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Everybody desires to experience comfort and luxury when flying with any airline. If you are among them and looking for the American Airlines seat upgrade process, you are at the right place. As we all know, American Airlines offers many facilities to their frequent passengers and facilitates them to upgrade their seats online or offline. Here, you can learn the complete procedure to upgrade your seats on AA. 

If you are also searching for the same query on how to upgrade seats on AA, stay associated with the post or dial the Customer Service Number

How Many Types of American Airlines Seat Upgrade? 

Before upgrading your seats with American Airlines, you must know the types of upgrades. Further, you can get through all the possible options for the seat upgrade on American Airlines. for any further assistance, you can get in touch with a live person at the airline. 

Upgrade using Miles

You can use the AAdvantage frequent flier miles to upgrade seats with American Airlines. Remember that you can choose economy class tickets with miles. However, you cannot upgrade the seats for award tickets and Basic Economy fares. Apart from that, the requirement of miles depends upon the fare class and the flight route. 

Complimentary Upgrade

According to the American Airlines loyalty program, you are eligible to upgrade your seats after booking a flight to the airline. You are eligible to get complimentary upgrades if you are an AAdvantage elite member. Below, we have discussed different upgrades depending on the passenger’s elite status. 

  • Executive Platinum
  • Platinum Pro 
  • Platinum and Gold
  • ConciergeKey 

Systemwide Upgrades 

Executive Platinum Elite members can earn systemwide upgrades annually and use them worldwide on American Airlines flights. Passengers are allowed to upgrade up to 3 flights from business to first class or economy to business class.

Companion Upgrade 

The companion lite member will get the same status priority as the elite member. They are permitted to request an upgrade from their companions. 

American Airlines seat companion upgrade can be done on both award and paid tickets. You must know that companions do not require the AAdvantage program to upgrade seats on American Airlines. 

Do you have any queries associated with the American Airlines seat upgrade, get in touch with one of the representatives by ringing the Customer Service Number.

How Can I Find a Seat Upgrade on American Airlines? 

If you are interested in getting more comfort while traveling on AA, you first must know where you can find a seat upgrade. Check out the following list to get a better insight into the same. 

  • The initial step is to visit the official website of American Airlines through any browser. 
  • Next, go to your American Airlines account and choose the booking option. 
  • Choose the Seat Upgrade option and look for the seat availability in the desired cabin class. 
  • Finally, you can request a seat if the seat upgrade is available. 

This way, you can find the seat upgrade option on American Airlines. If you have any further doubts regarding the same, call one of the representatives at AA or visit their official website. 

How to Upgrade Seats on American Airlines? 

After finding the seat upgrade option, you might be looking for the steps to upgrade your seats. If so, go through the following information as we have listed all the possible ways how to upgrade seats on American Airlines.  

Upgrade Seat Online (Using Miles) 

  • To start, go through the official website of AA and choose the log-in option.
  • Afterward, log in to your account and select the Booking option you want to upgrade. 
  • Next, click on the Upgrade option, and a list of seating arrangements will appear on the screen. 
  • After selecting your desired seat, pay the fee using miles. 
  • If the ticket cost is more than the value of your miles, pay the additional cash and taxes. 
  • In the end, confirm your booking and wait for the confirmation mail from AA. 

Upgrade Seat Online 

  • Initially, visit American Airlines’ official website and click the My Trips option. 
  • Now, enter the passenger’s last name and booking reference code. 
  • Choose the Find Reservation option.
  • A list of itinerary details will appear on the screen. 
  • Look at whether the seat upgrade option is available or not. 
  • Choose your desired class that you want to upgrade. 
  • Make the payment and choose any of the payment modes. 
  • Finally, American Airlines will send you the new ticket on the registered email ID. 

American Airlines seat upgrade via Call 

  • If you don’t want to apply for a seat upgrade, there is another alternative to do the same. 
  • You can connect directly with one of the travel agents by dialing American Airlines Customer Service Number. 
  • After making a phone call, choose the right key to talk to a live person at the airline. 
  • Next, follow the IVR instructions and request a seat upgrade. 
  • Make the payment and wait to get the confirmation mail from AA. 

Seat Upgrade at Airport 

If you failed to connect with a live person via Call, another option is to reach the airport. Here, you can talk to a live person face to face and ask any queries related to the AA Seat upgrade. You can select your desired seat and pay the fee for the upgrade.

If you still have any doubts about the American Airline Seat Upgrade process, get a human via dialing the Customer Service Number or visit their official website.  

What does the American Airlines Seat Upgrade Cost?

As mentioned above, the seat upgrade cost depends on the fare type and the selected class. Look at the following list to get an idea of how much the seat upgrade cost on American Airlines.

  • If you want to use miles when upgrading your seat to first class, it is a must to redeem around 15,000 AAdvantage miles plus. 
  • You must pay 5,000 miles to book a full-fare class with AA. 
  • At last, if you don’t have AA miles, the seat upgradation charges range from $75 to $550. 

If you want additional info regarding American Airlines seat upgrade cost, you should talk to a live person by visiting the airline’s official website.

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