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Based in Shiodome City, ANA Airlines is one of the most sought-after flag carriers in Japan to fly with. Referred to as the largest airline in terms of flyers and revenue in Japan, this air carrier scheduled flights to both domestic as well as international destinations to ease the passengers. Furthermore, ANA Airlines also carries out plenty of subsidiary passenger carriers. It is considered as a 5-star airline and is equipped with all lavish in-flight amenities and facilities that can make your journey pleasurable. Stop waiting for more and get your ANA booking done today. 

How to Make Flight Bookings With ANA Airlines?

Booking flight tickets is as easy as clicking the button these days. With progressive technology and an excellent internet connection, passengers can easily make their flight reservations right from anywhere in the world. Like all flag carriers, ANA Airlines also has an official website from where you can purchase the flight ticket in the most convenient manner.

To facilitate the passengers, we have mentioned here the step by step guidelines of booking a flight ticket with ANA Airlines. 

Step to Book ANA Airlines Reservations

  • To begin the ANA Booking, open the web browser, and browse the official link of ANA Airlines. 
  • On the airline’s page, click on the ‘Flight Reservation’ tab and enter the required credentials. 
  • Choose the trip type of your choice – Round Trip, One-Way, and Multiple Cities. 
  • In this step, you will have to add the departure city or airport in the ‘From’ field and the arrival city or airport in the ‘To’ field. 
  • Enter the journey dates in the respective fields to proceed further. 
  • If you are fine with the flexible schedule, then click on the checkbox that says ‘Compare Fares +/- 3 Days’; otherwise, skip this step. 
  • Select the total number of passengers incorporated in the trip.
  • Choose the cabin class option according to your budget. ANA Airlines offers four travel class options to choose from, namely – Economy Class, Premium Economy Class, Business Class, and First Class. 
  • Now is the time to make a selection among the different fare types, depending on your trip requirement. 
  • Add the promo code to maximize your saving; however, if you don’t have any code, then proceed to the next step of ANA Booking
  • Tap on the ‘Find Flights’ button and look out for the multiple flight options available on your selected travel dates. 
  • Add the passengers’ information as required and pay for your flight to confirm the bookings with ANA Airlines. 

ANA Booking Phone Number Details

ANA Reservations Phone Number ( USA )+1-802-231-1806
All Nippon Airways Baggage Services Number(1)-310-646-1480
ANA Booking Number+1-802-231-1806
ANA Group Booking+1-802-231-1806
ANA International Seat Reservation ( Outside US )+1-310-782-3011
HubsTokyo–Narita, Tokyo–Haneda
Secondary hubsOsaka–Kansai, Osaka–Itami
Focus citiesNagoya–Chubu Centrair, Naha, Sapporo-Chitose
AllianceStar Alliance
SubsidiariesANA Wings, Air Japan, Vanilla Air, Pan Am International Flight Academy
Fleet size234
Parent companyANA Holdings
HeadquartersShiodome City Center, Minato, Tokyo, Japan

ANA Airlines Check in Policy

Save yourself from trouble by getting your ANA Airlines check-in done in less than no time. There are multiple ways to get your boarding passes such as online check-in, mobile check-in, airport check-in, kiosk check-in and ANA Suite Check-in.

Have a look at the detailed description of these methods and receive your boarding pass conveniently. 

Online Check-in

Online check-in facility for ANA Airlines flights is available between 24 hours and 75 minutes before the scheduled flight departing time. Enter your ANA booking Number or e-ticket number or ANA Number, First Name and Last Name to get your check-in done. 

Airport Check-in

If you are unable to perform the web check-in due to any reason, then visit the airport and get your check-in done with ease. please note down the fact that airport check-in time is subject to change without any prior notice and thus, stay updated with the same and receive your boarding pass in less than no time. 

ANA Suite Check-in

This option is valid for ANA First Class and ANA Diamond Service members only at Narita International Airport. Check-in at the personal counter while relaxing on the comfortable seating and get your boarding pass with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions by Customers

Q). What is the Carry-on baggage policy of ANA?

Flyers are allowed to carry one piece of complimentary luggage on their ANA reservations. However, the item should not be more cumbersome than 22 x 16 x 10 inches or 45 linear inches, including wheels and handles, and more onerous than 10 kg.

For larger aircraft with more than 100 people’s seating capacity, the bag should not be more substantial than a linear dimension of 45 inches. However, of lesser capacity planes, the item should be able to fit in the overall linear size of 39 inches. 

Q). How many bags can I check for International ANA booking?

The airline has different checked baggage policies depending upon your fare type. We are explaining some baggage allowances down below for you:

Economy Class flyers can bring up to two complimentary checked bags not larger than 158 cm, including handles and wheels. Also, the bags are limited to a weight issuance of 23Kg for each Economy class flyer.

Business-class travelers are allowed to bring two checked bags for free with an overall dimension limit of 158cm, each including handles and wheels. However, each free checked bag should not be more massive than 32 kg in weight.

First Class flyers are entitled to carry three checked bags with an overall dimension of 158 cms each, including handles and wheels. However, the checked bags shouldn’t be any heavier than 32kg each for the first-class flyers.

Q). What does the Economy cabin of ANA offer?

Flyers can enjoy a varied taste of snacks, meals, and other food items depending upon the city of origin, destination, and duration of your flight. Flyers would get special amenities to make their journey smooth and easy, including complimentary stationery, pillows, and blankets on demand. 

On longer ANA flights, You can enjoy an in-flight entertainment system that you can operate with the touch-screen feature.  Seats are also equipped with power outlets and USB ports in order for you to charge your personal devices while onboard. 

Q). What facilities are there in Business-class ANA flights?

The Business class cabin is studded with some super cool features such as an 18-inch in-flight entertainment screen that you can watch movies and TV shows on along with noise-canceling headphones. ANA provides a highly designed personal amenity kit including a complimentary blanket and pillow along with a pouch of self-care products such as an eye mask, earplugs, face wash, toothbrush, and lotions, etc.

While in the cabin, you can also rent a pair of pajamas and sleep-suits for a good night’s sleep. ANA offers premium dining services majorly inspired by western or local Japanese cuisine.

Q). Does ANA have an in-flight entertainment system?

International flight has the availability of an individual in-flight entertainment system with a varied choice of music, movies, and TV shows. All passengers, no matter their class-fares, can enjoy a variety of entertainment options during their flying hours. However, flyers with high fare-classes will be able to experience high-quality screens and audio. 

Flyers will have to download the official ANA app on their mobiles and explore the available entertainment options using the ‘My Sky Channel’ section. You can easily connect your mobile to the in-flight entertainment system and use your phone as a remote control while watching your favorite movie/ shows.

Q). Does ANA offer free food onboard?

On all long haul international ANA flights, you will be provided with complimentary meals and snacks depending upon the class fare you choose. Higher the ticket class you choose, the better the service you will receive. The first-class cabin of the ANA reservations has a premium dining facility for all its passengers. 

Domestic Economy Flyers on short-haul flights can order complimentary snacks, light meals, and free drinks only one time during their flight. However, for other class fares, ANA offers complimentary food and meals during the entire flight duration.

Flyers with special dietary needs can pre-order their food options at least 24 hours before the scheduled flight departure by calling the ANA manage booking number department. 

Q). Do I have to pay for Wi-Fi on ANA flights?

ANA has the availability of high-quality in-flight internet services on all of its aircraft. It is for flyers to stay connected with the rest of the world, even in the air. You can check your social media, send and receive work-related emails, and browse anything you want. 

Q). Does ANA have a frequent flyer program?

The airline has a frequent flyer program to reward its regular flyers, popularly known as the ANA Mileage Club. You can now earn several benefits and extra miles for each ticket you buy. 

You can also combine the miles earned by your family using the Family account Service and receive several other benefits, awards, and discount deals with the airline. Suppose you need a detailed view of this. In that case, you can gather all the necessary Frequent flyer program info by calling the reservation team of ANA or visiting the airline ticketing office.

Q). How Do I check-in for my ANA reservation?

The airline offers several mediums to complete the check-in for your ANA reservation. These include web and physical check-in methods:

Check-In Online: 

All ANA Passengers can do their online or web check-in using the airline’s official website. The check-in process usually starts 24 hours before your flight’s scheduled departure time and closes 75 minutes before the actual departure time. During the online check-in procedure, you can also check and pre-select your forth-coming flight seats and get all the recent updates.

Check-In at Airport:

If you can not do your online check-in, you can do so using the self-help kiosks or check-in counters at the airport. It is highly advised to all the flyers that you should reach the airport a little early in order to complete your check-in procedure within sufficient time and avoid any last-minute chaos. 

For any other required info, you are always free to reach out to the ANA booking department’s helpline number and seek their guidance about the problems you’re facing.

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