How to Change Southwest Flight Ticket?

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Southwest Change Flight Ticket

Are you concerned about Southwest Airlines’ delays? Don’t worry; read on better to understand Southwest change flight policy, southwest change booking, Southwest reschedule flight policy, and many more.

Southwest accepts changes of plans, so there are no fees if you change your mind, and you only have to pay the ticket difference if you opt to change your planned flight.

You could rebook and obtain a refund for the ticket difference if you bought your flight with Southwest Airlines using points or cash/credit card. Unlike other airlines that overlook modification costs for state elite members, Southwest allows you to rebook your ticket at the lowest available price, regardless of the fare category as per Southwest rebooking policy.

Southwest Airlines Change Flight

The airline is aware of the unexpected change in vacation plans. As a result, Southwest’s 24-hour change policy allows passengers to alter flight dates, times, and destinations without incurring Southwest change flight costs. This may entail canceling the flight and requesting a full refund.

See Southwest’s terms and conditions for flight adjustments for more information.

What Should You Do If Your Southwest Airlines Flight Must Be Changed?

When unforeseen circumstances force you to modify your travel plans or find a lower ticket in cash or points, the flexibility to change or cancel a booking with Southwest is a big benefit.

It is a straightforward procedure that can be done in just a few clicks online and may save you hundreds of points. 


Follow these procedures to make adjustments to your Southwest Airlines flight ticket online:

  • Firstly, Go to
  • Then go to the Edit/Undo tab next (above).
  • To make a flight reservation, provide the confirmation number and name.
  • The Edit Flight tab is chosen by default, so leave it alone.
  • Then, from the drop-down option, select Search.
  • After selecting the flight, you wish to modify, click Select new flight. You’ll be leaving and returning. If you have booked a return journey, the screen will display the location.
  • After you’ve chosen a flight, make any required adjustments and then confirm.

Changing a Flight with Southwest is as Simple as Dialing a Phone Number!

Please call Southwest Airlines at +1-802-231-1806 for a Southwest change booking. Any modifications or alterations to your itinerary will be handled by one of our Southwest Airlines specialists. There will be a fare difference, so keep that in mind.

Changing Your Southwest Ticket At The Airport

From the departing airport perimeter, you may simply alter your Southwest Airlines reservation. Please note that No Show has the right to make adjustments at the airport up to 10 minutes before the planned departure time.

Southwest’s Flight Change Fees 

For tickets purchased with points or cash, Southwest Airlines does not impose any alteration fees. Your points will be refunded back to your Rapid Rewards account if you cancel a flight booked with Rapid Rewards points. Security levies levied by the government will be transformed into trip funds. Remember to preserve the confirmation number so you may use it later to reclaim your points.

Southwest’s Fees for Flight Changes

Same-Day Changes

Call Southwest at 1800IFLYSWA or contact a ticket agent at the airport if you need to make same-day adjustments to your international flight booking. It’s vital to remember that booking an international ticket less than two hours before departure is not feasible.

Anytime and Business Select Tickets 

Southwest’s flight change policy lets you alter your Anytime or Business Preferred ticket without penalty up to 10 minutes before departure.

If you do not make any changes to a current flight from your end, and it doesn’t show up, the airline will convert the value of your Business Select flight ticket or Anytime to travel money. You have up to 12 months to use your travel money from the date of purchase. If you used Rapid Rewards points to pay for your ticket, the points will be refunded to your account and can be used again.

Wanna Get Away Tickets

As offered by Lower Southwest, Wanna Get Away tickets and Business Choice fares have a more strict cancellation policy from time to time. According to Southwest’s flight modification policy, if you desire to alter flights, the same requirements apply no penalty if you change flights up to 10 minutes before departure. The airline will convert the value of your ticket into travel money that you may use within one year of the date of purchase without affecting the price.

Changing Fare Classes

There are certain exceptions if you alter your fare class. If you upgrade to a Business Preferred price, however, the value of your Anytime fare becomes reusable travel money. You will be liable for the tax rise and fare withdrawal if you modify your itinerary on the same day.

Changing International Flight Itineraries

You must follow the steps outlined above if you want to alter your international flight schedule. You will not be charged any alteration or cancellation costs, but you will be charged any fare difference.

Southwest Reschedule Flight

Airlines occasionally need to modify their flight schedule. If Southwest has phoned or sent you a new itinerary, your new reservation has been confirmed, and there is nothing further you need to do. You have the option to alter or cancel your flight if your new journey fails.

Southwest Change my Flight

Change your flight

If an involuntary change impacts you, you can modify the date/time of your flight for no additional fee up to 14 days from the original travel date.

Here are the steps to rebooking your Southwest ticket:

  • Go to your Southwest Rapid Rewards account and sign in.
  • Click “Change Flight” on the “My Account” page.
  • Click “Select new flight” after selecting your flight.
  • If the price of your initial flight lowers, choose a fare and click “Continue” to get a new trip pricing.
  • At the bottom of the page, you’ll see the credit you’ve earned. The passenger information is already filled in on the following screen, so all you have to do now is confirm the change by clicking “Change flight.”
  • Within a few minutes of verifying the changes, you will receive an email. You’ll see that the number on your flight confirmation stays the same. If you use points, the airline will refund the difference instantly back to your account.

Cancel your flight

 Southwest cancelation policy applies if you decide not to travel.

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