How do I redeem an Avianca voucher?

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Information about Avianca voucher redeem

Avianca Airlines is versatile in nature and emphasises more on its customer service. The airline makes your purchasing process easier by utilising the Avianca travel voucher even if you cancel your ticket. You may save money on your next trip by using your Avianca voucher to book a new itinerary. Gather more information about Avianca Voucher Redeem/refund options and plan out the best thing you can do with this voucher. 

How to use Avianca Voucher?

The ways to use Avianca Vouchers are simple enough that you won’t have to make any additional effort. Here’s how to use your UATP Card as a travel coupon to save money on your next reservation:

  • Firstly, go to the Avianca page and log into your Avianca account; you’ll need to create one if you don’t have one for the Avianca Voucher Redeem process.
  • To activate your UATP Card, navigate the Avianca Wallet option and click it.
  • After entering all of the essential information, you may see your account balance.
  • Choose your desired departure date and location, then complete your reservation.
  • Finally, select the UATP option to pay for your trip and wait for the airline to send you a confirmation message.

Benefits of using Avianca voucher

  • You will have ample time to plan your vacation without worrying about how to use your Avianca travel voucher
  • Choose from various destinations and book your flight at the lowest price. 
  • Avianca will send the coupon details to the email address you provided, saving you time. 
  • You can also use the Avianca travel voucher as many times as possible until the balance is depleted.

How do I redeem an Avianca voucher?

Read on if you’re not sure how to use an Avianca voucher. After that, search for the steps. The most straightforward ways to redeem an Avianca voucher are outlined here.  

  • Firstly, to redeem an Avianca voucher, you will have to visit the official website of Avianca Airlines through your preferred browser.
  • When you arrive at the airline’s webpage, look for the Book Your Flight option and choose it. In case of any doubt, call Avianca airline customer service phone number 1 (800) 284-2622 or +1-802-231-1806, and the live representatives will be there to assist you with anything.
  • Fill in the essential information and choose between a round trip or a one-way excursion.
  • Give the locations of the departure and arrival airports and the travel dates and number of passengers.
  • After entering all of the necessary information, select the Search For Flights option.
  • On the following page, you’ll get a selection of effective flight alternatives that provide their services by your specified itinerary.
  • Select a flight that best fits your budget and go to the passenger information page.
  • Review the materials and submit your complete name and contact information.
  • When you go to the payment page, select Promo Code and input the code from the coupon.
  • Next, you’ll notice a recalculated airfare; if there are any remaining, pay them using another method.
  • Wait for the procedure to finish before downloading your ticket. In addition, the airline sends you a booking invoice to the address you provided when you registered.

If you have any doubts regarding Avianca Voucher Refunds, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the live representative at Avianca airline customer service phone number. 

Avianca Voucher Redeem/refund-FAQs

How to extend Avianca Voucher?

Avianca allows you to manage both your booking and your voucher, and there’s a chance you’ll be able to prolong the validity of your coupon. To get urgent assistance with the Avianca travel voucher extension, you can contact the airline’s customer service staff via 1 (800) 284-2622 or +1-802-231-1806.

If your Avianca voucher code qualifies for an extension, the agents will take care of it. Give them the information they need and leave the rest to the pros.

How do I redeem Avianca vouchers?

The coupon is good on all Avianca domestic and international flights. If your flight is direct and your ticket is bought online, you may use the Avianca voucher code; for more information, you can call Avianca airlines @ 1 (800) 284-2622 OR +1-802-231-1806. You’ll be given a voucher to express Avianca for the full amount of the unused ticket. You will receive the coupon at your registered email address.

Can I use an Avianca voucher with another airline?

Avianca vouchers may only be used on Avianca, TACA, Avianca Ecuador, and/or Lacsa direct or connecting flights and codeshare tickets with other airlines purchased through Avianca’s channels.

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