So, now you know what you have to do for Southwest airlines seat selection.


Is it Possible to Choose Seats on Southwest Airlines?

Indeed, you can choose your flight seat with Southwest. You just need to make sure that you try and check-in as soon as possible when the Southwest online check-in window is available.

Can I Upgrade my Boarding Position on Southwest?

Certainly, you can upgrade your seat on a Southwest flight; the moment you get to your gate, you can ask for Upgraded boarding with Southwest airlines. However, you need to pay the charges for it. The charges are $30 or $40. This will permit you to have a seat somewhere in A1 to A 15, depending upon its availability.

When can I Pick up My Seat on Southwest Airlines?

The southwest airline passengers can pick a seat at the time of online check-in. That is, you can do this exactly from the point when 24 hours or less are least in the flight departure.

How Much do I Need to Pay for Selecting Seats on Southwest?

The cost for the seat selection on the Southwest is either $30, $40, or $50. You need to pay these amounts when you are not a member of any elite status with the airline. That is, if you are Southwest airline’s rapid rewards member with A-list, automatically you are going to get the best boarding positions with the airline.

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