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Etihad understands there can be situations that lead to flight cancellations. If you are also compelled to cancel an Etihad flight, it is a must to get through the Etihad Airways cancellation policy. The airline has a flexible and customer-friendly cancellation policy. 

Etihad Airways gives you the right to the passengers to cancel the flight before or after 24 hours of booking. If you cancel the flight within 24 hours of the ticket being issued, you may get a full refund. To be acquainted with the complete cancellation policy, you should read the entire post. 

You may dial the Etihad Airways booking live person to get immediate assistance on the Etihad cancelation policy or refund cancelled flight tickets. 

Etihad Airways Cancellation Policy 

Looking into the Etihad cancellation policy before canceling your flights would be better. If you also wish to cancel your flights for unavoidable reasons, follow the policies mentioned below. Let’s start checking out the following information to get a better understanding. 

  • It is a must to pay the penalty on canceling the flights after 24 hours of booking as per Etihad cancellation policy. 
  • Etihad Airlines allows its passengers to cancel their flights online and offline. 
  • If your flight ticket has expired, you cannot expect refunds from the airline. 
  • Etihad Airways may take 7 to 10 business days to transfer the refund into your registered account. So, you have to be patient after canceling your flight on Etihad Airways
  • The airline also offers compensation to their valuable passengers so that they can book the next available flight on the same day. 

Etihad Airways 24-hour Cancellation Policy 

According to Etihad’s 24-hour cancellation policy, you may get a full refund on canceling the flights within 24 hours of booking. However, the airline has the right to change the 24-hour policy at any time. Hence, you must be attentive while canceling Etihad flights and frequently visit its official website to know the latest rules and policies. 

If you have any doubts regarding Etihad flight cancellation policy, contact one of the executives at the airline by visiting Etihad’s official website. 

How to Cancel Etihad Flight Ticket? 

Have you got stuck in a situation that led to the flight cancellation on Etihad Airways? If you face the same situation, then the following information will be fruitful in this case. You can cancel Etihad flights in two ways online and offline. 

Further, you may better understand both ways to cancel the flight on Etihad Airways. 

Cancel Flight Via Online 

  • The first step is to open any browser to launch the official website of Etihad Airways. 
  • Secondly, log into your account to retrieve the booking details. 
  • After that, enter the booking confirmation number and the passenger’s last name. 
  • Click on the Continue option and enter the correct name of the passenger. 
  • Now, go to the Hotel/Flight/ Car tab to get all the Manage Etihad Reservation links. 
  • Tap on the above link and choose the Manage Reservations option. 
  • Again, tap on Etihad Airways cancel reservation option. 
  • Click on the Continue option and enter the passenger’s first name. 
  • Review your Etihad flight details to cancel the entire reservation. 
  • Finally, choose the Cancel option to complete the procedure. 

Cancel Flight Via Offline 

  • Initially, dial the Etihad Airways Reservations Phone Number to talk to a live person. 
  • Once your call connects, follow the IVR commands to cancel your booked flight on Etihad. 
  • Next, you will be asked why to cancel the Etihad Airways flight. 
  • You have to check the refund options. 
  • Follow all the instructions given by the representative to cancel the flight. 
  • At last, wait to receive the confirmation mail from the airline. 

Visit the Airport to Cancel the Flight 

If none of the above methods works, you can visit the nearest airport to cancel the flight. This way, you may talk to a representative and ask them to cancel your flight by providing the booking details. 

Finally, we are done with explaining all the relevant ways to cancel the flight on Etihad Airways. If you are experiencing issues while applying any methods, get in touch with a live person via dialing the Etihad Airways Customer Service Number. 

Does Etihad Airways Charges for Canceling Fights? 

Yes, Etihad Airways charges a cancellation fee for canceling flights. If you want to know more about the same, check out the information below. 

  • If you cancel the flight after 24 hours of purchase, Etihad Airways charges between $100 to $500. 
  • And if you cancel the Etihad flights within 24 hours of booking, passengers must pay between $100 to $400. 

To better understand the terms and conditions for Etihad Airways cancellation fees, you should connect with an executive at the airline by visiting its official website. After connecting with one of their travel agents, feel free to ask anything related to the cancellation policy of Etihad. 

Points to Consider During Canceling Etihad Flights 

You must think about the following points when you cancel Etihad Airways flights.

  • It is a must to check whether the purchased ticket is refundable or not. However, you can also raise refund requests on non-refundable tickets. 
  • The flight ticket must have been purchased more than five days ago via a single credit card. 
  • Refunds will be subject to the original ticket fares and cannot be reserved. 
  • After canceling the Etihad flights, you must wait at least 14 to 30 days to get a refund from the airline. 

Having further queries related to Etihad Airways cancellation policy, dial the customer service number to connect with one of their live representatives. One of their representatives will answer your call and guide you in the right direction. So, don’t feel hesitant to connect with anyone at Etihad Airlines and call at — right away. 

Are Etihad Flights Refundable? 

Yes! If you have purchased the flight in advance (at least seven days) of your flight, the airline will transfer a full refund on the condition that the flight has been canceled within 24 hours of booking. If you want further assistance, it would be best to talk to a live representative at the airline at any time.

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