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Posted By: Admin 4 Nov, 2022

Have you been stuck in a situation that led to changing your flight with Singapore Airlines? If true, you must first check the Singapore Airlines change flight policy. In this post, we have mentioned all the related aspects of changing the travel dates, times, and destinations for Singapore flights.

Singapore Airlines permits you to make changes to your flight hassle-free as it has a simple and user-friendly change flight policy. Also, it is possible to postpone the trip by changing the travel dates via Manage Booking. If you are also looking for the exact ways to change your flight on Singapore Airlines, check out the following informative post.

Singapore Airlines Change Flight Policy

If you are compelled to make changes to your flight, it is required to get acquainted with the Singapore change flight policy. Further, we have discussed the change in flight policy for Singapore fights. You should go through the complete information to change your flight hassle-free.

  • According to Singapore change flight policy, passengers who booked flights with Singapore Airlines may change their travel date online.
  • If you want to change your travel destination, you need to use the Assistance request form of Singapore Airlines. You may also use this form to request a refund from the airline only for the unused portion of the flight ticket.
  • If you change the travel dates on Singapore flight tickets, the additional purchased baggage will be transferred to the new flights.
  • Singapore Airlines transfers your purchased seats to the new flights. And, the airline will transfer refunds in case of unavailability of seats.
  • You may re-purchase the additional services when booking a new flight with Singapore Airlines.
  • To rebook flights on Singapore Airlines, applying the changes a minimum of 2 hours before the flight’s departure is a must.

If you are searching for additional information related to Singapore change flight policy, dial the Singapore Airlines Customer Service Number 24/7. Below are the steps to make changes to your flight on Singapore Airlines.

How Do I Change a Flight on Singapore Airlines?

As per Singapore Airlines change flight policy, you may modify the travel date, time, and destination. Here, you can acknowledge all the steps to change the flight date, destination, and time of your flight.

  • The first step is to head to Singapore’s official website.
  • After that, click on the Manage Booking option and select a new flight.
  • Now, you need to follow the ongoing instructions to change your flight at Singapore Airlines.
  • Ensure you can only change your flight when the ticket has been purchased via the official website, call center, or application.
  • After changing your flight, save the changes and pay the fees. Finally, you will get a new e-ticket to travel with Singapore Airlines.

Change the flight date offline

To change the travel date offline, call Singapore Airlines Customer Service Number +1-866-399-0587.
Once your call is answered, request them to change the travel date after providing them with your booking details.
Finally, wait to get the new e-ticket from Singapore Airlines.

How to Change the Travel Destination?

If you wish to change the arrival city, you should go through the following instructions.

  • One of the easiest ways to change the travel destination is to dial the Singapore Airlines customer service number.
  • If you have purchased the ticket directly from Singapore Airlines, call one of Singapore’s representatives to change your travel destination.
  • Else, you have to connect with a travel agent to change the travel destination if you have purchased the ticket via a third party.

Singapore Airlines Change Flight Fees

Singapore change flight fee depends on the fare conditions of your flight ticket. You may use the travel waiver to avoid the change flight fees. Further, you will get complete information regarding how much Singapore Airlines charges to change the flight.

Before looking into the fee structure, remember that the flight change request must be applied 2 hours before departure. And, it is a must to pay the fare difference.

  • If you are making changes to the Economy Class, it is a must to pay $75.
  • Singapore Airlines charges nearly $100 for the Premium Economy class.
  • For a business class flight, you have to pay $200.
  • And the airline may charge around USD 500 for changing the first class flights.

Still having queries related to Singapore flight changing fees, it is requested to contact a live person by dialing the Customer Service Number.

What If Singapore Airlines Changes Your flight?

If your flight schedule has been changed by Singapore Airlines or you miss a connecting flight, you will have one of the following options.

  • You have the option to travel on another flight offered by Singapore Airlines at no additional cost. If the price of another flight is lower than the previous one, the balance amount will be refunded to your account.
  • If you don’t want to take another scheduled flight, request a refund from the airline.
  • If you are looking for more alternatives, don’t hesitate to talk to a live person by calling Singapore Airlines Customer Service Number.

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