Continental Airlines Tickets Booking

Continental Airlines Flights Ticket Booking

Continental Airlines is one of the most recommended airline companies operated and managed in the United States of America. It was founded in 1934 and headquartered in Houston, Texas. Continental Airlines has around 30 aircraft that serve up to 140 destinations. With this airline company, you can get the best deals on airline tickets. You will also find so many amazing facilities and in-flight services that make your travel memorable and amazing.

So, if you are looking to visit your dream destination, then flight Continental airlines tickets reservations will be perfect for you. To book the most affordable Continental Airlines ticket, check out the topics listed below.

Steps for Booking Continental Airlines Flights

Continental Airlines ticket bookings may be made and managed online in just a few clicks. If you don’t have the means to order tickets online, you can contact the airline reservation service.

To make an online Continental Airlines Flights booking using the site, follow the steps below.

  • Firstly visit the Continental Airlines website and the ‘Book a Flight’ option. In case of any issue, you can also get in touch with the live person through Continental Airlines customer service phone number 1 (800) 864-8331 or +1-802-231-1806 for any assistance. 
  • Choose between one-way, round-trip, and multi-city travel options.
  • Fill in the cities of origin and departure and the date and number of passengers.
  • Sort the passengers into four categories: babies, children, adults, and elderly citizens.
  • Select your travel class, Business, Premium, or Economic.
  • Choose the preferred flight from the available options by pressing the locate flight button.
  • After choosing your flight, go to the checkout page and pay for your tickets online.
  • Finally, the live representative from the reservation department will send a notification email along with the e-ticket as the last step.

The customer service team at continental Airlines effectively deals with flyers’ problems and provides them with thorough help. Call the Continental Airlines customer service phone number +1-800) 864-8331 or +1-802-231-1806 if you’re having trouble booking/ maintaining a flight reservation or other flight at related issue.

How to Make Continental Airlines Flights Booking?

Are you looking to purchase the Continental Airlines cheap tickets? Do you want to know the procedures? If, yes then here are the points that you should know:

  • If you want to book the flight ticket of Continental Airlines via its official website, then you have to first sign in to your account and then search for a flight to your dream destination.
  • After that, you have to select the ideal Continental Airlines flight and enter all the needed details.
  • Lastly, you have to choose the payment mode and complete the payment.
  • You can also make the Continental Airlines booking with the help of its customer service.
  • To start the booking process via its customer service, you need to dial its phone number and click the key to speak with its representative.
  • Next, you have to share the name of your dream destination. You can also provide other needed details.
  • Finally, complete the payment to confirm your booking.

How Can I Cancel my Continental Airlines Flights Booking?

Are you facing any issues? Do you want to cancel your Continental Airlines tickets suddenly? If yes, but you need help in canceling your booking, then here are the methods that you should follow:

  • If you are the one who is looking to cancel your Continental Airlines reservations online, then you need to open its official website.
  • Next, you have to log into your account and tap on the “Manage Reservations” tab. Here, you need to enter your reservation code and the last name to find your ticket.
  • After you find your ticket, you have to tap on it and go down.
  • Now, you need to navigate the “Cancel” button and click on it to cancel your booking finally.
  • But, if you want to cancel your Continental Airlines ticket, you need to find its contact number.
  • After you find its contact number based on your language, you need to dial it and click the ideal key to speak with its live agent.
  • Here, you need to share your reservation number and request for cancellation. 

Continental Airlines Flights Cancellation Policy

If you already canceled your Cheap Continental Airlines flight tickets and now looking to know about its cancellation policy, then here are the points that you should know:

  • You can cancel your Continental Airlines flight via its official website and customer service. 
  • If your ticket is canceled within one day of booking, you don’t have to pay cancellation fees.
  • After one day of booking, you have to pay cancellation charges.
  • The cancellation fees may vary according to the travel class and destination. 

For further details, you can connect with its customer service 24/7 and 365 days. 

24-Hours Cancellation Policy of Continental Airlines.

Are you looking for the Continental Airlines 24-hours cancellation policy? Do you want to know about its important terms? If yes, then check out the points listed below:

  • As per the Continental Airlines 24-hour cancellation policy, you don’t need to pay any charges for the cancellation. 
  • After 24-hours, it is mandatory to pay cancellation charges.

If you want to get more details about its 24-hours cancellation policy, you have to visit its official website, or you can also communicate with its customer service live representative.

Continental Airlines Flights Refund Policy

If you are looking to know about the refund policy of Continental airlines tickets, then here are the points that you should know:

  • If the cancellation is made within one business day of booking, then you will get a complete refund for both refundable and non-refundable Continental flight tickets. 
  • But after one business day of booking, you will not get a refund for the non-refundable flight tickets.

How to Get a Refund for the Canceled Continental Airlines Flights Tickets?

Are you thinking about getting a refund for your canceled Continental airlines tickets reservation? Do you want to learn about the procedures which can help you? If yes, then check out the methods mentioned below:

  • To receive a refund from Continental Airlines, you need to log into your account and click on the “Manage Reservations” tab. After that, you have to type the canceled reference code to find your ticket.
  • Next, you need to tap on your canceled ticket and then click on the “Refund” icon, which you can find at the bottom of the page.
  • You can also apply for a refund from Continental airlines tickets with the help of its customer service. You need to dial the phone number and speak with its live representative.
  • Lastly, you have to share the details of your canceled ticket reference number and request a refund.

Types of Classes in Continental Airlines

Before traveling to our dream destination, we all want to know about our airline and its travel classes. If we talk about the Types of Classes in Continental Airlines, then you will get the in-depth info from the below-mentioned points:

  • Economy Class

Economy class is the most budget-friendly travel class of Continental Airlines. Here, you will find limited facilities at a low price in this travel class. In this travel class, passengers will get fresh and tasty meals and amazing in-flight entertainment.

TV shows, movies, and high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity are available to provide its passengers with the best flight experience ever within their budget. 

  • Business Class

Business class is the higher-level travel class of Continental Airlines that offers a flatbed with 6.5 feet of space to sleep. The seats in this travel class are most comfortable and present you with six different ways for the headrest. You will find complete privacy in this travel class. 

What are the In-Flight Services of Continental Airlines?

Are you willing to know about the in-flight services of Continental Airlines? Well, if that is what you desire, then you need to look at the major information mentioned below carefully:

  • Continental Airlines offers fresh and tasty meals to its valuable passengers.
  • With Continental Airlines, you will likewise get beverages.
  • There is WIFI connectivity available on the flight, enabling you to connect with your loved ones. 
  • While flying with Continental Airlines, you can watch movies and your favorite episodes in different OTTs.
  • There are a lot of music and songs available in the online entertainment facilities, which will help you not to get bored.

If you are seeking to know more about the in-flight facilities of Continental Airlines, then you should call Continental Airlines’ phone number 1 (800) 864-8331 now.

Continental Airlines FAQs

How can I speak to the live person at Continental Airlines?

Suppose you have any queries related to Continental Airlines online booking, offline booking, cancellation, etc. In that case, the phone call will be the perfect way to speak to a live person at Continental Airlines.

How can I get my money back from Continental Airlines?

To get the money back for your canceled Continental airlines tickets Flights, you should communicate with its live representative, or you can apply via its official website.

How to find the best Continental Airlines flight deals?

If you want to get the best Continental Airlines flight deals, you have to reach out to its customer service and visit its official website. 

How many days do I need to wait for my refund from Continental Airlines?

You need to wait around ten business days to get your refund from Continental Airlines. 

Is it possible to get the cheapest Continental Airlines flights?

Yes, it is possible to get the Low Cost Continental Airlines flights. For that, you need to visit its official website or talk with its customer service.

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