How do I use Latam on WhatsApp?

Posted By: Admin 12 May, 2023

Everyone today views Whatsapp as the most convenient way to communicate their needs and wants. Considering this, Latam Airlines enters this great technology to help all passengers easily access the details. Latam Airlines WhatsApp offers amazing discounts and deals for flight bookings.

How do I use Latam Airlines on WhatsApp Number?

The WhatsApp feature of Latam Airlines gives passengers the liberty to put forward all their concerns related to Latam Air flights. Therefore, the Latam cargo WhatsApp feature option is easily available on the airline’s official site.

Follow the step-by-step guide to opt for this convenient feature:

  • Search for Latam Airlines, and your initial search will navigate to the site dedicated to your area.
  • Select ‘Help Center’, and you will be navigated to another page.
  • You have landed on Latam Airlines’ Self-service and Contact Centre’ page.
  • Now, scroll down the page and look for the contact option of your geographical region.
  • Open the drop-down of your country’s helpdesk and look for the WhatsApp number of Latam.
  • Click on the link attached to the WhatsApp number.
  • Now, on the top right, click on ‘WhatsApp Web’ or ‘Download’.
  • Then, open the scanner on the installed WhatsApp application on your mobile, and scan the barcode visible on your screen.
  • Your system will login your whatsApp account on the screen and you will be able to initiate the chat with Latam Air.

What are the Benefits of Latam Cargo WhatsApp?

Latam stepped in to give access to the assistance facilities over WhatsApp with the following benefits:

  • Easy-to-use platform
  • Access general information for flight bookings.
  • Give access to a direct link related to the input given by passengers regarding Latam Airlines.
  • Feasible to check flight details anytime & anywhere.
  • Ask for a refund request over Latam Whatsapp, and you will get complete guidance.
  • Your flight modification eligibility, cost, factors affected, etc., can be judged over the Latam WhatsApp chat.

As an Artificial Intelligence, the feature of WhatsApp is still evolving, and many things are not accessible to this feature, so it’s better to contact the Latam airlines when you cannot get the resolution of your query.


The information above is useful for contacting the Latam customer service department to raise your concern. This feature has made things so much easier for all the passengers as many are already used to this application. However, if you still have any questions popping into your mind, do contact the airlines.

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