How to use American Number on Whatsapp?

Posted By: Admin 23 May, 2023

Do you have a booking with American Airlines and facing issues with your reservation? If yes, then you can approach American Airlines through WhatsApp. Nowadays, everyone has access to WhatsApp. It is the quickest way to communicate with anyone all over the world. You can solve your queries quickly via American Airlines WhatsApp services. If you want to know “how to access American Airlines WhatsApp services?”, the information below will greatly help you.

How do I contact American Airlines on Whatsapp?

To handle the queries of such a huge customer base, Whatsapp is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to redress the grievances of customers. If you want to raise a query through Whatsapp, follow the steps below.

WhatsApp Chat Via Mobile App:

Through a quick WhatsApp chat, travelers may get in touch with an American Airlines reservations agent on their mobile devices.

  • Firstly, browse the official website of American Airlines.
  • Secondly, click on the “Customer Support’ option.
  • Thirdly, tap on “WhatsApp.”
  • After that, the WhatsApp number of american airlines will be displayed.
  • Now, copy the American Airlines contact number and save it.
  • Install Whatsapp on your mobile phone.
  • Further, find the saved number of American Airlines and click on it.
  • Then, type your query in the chat box.a
  • At last, hit the send icon.
  • Wait for American Airlines to revert.

WhatsApp Chat Via Web:

Travelers can contact American Airlines customer service through the web chat feature of WhatsApp.

  • First and foremost, access the web portal of American Airlines.
  • Then, navigate to the “Contact Us” tab on the homepage.
  • After that, you will be redirected to the next page,
  • Now click on the Help option.
  • Here, click on the Contact on American Airlines Whatsapp option.
  • After that, a QR code will be displayed.
  • Carefully scan the QR code
  • Finally, you can now access Whatsapp web.
  • After that, type Help in the text box.
  • Now, choose among the options as per your query.
  • Lastly, You will surely find a solution to your query.

What is the Benefit of using American Airlines Whatsapp Customer Service:

There are numerous ways through which customers can approach American Airlines. However, within a short time, Whatsapp has become the most popular among all. Customers prefer to use Whatsapp services to address their queries.

Some of the Benefits of using Whatsapp are as follows:

  • Whatsapp services are easily accessible before, during, and after the flight.
  • Travelers are most likely to get instant answers to their problems. The answers are mostly specific and to the point.
  • Travelers can also opt-in for the instant notifications option. The Airline will keep you updated about every key moment of the journey.
  • Additionally, personalized promotional messages will help the passenger to know about the latest updates, discounts, and policies.

Other ways to connect with American Airlines:

Contact American Airlines via phone call:

The passenger may face issues in using WhatsApp as a medium to contact the Airline. Besides that internet may not be accessible to the passenger to communicate the query online. The passengers can communicate offline via a phone call. Visit the website of American Airlines and find the contact number of the Airlines. After connecting with the representative, you can seek his assistance.

Contact American Airlines via live chat:

Sometimes, getting a response through a phone call becomes a time-consuming process. To avoid this, you can access the live chat feature on the web portal of the Airline. A chatbot can be found on the homepage. In addition, you can get instant text-based responses through live chat.

Contact American Airlinese via Email:

Travelers can mail their queries or complain about anything through a simple e- mail. This Airline may take more time to reply. However, the passenger may surely get an answer within seven days.


Now, you can access the American Airlines Whatsapp feature, making addressing your complaints and queries easier than ever. However, if you face any issues connecting to the airline, you can use the other options above to connect to American Airlines Customer Service.

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