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Posted By: Admin 9 May, 2022

How to book a Companion Ticket on Delta?

Do you wish to book a companion ticket on Delta Airlines? If yes, then in this informational blog, you will find all the important details which can help you in the best possible way. You will get the in-depth procedure to book companion ticket Delta via this blog.

Among the top-end airline companies, Delta Airlines offers the best airline services at an affordable price range. Founded on March 2, 1925, the oldest airline company serves its global passengers the best services and facilities.

So, if you are willing to get the needed assistance to book Delta companion tickets, follow this blog till the end.

How can I add a travel companion to Delta Airlines?

Are you eagerly looking to add a travel companion to your Delta Airlines booking? If yes, then here you will have all the needed information which can guide you:

  • You start the procedure by visiting the Delta official website.
  • Secondly, you need to sign in to your Delta account.
  • Now, you have to tap on the “My Trips” tab.
  • Here, you need to find your existing booking.
  • Afterward, you have to request a companion upgrade.
  • You can also do it during check-in.
  • Next, you need to add the details of your companion and successfully add them to your booking.
  • Pay for the upgrade if required.

You can also dial the official Delta Airlines helpline number 1 (800) 221-1212 to connect with its live agent and get assistance for the companion upgrade.

How to book companion pass delta?

To book a companion pass delta, you can best choose to connect with the live customer service agent 24/7. The customer service representative of Delta Airlines is all-time available to assist you with the easy procedure of booking a companion pass Delta.

Before booking the companion pass Delta, you should get through the Delta companion pass rules. It will help make the reservation and provide in-depth information about the Delta companion pass.

How to use Companion fare Delta?

If you have Delta companion fare, you can use it to add companions, and you can also add do it for the companion upgrade. You can get further information by consulting a live person at Delta Airlines.

How much is the companion fare for Delta Airlines?

The companion fare for Delta Airlines is around USD 75 for a roundtrip on Delta domestic flights. Get the exact number by speaking with Delta customer service.

Is it possible to use more than one companion ticket on Delta Airlines?

Yes, Indeed. It is possible to use more than a companion ticket on Delta Airlines. You can easily share your Delta companion certificate with anyone. As per the Delta terms and conditions, any two passengers will use the companion certificate delta.

Can I use a Delta Airlines companion ticket for one way?

Yes, you can use a companion pass delta ticket for one way. It is valid to use the Delta companion ticket within 48 neigh-bouring United States. But, you need to pay applicable taxes and fees.

How can I get a Delta companion Certificate?

If you want to get a Delta companion certificate, then look at the information mentioned below:

  • Platinum American Express Card: Delta SkyMiles®
  • Delta SkyMiles® Reserve American Express Card
  • Platinum Business American Express Card : Delta SkyMiles®
  • Delta SkyMiles® Reserve Business American Express Card

NOTE: You can find a Delta companion certificate on the Platinum Delta SkyMiles® and Delta reserve credit cards.

Can you use Delta SkyMiles and companion tickets?

Yes, you can use Delta SkyMiles and companion tickets without a doubt. If you want to know the in-depth information, dial Delta customer service phone number 1 (800) 221-1212 to connect with its live representative.

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