KLM Change Name Policy

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There can be various reasons for changing or correcting a name on any flight ticket. A wrong name could be entered while making a reservation or booking with the airline. KLM change name on ticket can be done in various ways. To get all the possible methods for changing the name on the ticket, check out the given information.

KLM Airlines permits you to correct the flight ticket’s first, last, and middle names. Also, you can change the name free of cost up to 30 hours before the flight’s departure. The airline only allows you to correct the spelling of your name with or without paying the penalty. If you want to change the complete name, it is required to cancel the entire reservation and then rebook a new flight.

What is the KLM Name Change Policy?

It is essential to enter the correct name while booking a flight with KLM airlines. So, you can check in hassle-free at the carrier. However, the airline will cancel your trip if the passenger’s name doesn’t match their identity card. To learn additional policies, go through the following information.

  • Correcting the name spellings in the middle, first, and last names as per the KLM name correction policy is possible.
  • You cannot change the whole name on the KLM ticket. If you still want to do the same, you must cancel the flight and rebook it with the correct name.
  • The airline only allows name corrections on the tickets purchased from official sources.
  • KLM Airlines allows its travelers to change their tickets’ names for free only 30 hours before departure.
  • You are not allowed to make corrections to the name on the arrival day.

If you have purchased an award or bonus ticket, it is not permitted to make a correction to the name of the flight ticket.

Suppose you still have any queries related to the KLM name change policy. In that case, it is suggested to talk to a travel agent by visiting the airline’s official website or contact a travel agent.

How to Change Name on the KLM Flight Tickets?

KLM Airlines facilitates its passengers to make corrections on their flight tickets in various ways. Changing the name on a KLM ticket is easy via visiting the airline’s official website or calling one of the travel agents. They may also guide you in making corrections on the KLM tickets.

Let’s discuss each method to change the name on the KLM flight ticket in detail.

KLM Name Correction Online

  • First, visit KLM’s official website to change the name on the ticket.
  • Afterward, log into your account using your credentials.
  • Next, choose the Manage Booking option.
  • Type in the last name of the passenger and the flight reservation code.
  • Now, you will get the list of reservations you have to the appropriate one.
  • Here, you can make the required changes to the KLM flight ticket.
  • It is a must to upload a legal document if asked.
  • Make the payment and wait for the confirmation code.

KLM Name Change Offline

Another option is to speak to a live person by dialing the KLM Airlines Customer Service Number. You can get the official number by visiting their website (www.klm.com). After dialing the phone number, choose the right key to talk to an executive. Feel to ask anything from the travel agent regarding the KLM name change.

How Much Does the KLM Name Change Cost?

As per the KLM name change policy, the fee depends on various factors such as the number of corrections, ticket price, request time, etc. Here, you can check out the name change fee for changing or correcting your name on the KLM tickets.

Well, you can change the name on KLM for free. And if you are traveling with your partner, no fee will be charged up to 70 hours before the flight’s departure.

However, the name change fee depends on various factors if you are making corrections on the KLM ticket. You can contact the airline and speak to an executive to get the exact price.

Remember that the airline doesn’t charge any fees if you request a name change or correction up to 30 hours before the arrival. And if you ask for the name change after crossing the risk-free time, the airline will charge a portion of the booking cost as the name change fee.

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