How Can I Get a Refund From ANA Airlines?

Posted By: Admin 14 Jan, 2022

ANA Airlines Cancellation and Refund Policy

ANA, short for All Nippon Airways, is the largest airline in Japan and has been a part of the traveling family since 1952. Headquartered in Tokyo, the airline operates in more than a hundred destinations in and out of the country. The airline puts its passengers at the top of its priority list, and this is why it provides refunds on its flight cancellation. If you requisite to know  ANA Airlines Refund or “How Can I Get a Refund From ANA Airlines?”, go further and read the blog till the end. 

Along with the most affordable and comfortable flights, ANA Airlines also proffers flexible flight ticket terminations to its passengers. To ensure that neither of the two parties faces any unnecessary loss, the airline has a refund policy of its own. This policy states the stipulations under which a person can withdraw his flight bookings. 

This blog discusses how you can get a refund from the airline and what the policy states in simpler words for a better understanding of our readers. 

What Is ANA Refund Policy?

Under the All Nippon Airways cancellation policy, the airlines mentioned when a person can cancel a booking without penalty and when he will have to pay the penalty for the same. In addition to that, every term and condition is stated under this refund policy. 

Let’s contemplate the policy together. 

  • 24-hour free cancellation

When you purchase an ANA flight ticket at least seven days before the departure date, you can cancel it for free. The airline allows this free cancellation only on the same day of the booking. 

  • When the airline cancels a flight

The airline might have to cancel your flight sometimes. This situation can occur due to bad weather conditions, technical or medical emergencies. In such situations, ANA provides a full refund of the flight fare. Another alternative you can go for is a free seat on the next flight to your destination. 

  • Cancelations after 24 hours of booking 

If you fail to cancel a flight ticket within the risk-free 24-hour time slab, or if you want to cancel a non-refundable ticket, the airline will charge a penalty fee. The fee depends on the flight fare and other related factors. 

  • Cancellation charges

When you cancel a light under the circumstances that the airline charges a penalty, it is deducted from your flight fare. The fee varies between $100-$400. The exact fee depends on your booking details. 

  • Refund 

As stated under the ANA refund policy, if the airline has any money that has to be refunded, it takes approximately ten working days to credit the money. 

To make the policy accessible to every passenger, the airline has uploaded it on the official site of ANA. You can also get in touch with the customer care service of ANA and ask for assistance from a live person. 

How to Apply for ANA Refund?

After the cancelation of a flight ticket with the airline, you can claim ANA refunds up until a year after the booking termination date. The claim can be made from the official website of the airline. You can also call the customer care services and request your money back to a live executive of the airline. 

To put in for your flight fare back online, you need to fill the refund form available under the contact us option of the website. Enter the necessary details clearly and correctly, and the amount will reflect in your account within a few days. 

If you need assistance to claim your refund, give a call on 1-802-231-1806 and connect yourself with a live executive of the airline. He will take in your request for the refund and will make sure it is credited to you soon. 

How long does it take to get a refund from ANA?

ANA tries to clear all of its credits as soon as possible. However, it takes around ten days to provide any refund due upon it. In case you do not receive your money back within the time frame, you need to contact the representatives of the airline and discuss the issue. He will make sure to look for the reason behind the delay and try to provide you with a refund as soon as possible.

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