How to Contact to the Cape Air?

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Are you looking for solutions to Cape Air customer service related questions and unsure how to contact cape air? Well, then we must say that you have performed your search well, because this page has all of the information needed to contact Cape Air customer service, as well as any additional contact information. But, before we go any further, we must clarify clearly that the quickest method to contact a live representative from the Cape Air service is by contacting the Cape Air phone number at 800-227-3247. You may discover more about how to contact Cape Air via phone, as well as alternate methods of communication, by scrolling down.

How To Contact To The Cape Air?

Cape Air strives to make every trip a safe and enjoyable experience for its passengers, and as a result, they continue to improve its customer service department. The airline provides a number of ways for you to contact a live person and help you to resolve your queries. 

  • Flyers can call the Cape Air phone line at 800-Cape-Air (227-3247) or 508-771-6944 to get all the information they need for future travel and general inquiries.
  • Please call the Cape Air Station in your final destination if you need to speak with a real person about delayed luggage within the first 5 days or lost item queries. Please contact Central Baggage at [email protected] if you need help filling out baggage claim paperwork or if your baggage has been delayed for more than 6 days.
  • Send an email to Cape Air customer service team at [email protected] with your criticism or a reimbursement request, including the details provided below if available, or contact our Care Team line at 800-CAPE-AIR.

Information to be included: Customer name, Details about your experience, Flight #, Date of travel, Itemised receipts, and Confirmation code.

How To Talk To Someone At Cape Air For Ticket Refund Requests?

Travelers can speak directly with a person at Cape Air by contacting (508) 790-3122 x-509, which is listed under the refund tab under the contact us option, to assist with receiving your refund in a timely way. Furthermore, if users wish to personalise their contact mode experience based on their reservation location, they can refer to the criteria listed below.

  • Please contact [email protected] for electronic tickets purchased directly from Cape Air at, through the Cape Air call centre, city ticket office, or Cape Air airport ticket counter.
  • To obtain a refund for Cape Air tickets booked through an online travel website or travel agent, please contact your booking agent directly.
  • To receive a refund for tickets booked on airlines other than Cape Air, please contact the airline directly.
  • If asked, Cape Air can send a “Authorization to Refund” on your behalf to your booking agent for items B and C, which would help expedite the refund procedure.

How to file complaint against cape air?

Listening to and learning from customers is critical to Cape Air’s capacity to provide excellent service. We appreciate your time in providing us the chance to understand your requirements, whether you have a complaint or a suggestion.

Within 30 days of receiving a written complaint from you, Cape Air will acknowledge receipt of your correspondence. Once the airline receives your complaint they will solve it  as quickly as possible, but no later than 60 days. Flyers can contact the Cape Air Customer service team via email at [email protected] or by mail at Cape Air Customer Care, 660 Barnstable Road, Hyannis, MA 02601.

Flyers can also call for reservations at Cape Air phone number 800-CAPE-AIR (227-3247) or 508-771-6944 (OUTSIDE THE US & USVI) or (800-227-3247) to speak with a live person for quick help.

How To Get Through Cape Air?

Apart from the phone number offered by Cape Air, there are other ways to get in touch with them. Please see the section below for further information on other ways to contact Cape Air customer service.

  • To get through Cape Air, Web chat help is one option for contacting a Cape Air customer service person from the airline’s support centre for any service-related concern.
  • You can also choose to visit the online chat site and write your question into the box that will be answered by live representative from the Cape Air service.
  • You may also contact the airlines by sending an email, which will be seen by airline representative and will answer you with the solution as early as possible or within 24 hours.
  • Customers can seek service-related assistance via the Airlines’ support sites on various social media channels. If you are wondering where you can find them then Airlines’ support pages is the location popular social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, among others.

By reading the contents from the section above, you may learn about Cape Air’s customer service by phone. As well as information on alternative ways to contact them for assistance. If you are unable to reach live representative from the Cape Air service staff via Cape Air phone number, you can utilise any of these options.

Cape Air’s Customer Service-FAQS

Can I cancel a TravelPass Reservation?

There are no change costs if you cancel your TravelPass reservation up to 24 hours before departure. The refund airline offer after cancelling a trip, users can use it to book future flights. However,  user have to wait up to 24 hours for your refund to reflect into your account after cancellation. If you need to rebook your travel after cancelling, call our live representative from the Cape Air service at 1-800-227-3247 and rebook your ticket using the TravelPasses.

Customers who want to use their TravelPass to rebook to a different flight can do so online as well. You may check up and manage your planned travel after login into your profile.

Does Cape Air  offer Special Discount Rates?

Airfare discounts are significant for groups of 15 or more travellers. For assistance, contact a Cape Air group coordinator at 508-862-9702 or [email protected].

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