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Qantas Airways Seat Selection| Fees| Process| Policy 

Have you ever desired to get aisle, window, or spacious seats on Qantas Airways? Find out everything relevant to the Qantas Airways seat selection process via this informative post. If you want to grab the best seats, try to select your seat in advance.  

You can choose your desired seats on Qantas-operated flights anytime, even after making your reservation. Qantas Airways provides you with three seating options at the time of Booking and during check-in. The prior you select the seats, the more choice you will have. Get through the whole post to get everything you might be finding out.

Can I Select My Seat on Qantas Airways? 

Yes, Qantas Airways allows you to make seat selection on or via the mobile application. If you are a frequent flyer of Qantas, then the airline will offer you free standard seats as per Qantas Airways seat selection policy. 

Check out the following information to get the complete process for selecting your desired seats. 

Qantas Airways Seating Options 

Whether you book a flight via Qantas official website or during check-in, you will get three seating options. Here, we have included the complete info regarding all these seating options offered by Qantas Airways. 

Extra Legroom Space 

Do you want to travel in Economy class with some extra space? If that’s true, you should select the extra legroom space seat on Qantas Airways. To make your journey comfortable, choosing one of the extra legroom space seats will be a better choice. 

Platinum One members can get the extra legroom space seats for free on Qantas Airways. 

Preferred Seats 

If you want to sit in front of the Economy cabin, choose one of the preferred seats on Qantas Airways. You can get these seats for free if you are a Platinum, Gold, and Platinum One member. 

If you have any further issues related to preferred seats, you may call the Qanats Airways Customer Service Number 24/7. 

Seat with Bassinet 

If you are traveling with an infant, choose your seat online for a bassinet option. It lets you travel with your family with additional benefits. The following is the list of eligibility criteria for the infant to choose a seat with a bassinet.

  • The infant must be traveling with a parent or guardian. 
  • As per the Qantas Airways seat selection policy, the age of the infant must be less than 2 years, and the weight must be less than 11 KG. 
  • Seat with bassinet is subject to availability and complimentary for passengers traveling internationally in the Premium Economy, Business, or First flights. 
  • Passengers traveling in the international economy have to pay the charges to get a seat with a bassinet on Qantas Airways.

If you are facing difficulty choosing any of these seating options, it would be better to call Qantas Airways Customer Service Number. Once the call connects, one of their live representatives will answer all your questions.

How to Select Seats on Qantas Airways? 

After getting familiar with the seating options, you are looking for the process to select seats on Qantas Airways. You have to look into the following information to get the appropriate steps. Here, you will get all the possible methods to select your desired seats on Qantas Airlines.

  • First, visit the official website of Qantas Airways.
  • After that, look for your flight and choose my flight choices tab.
  • Next, enter your booking information, such as the confirmation code and the passenger’s last name.
  • Scroll down the page to click the seat selection option. 
  • Now, you can choose your favorite seat on Qantas Airways.
  • Follow the ongoing prompts to complete the seat selection process.
  • Finally, Qantas Airways will send you a confirmation mail on your registered email ID.

If you are looking for instant assistance, it is advised to dial the Qantas Airways Customer Service Number to get your desired seat hassle-free. One of their live representatives will answer your call and suggest the best ways to select the desired seats. 

How Much is the Qantas Airways Seat Selection Fees? 

According to Qantas Airways seat selection policy, frequent flyer passengers can get the standard seats for free, except for the flights leaving from Australia. To know the exact seat selection fee, get through the following table. 

Seating options Short Haul International Medium Haul International Long Stretch InternationalDomestic and Regional 
Extra Legroom SpaceA$30A$40A$65
Preferred Seats A$20A$45A$45A$5 – A$15
Seat with Bassinet $40$45

If you want additional assistance regarding the Qantas Airways seat selection fee, call one of its live representatives at any time. And feel free to ask anything related to the same airline.

How Do I Select My Seat when Checking in Online? 

You need to make a request online when checking in to get your desired seats on Qantas Airways. If you need to learn about the method, the given information can help you out. Here, we have provided you with complete instructions to get the desired seats online. 

  • You first need to visit the official website of Qantas Airways. 
  • Next, enter your login credentials to retrieve your booking details. 
  • After that, check-in online via Frequent flyer login or Manage Booking. 
  • Here, you can check your booking details only 24 hours up to 90 minutes before the departure of international flights. And, from 24 hours up to 30 minutes for domestic flights. 
  • You can select your desired seats at the time of check-in under the Qantas Airways seat selection policy. 

If you are getting issues when checking in online, it is recommended to talk to a live person by visiting the official website of Qantas Airways. They are working all around the clock to provide you with instant assistance. 

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